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Compendious notices.


Compendious notices. IJis Majesty rapidly getfiftg better of the late attack of gout, but did not open Parliament in person—a Court held Sa- turday at his Palace at Brighton, attended by Limi of the l,ord Privy Spa!, IVst Lord of the Treasury, the Kxcin-quer, Secretary r Foreign Affairs, Lord Steward, &c.—the Nierch for opening Parliament bv finally arranged, and re- ceived hi* M.-ijesly's silllrlÍoll-his Ma- jety ¡¡J.;o h!d !lli,}" Council, to prick for Sheriffs for *,S_I—the. Court broke up a little six o'clock'—afterwards those composill; rhe werr eiiter- 'tained with a. sumptuous' di;ilier.-Clilef Justice Gifford" Gazetted Saturday as created lj;iron Girl'.m! of St. Leonard, Devon, with remainder ro his heirs mule, — Lard Chief J it-tire A gbott, expected to have th"e like honour bfs(o"Wed on him. •■[} our >: if i ■ lie t.h:bats contradicts, rumours cf e preparations being on foot in iif,.itti, or ttic Pre- sident oi' the United States, and a speedy uiiion (-ff ti against the en- croachments o-" tvr,!P(}\ one of the toastsgivco la.-1 wer'v at ihe anniversary of the Fox Clul), at Ed.inburgh,T—'Two ships, one of thertt of t!ie line, sailod Jan. 13, from Cadiz, for so<ne part of South America.—The Turks beginning to be seriously alarmed at the progress of'the Greeks, who have made an attack on Siflrrna—the Ottoman Ministry changed, the Reis KtVendi disgraced, and Grand Vizit,r continues in a state of much agitation—great number of slaves had lost their liVes-at Domi. nica, serious fea rs of iirStu rectiou among the XVgibes—through' vll the islands the; latter impfes-'fd with h' 1?ef that at Christ-; fnas tkey were to obtai:) thfir frtiedoni.- Inhabitants of iiiot last week, and agreed to petition Parliament, pray- ing the resolutions otl:i-t Session, for ave abolishing Colonial Slavery, might be carried into efl'dct.-AL a siiiiiiar ilitt:t*iiig at Southampton, the petition rejected, and an amendment, canied declaring that in the present disturbed, state ot the is- lands, the&lfurtber of this deli- cate question wai uii dangerous, and impolitic. A petition ihnilar to that at Norwich circulating f'o,r signatures at Aylesbury.-Brit¡)¡:{.¡I!'Hlrou at Malta as saild for to tompel the Bey to give up sone Greeks iakeu in an Eng- lish vessel. The Active frigate about to put to sea, to makeuial q(n iron fores- mast and bowsprit.—Sir H. Davy has iri- veulcd a composition to prevent corrosion ui ci)t»pcr 011 ships' bo: of New South Wales fire a little jealous •at' Wh Dieman's LuurTijeing so tnudl pre- f'erred by new setilers, and insist that their country is more pretei;able;Mr. Sha: kif, late A(-], o f-a t u- (,' e itcral iu Iudia, on bis-return to Engird, owing to ill "health. —Mr. Pierce, solicitor, of Bristol, reported to have sail-ed for America'in an insane state.—Spitaiir&lds s*exv€tt and their masters cannot reconcile existing differences—the latter have refused fo give out any more work. — Miss Nixon, the \ond,rfulchild, twelve years old, weighing 2.5 stolle of* 141 bs. and more than seven feet circumference) died at Bath last week* THE GREBK.3. | -ii- THE following is an ettract of 'a let- ter dated Argostoli, (Cephalonia) Dec. 13 A few dnys ago the Greek squa- dron fell in with the Turkish fleet a se- cond time in the Gutf of Volo, and made preparations to attack, on which the Cap- tain Pacha fled before them, mtikitrg sail with 26 vessels for Constantinople.— This squadron was pursued by a like num- ber of Greeks; but, I believe, withoQt effect. Another detachment of 11 sail made for an istitlid- of witich I do not re- member the name, and was pursued by a smaller division of the Greeks, which came up with them, engaged, took, or d UH e on shore nine of thfiii. The affair of Missolunghi has terminated just as I expected. On the 1st iust. the Turks suddenly raised th^ sieg<? £ embark ing their artillery and part of their troops hut leaving before the place- iheir sick and -wounded, a quantity stores, horses, wetted powder. &c and retieated in the direction of Prevesa. On the 7th, a G reek squadron of 14 .sail appeared in seas, ^lavrocordato-beihg on board. '] h' te hate since been some encounters, f t v 1 ich v, e ,,ie ii-,litffy, liaei (me to ■g'pi- the details. The Creeks feU in .it;; Turkish cOffelteoll the <oa.st of •Jthaca, aiid engaged her so sharply, that ;sItr vainly attempting to run her oil compelled "to S I) rreud"r- She i r way tVom Hrevesa to Pa, ;ra«. \v'•♦ si-Ore? and specie. Out ot 150 I V? are said to hnve been killed: I ;o; s ti-(JTi; the Capt'atn. j'tVd the nephewl of • Yv .sn.f' Pacha tu'e' théi Ithaca, and were received into; •Lax^aretto Aid;ough these atiairiH pla,ing in' a manner under their eyes, it. 3 hardiy credible how the T u r k j s h I ( f waf suffer themselves to be. u, J :.h,t bv this Lilliput lieet, WELSH TOKQUKS, I'OU.M) Nl'.Ati CAD Jill 11) 111S. An aniient w'rrath of gold (torch uur) of the same kind as i.bose- v»«m th^Ujifi>n» wji fottnti oil the 2d of luit SsjXt.eisilfer, oo « till' bar) near L!¡¡r.gwernno, on the north .ide "f Ca- der t((ri«, Menonefhsliiie, at the place called the Black Rack's. 'l"ie Ciii(ler war the, e(lo nflhe flev. of wUd was at ths linit* gtou-ini;, mik! by *hnsi a» weii as u the is, this relic "<»i cihisi- dered of Jiihe value. It h»« tirpo sinew a«c^rtaiiied to t>e ptirc and coMirqufiitly one of live wrpactw fonnsily worn b) th« Welsh ( In weight ii is I ■* 'ounces, and wti^n es- tended, i»e»surt'« orariy 4 l>*o in intrnnjc. wnrth. accordinj fi) '1IR sssaj that lim b"t'!1 fillo,- of it, i« £ 25 hu(, of eotirsr-, Jv« vslue, as a p.tM*e of atitiqaiiy, i* ivMiiid«rahly ^tt-fcirr. This, it i« mitl, rsKikft* ilie loiitth of thess cn- rlou* innKiiia «trch !».«! fj»«en diswovered ia Wtlei, rliiiing the !a«t IS'i jears. „ The fiiii w-I■? fouiht HI liajlrrtl, in 16^'2, find is of the earjie leiiRtb a* that just desci ibed, but weighing olll S uooce*. Mr. Pciinaiit ■ii-'icribri it i*n a wre«th«d rotl of gold, ab.Hii I feft lonjj, wirb .'};tjytral furrow*, v»irh '(harj> iiiterv«n'fni: iid^e'i,4t uiuim^ iis wliolr leiiRili to tti« ends, which nVi jrliiii hquested, and turn hn.-k like Ttii« lot eh i» ui»w rlie property «f %if T.» Mo»- tyu, H»rt. Two others hAV«f been; fo(#»»d, one. at IJoIab Cottli, iu cmrmar!hcfifhiie, mild (lie t)t.titr.-Atur of-ar Caerw)s, iii tt)e coutity ol The forcner of [hese, *!)icti' i« «i!tf tit tfie |»o»- tptnixn of the family of i)..t;tii ( otlij, iippVnrs to ha the largest *m;J iii'Mi emsirkabtr«>MHE <viJole, retenibliHg tather » ctiihi i'hitii » wr**th. its length i/suflii-ifiit to encircle lit* urrk ««• veral (ime», kikI m one e strwrui'i _of -ttf» ctisift, when found, was attached the ft*or* of »*ei|>en!, also of gold, ol ver/ fin# vruiifinsnifhiV. Thr wreath ot ch.jin i» i« other re«i>tfi'tn,-of a ilnxufsr but tieal COllin UCliol1,lilldel1th'lilik hi about an IDCII in Ilia The torch found at C*er»y« *«< |nierl.a»ert by Lord Groiveniir, who g(»va «uch »» £ 300 or Xlti)O for it. Mr. Pennant notice* one of »)lver, c)tn t. year .s ago, in the pUHcuiou of the hi* M.r, rrctcuf, of Cambridge. The custom of wearing the io.;q.ncs, whether of is 9; ti was gold or iiilver, it. of.great amiquitj, and wa* fcaowDtoottier «atioas S^iyy.. IN ihe Book OF:N<R<E#*TFT?TR.fe. JMFRVI^0) IHE sacred historian, in enumeratin^ the *poilj tnken III the conqne., of tlie MiUuuitea, mennous chains and brarcleis," itc< • as if ^ifiiltl appear fro in., the context, of gold. [Se» alVo Oaiiiet, i c. 5, Y. 7, and 2.0 See alsC) the Sorif of Solomon chap. I. Y. 10, though in tfiii latter iutlsntethc chaiu do,% apt seetn lo have beea tom a* o martial emblem J The ItoiuMH writers, ar«o, niak# several aUti- 1101\110111, torqnis, ail(ie,; I)Ccially &s hav It)& been commoo amoDgkt ih« (ianU, Ijivy tells us (lib. 3b, c. 40) that Fubliu* Cor- oelius, in a triumph over the GanU, molt as many as 1470 of theie orasinents and Proper- tius ascribes the use of one to liri(oina»iu», a ce- lebrated chieftain aiming the same people. Waulins Torquatn-i too, tti4 R,U tii>ner»', it is well 'tiow,u, ifas he woD rrl)") < distinguished G-iul, whom be bad vanquished in single cetiib&i. Viigit. when niviijg ,n,!HItI1\" celebrated by J £ u:'u«, in Ssieily, >eems expressly Cornea bitia ferunt pi hosiiti^ ferrn t Pars leves hnuiero ph^retras^it peciore «»;iirao Flexilii obto^ti'per cbifiiai direnlas *Mrii • iK4.5v'Hid5i7« # Pliny the elder; infofitfv ■«¥* (1'Vbi.;33-,s«fe^,) tii*t the ROIIUIIS bestowed wtva1 In Or chai'»«V a^'Uiili-, tary rewards, those of go Id ou ibeir ast'-xiliittiat,. anti those tif silver (it- The earliest account we have of the use of'the torques or torch aillOu'gsl llie Jii itolis, is ihat by 'Dio'Cauiui, who spcaki of a vei,y larlv one, which was worn by the e«lebt,i.t»d -Hoadicea. Queeu of the lceoi, in the middle of the^tiist centiiry. After this period weli-ave no particu-'J lai notices, un'til we Jnitvtol ht'l4':Ju Ill'"Iwi t 1,[ the Britons aud the Sax'ous, in tfM! 5<ti-aiul ti:'h I ceniuriei. j Aneuriii, the celebrated Welsh 'Poet,.w4»o flou- rjthed during this era, and was himself » w»rin<r, 1 describe, the march of 363 cliletm'm,• to tho I)at. lie of Cattraeih, lill decorated with the tun/net The orijiiui liuu' bllY'.e hdu IGUi.U;"U"J4hJ toy Gray To Cattraeth'i vale, in glitt^f'ng ry», Twice tswo hundred warrjijfs'^o • Every warrior a ioaaty.u«Lkl„ l Chain* of legal hottof^trV, W'reaih'd iu many a golden finff t FrolD he goideri cul) II)e') drink. Llywarch Hen, a cotemporary paro, also rel's us, thai he had 24 soot, who dijtiufcuubed, by Ibe mui martial entbleiii .— Four and twenty ions have 1 hid; Wearing the ti)ldt?,n wreath, leaders of armies. So late Ulhl. twelfth ceotary, the torch e.niti. oued to be partially nur^i by g^oiii id unli,— ,Li y welyn Atkrdor(.,hiog,, a c^refiai^ of N. Whites, who lived at this period,,aeijuir«s! his7 desiiiia'iiun ot-Mrdorchog .or J.uro>iorqv £ iuti from th; s tir croiustance lioai "c tli.t the usage, retained, |,»a leaketi be as 4 neral as ii- more sncirut uw„t- A ef,b Ai' e>- predion is fit «m ,ns the WeUh, to denote its loioiei exisieme jftis •• !11j ufv nav y darch. a ( I wiljf (ne /y, fitti >» iiiti you) iniplyntg a r«»oluiiuu fy^a^e ohVfinaie struggle, i'.rom tb|* il «»*>|)e ^t«rr«*(t„ rhur it wai a peculiar disgrace "auuwiil Un'u»h warrior to tose his lurch. *■■ -i -n. 1)intensions OJ so^tp vjUfa^ftrgsst, Jii- :&ent: and iHfi(lei:^L-(^i/iVAs. AMONGST "the coin ami..tpLQfn fj}r^|i4if- imaieme size, ahhoejh (or^ti flif.* aingla intc* of stone, that of A Pillar," occupies ihe ftrst: tt. is ot ted j granite ( lta.llClg lit: 18 67 i 1 Md j a lialt lines,. j The pillars (if granilr. the pofico of the new church of isaac. m Kttssu, are jGiect IG tieight. ■ • The tuint of a column fotititt Pear, Mnuut Ci torin, at (tome, ftet 4 tfu he?' The c'dumns of the portico of the.PantheOn, 46 te«t 2 iai hes, 11 lines in heigh', The coiniuoi "f t|)e .Ca'hed/ at C^«an, at i St, Peters'burg'hi 42 fee' bigh- eotuunis Of St. Paul's.Cliurch,. at Itoiae, [ 38 leei, 4 inches. The columns xt and those l Cirn'Mii.i, at riofenc<», ufdf the bridge ui th1# Tiiiiiry, are of the snaiio hei-ht." BJ spiriNG ci 11 r Sorfulk-—LordX Incl. J U&t ice Vt. B;óhll1 tit "M «9r»< hn* tViMvcfv,<k ;i Aftdland^-Lvt'il -jBfiWf'jftWtiKe^iirnl, d#. Cafon. IIUHOCk. I Tfomt—liiirti XT ht<-f 1\orlh"I'-Mr Justite ktul- d. I Oxford—Mr. justice P^rk, Mr. liarr'i) Gstrow. H'e>iern->J-Mr. Jmtite BunOOih» All. iu&tite HI. chardsou. _n Tn r: following CO'.ifesiinn -sal made by Hunt lo Mr. iljir.oier, his *olii'itoi', previoim to his ti i«l 'or ihe teason he assigns tn tin* crouiiiieuoeinent and i» ropy of it, sr'cned by the .prisoner, IIH<> heeo' siiwe iif«posited at the .Oifice p( ;»U« Secre- tary of ^'ate ;— As the i-sne of the present pro«ec»tion is es- a full 811(1 ir i rue confession of all the circuiiisiaures attetnling the ii:i'lasH:!)"iy death of Mr. We*re, and also o| my artju.iintaitre Wiib, and k'k«>wledge, of the .parties implicated in his murder. I a"' anxious to 'pet'loiiii ill's dtny plevions to the termination <>( i1ii; irjal, in order that if 1 >houtd-bi doonled to my niinriiifter convictitiii, "lay he cpin- ,st"d; al1lJ t/Jat (UHITIHltla: iuterlllpred by auy I or Ilia) I)e able to employ, the whole inste allowed m« m ttiis world in my tievntion-i, and my f iideavoni to iliske a'onfeaieiit to the almighty for my. ti ntie.-r- cirBte<sion, and desire.that it »ua.y t»«.COfiJlil«;i.ed.. iis tny soWiTin dying declaration.. A trout three jears »go„.w-Jie«-.l^k«i>J tfie A r ih y 111111 Navy Uutree .House, ui-W-MaHin's lant, I first tifcaine ncqnainie<i with illiawi Piobeit 1 had seen liiin betore in company with Mr. Nay bcother-in law,at the home of otywif)- sister, Mrs. Mo|uii«in hut I (lid not then know who he was. While I was keeping live1 Army and N » vy .Coffee 1) nine, M r. N oyes calleil rrHmc several times to solicit my custdni lOr;;»vtieV illHf1 I was at /list induced to pic him1«u -order-for Port and Sherry to ihe amount of tell or t-welve l>ouods. A If w da.) a"er this order was exrcul' ed, N.'yes Inoii^ili I'ri'hert to hty hoiise, and in- troduced hiio to ioe as his wife's bro'her. After being. three month* in business t found the Ufoiae did -not aniwer expectaijons the rent and taxes were so hifih, th^t 1 was unable to pay tn) w»y,aiid keep tip ury credit and besides, I had giurn a wsriant of.atioTney 10 Richard Thomas, from whom 1 had taken the hou*e, for nearly SOU/, to be paid hy monthly instalments. TiieVe payments not.-bei'ns liejit up, ihe watraot o! al- torney was pi.»t ih'. force, and "I Wai obliged to sur- reniler to tbf .Kleci'Prrsotr, where '1 was confiueti for seven months, and theu took (Ire benefit *i)t the l"ft*oly.e.nt Act. ■* When, i'got iny lihtrty, I w^ht %o reside at PadtlitiR- ".«*.?riny nfother's; and'ilie scanty' as- i'isiatiee S.Ue con lit ulfonl mi,1 \» as! obie[>Vd to fie1 pend for (.Hiy subsis'ence. VWiniu siV tlmnilis alter this, 1 teiooyed to Lintb^ih, aiid-et np the business, ol a td.uikint uiikri SIM! v» hrle ihi>:re I (reqiMttjted •» pnhl.i; house neYir" the' Horse Guard a, called ,e s»itiling Uounr-j^ki'pt hy 'u«»e Mr. Child*, ..what# .1. nllen inet witii Vv'iliiaiii i'rc.bel t and rhoiuas N<>) f s. Prbtierl alv»a;y treated'me with great, kindness^ and useil to ou- serve how liappv he should lie' it f c^nld a;«in. get info 1'c» io that he 4:oulti art'urd „:f •.otnf assistance., On the d»y ih.n Thomas Tlmrtelfs trial tool; pl»ee against ihe Fife Office, 1 called by chance at thf si?n at ihe Mitre ami Dove,*the comer of at thf si?n at ihe Mitre ami Dove,*the comer of -Kinz street. 4rpt, I)y W m. Hill, whom I wtlll knew while I was there a geiiile- (ii*n wlu> said,his iirtUie was f.eaeh', inturer) into conversation w i h ui e, a ii<i s h j d (ha i, a It h oh g h Ii e was unknown to ine, he liaif oiren been in'(iiy'ct>ife- l»,i»ny and h>'ar.fi me »»ng"a very eXfielieiit Soil-. ,j^uri«j; our fonversiijUm, a iVfi". Jvnsor,' whtjtS7 |i ^#d'«t;en»t Mr. |J £ itt',s» 4 puijircai#^ at 'SiaagiOe, of .vtiiose .daiigjhters lif »is j«y iiig his- if il'i e s j for us to tH into Court aint afier ,q haw I .w,»*y J!ie s^id. the^v ^w.«r,it siibpce led op u„ Krial of a iriitMil of -lhrir's, i.^itietl I irteil,- who ie,pt, the iI1')! the Cock, in the Ha» market, & if was nor e««.aRedi,?V «.« £ '»•■<¥»' well g. -Ki Court v-jvi'ih• i!y 111 'he dinner; ."which'Was jjiroyided'affer tfiis trial »as nn'f/ [ accepted the invitamni and, x i)A for Tliuttell, all th,e party, -ty it i prooeedtd the, Cock., in., the il«-ymarkai, i,> 1 dine. While we were at dinner, Mr. Prnberi j entered she room, and taking a sear MeAt (o nii?i sh4»ok-me by the hand, anil ^x'pres»trd'"h^' lttr. prise at seeing ui? ther#, as well as' the ple^ure I,y 9hould live »n hearing-m,;ai, I stopp.j tlU eleven o'clock, aiul then w«ui away without talc-, v a t, liv In about a week after I met Prnbett acciden- tally at t'1" wesi-end of the to »r's, aud h« 'inthi- duced 111e to TelSaiiS «here, hy his reqi, J ,sui>e ji.e»eral >ougs »"d ai psiruiif, he invited ,,«« to inect him the next inyii><ng at the Cock, say ing. he could be ot »ervu» lo me. 1 wVi.i ut. ,cordinily was introduced by Pro'berf fo John and Thomas Thurtell, and ^lopptd to dirie »uh t'htai, tint uo!tiilig oai|i¥ular' Pa^*cd. As Prober! otniued to elplam in what way he could serve me, I went the next day to the Cock,. aod was- invited oil >,a'ls John Thurfdl, where I found Probertj mul th^y ptessed at' iu dine-with thetu, which 1 did; ind alffcrwaids Piobert asked ilia to "')"!< ov<-r tt)« fitter with hiiti, sa) in^-he wanted to speak to me on p4rti-, cuiar bus:nV«». 1 agreed '» g<> with him, and on. unr »ay, Pr'obert sa d io.roe, •' HOnt, I will tell. ;U someilnng in conifHe.icv, hut I beg of )ou utfver to divuijte,it>«.» 1 «»«« 't e" ly Thorti'H hai'uiade acquainted with what I'aoii ahotit to tell v<>u." I jiromised secrecy and he then said, '« You "know Thuriell has' otiuined a, verdict against, the County Fire Office, lor'nearly £ V(M), ami ajs dial verdict will. Uiuke his o wn and bti,.Iier'i er,(, ii siand well, they intend to avail themselves ol..if,lo gel.wtkAi Ter ()O(ls they with acceptance*, then sell I't eiiii an pin* the money ilit" ttivit ("o-kets, together with ihe lucney from he Fire Office. Ttibinas Thurtfll •Mii tlien bi'Coine a;ban,kr.0pt, hU «j>?' ^K>M*h i he .Courm »%w e^%»V>.RCij>w if,y(ii» wiU cotitieflit to take *»}jiie„o| j^ti.eir,facce:p" sancat. «o. %kU' tU#in. to diffkr#i«l t.■ traxlol, pto>|e, and pur, base al"tteles forihf Th«#fe>W,-y 0U sllill be aiiowfd'sri uiuch in YhV ^otirtfJ^att^t^ods "vpti i;i,tV ob.iaini' t. iojii Proberf'flfiV^ wb4ld,<lq hat,they ditiued, but I did not' mUtoVStiimtpii the l>«i'iuu«s. Fil/lij rIm tjme I'I)p.t'am'h'rj'fóquenr vtsi. tor at 'fhurtell's. antl" -:Weft al.. ,ni>f»t cotiHtan' ly there,! and id'cliar^S Was made for whaie'vef t had to eat or drink, lei about a tor tn'Stn atrer Probett 'first Thur. leli's atrors 10 called hie into a tlrivate I room ii> Thomas. ThVf tell, told hi in5 !>e had made tue aequaii.ted Willi $VIA-Af W';$ intehd«d;' and that i)«,tiad kiniwn me. for some time Thurtell need ha und.-i■ «»<> apjirc'hensiob of dSii^er. ThoOias Tf.an'jt/i iheu said," Mr. Hunt, t'fwill sa'isfy you ior MuT «ucds;yiin .send,here, and /or wlikh my hili I.. l1<kC'i, alltl ¡r' JJ\t:àu ¡;'rql)' 8C"I'I1'(Muttt s t This oc- enrred ah .ot the,beg:nn!ng of September, aud i,m(i ol theiM sahl that no time was "iheU to be lost in getiin-j whatever ihey coiilt), as he, Thur- iell, would have lo '#;O Ulto 'Iu: GhZI.ttt' olln aUer ihe Noven,tier term eoiiiii:.enc.ed. Another fort- II ght elapsed.without any tiling lieit>ur done, and .then Prober t said i Hunt )'oor -appearance is %ejy »fta'h'f>y,"l,'will get thurtell to jive you his ;it where he keeps xii account, and no tailor will re" tUH' (II take snch a'biil for aVnit of diithei."— He afterwards gave me a bill for lOt. los. and i died it at several places, but could Dot succeed, and I returned it again to Thurtell. Hy T. Thurtell's desire, 1 ordered some ex- pensive articles at Dare and Sjlacks, in'Cock- ullieh we re feitt order. There was about 'his time to be # great dinner at the Cock and about tf u'days before. Hie dinner, John Thurtell went to Prpbe'fWto^y* tage oira sliooting party f or a few days to shoot on the grounds of Major WOOdll; he returned Hie day before the dinner, and at the dinner he n>nk the deputy chair. On the same day that J. I'tsiirrelf returned from the cottage, lie told rat 'hat he had become desperately .in love with IVi iss Caroline Noycs, ihe sister of prpbeit's wife hut 'hat she had protriVvd her hand to a man named. W ooil.; he said, howe\cr, that he did not care for that, he would continue his visits, u.id endeavour (•> supplant tiitu.; and I understood from hiiij (h»t.he frequently went to the cottage, until one Saturday when he was some down there, he mer Mr. ood and Miss No) es coining to town in company loEpther. Tbi* very ti.nch vexed and mortified hitn.auii In* then i:i»uiuiei't ed writing letters to her, whirh wete either uiiiio-* i ,?r ii,tu (."vvr 0 I, 1)lv .4erve(I to i.irjfstie him sti-ll more, and, fie "inveighed lYiosr bitterly H'gaiiist Wood s "probert al'so j"spd hi John, I-hr)te..t^j», lellow. anrl there is no mm of Hi.y,,acqy);airilat)_( c t hat I should like to have Hie girl but y ourself; y 'l'li.ui ti-ll said no man ijl this world should- ever stand he'.wyen lii.ui ,'antf/fti'S hap-pinpn*, if tie lost his own lii<> i« ihe (#ftlie and,that he'should-go to week, and get h Irlead ;H.it'per^to-h'Hd tir«>his- air gun to livttle eotne iff the Kentleinen who, had: ill u-ii-ii iiitn. He -.aid'tht-re A»ere thseir or.fojir on ihe list, hut NV no-j#'■•s't'i>i«l'Bry j hefaawvht) ..11. ill pc »,) of hi s'it-i ;ip'|Hess.i;: T froiii PioImm t Slid John TliuiU'll ilif*! Mis-t Noye# was eoiiticii t'o'some uiofieV on hi^r i*rafife|te,«iiid if she niHrrieil J. Tfiuri.-ll lie and ,-l?*obert. >wi^e to go into business logetiu r J. I hu»t* il vjeof fO"IM'"rwich trl'^twiii't''the fi'ui lh» lsinnw irt,v»«j pre trued agiiiu'st l ai'y, and lie was atfseut- f«o LIAY-S* Ili Fleet-street rhe itr riiiriti. ?d;' is Thurtell hod w»T«t'Wf f-rtfrort. -Nor- in he informed die, that W had tot e^ef> Ihtig he "waited, and n>f «r»l ri'tlf'y "and ilesii edtua to niepi flint a,J 9 o't foi !<5 <«ii 'S-iturdsy e>eniuc,- ui 'etiipli' |}ar. at the conier'ol rthir^-Iarje. I Wcis a quarter or hall ao hour IrejiWd cny .time, and I on nd linn wainnt: i dirf-'tbe' ir .gnn wimtn he of nil use <o h in, ns k- worI/I make too loud J, .report". I t was a | iV^e ski«<i<*fMst«)«»*«fa«ml h>.s life 'namtC'oi M i\ I! .1 } »t » >» 1* 'WeSHSHBH to" i\j; s, 4Mniinla inand -t 1 UjtsrtjC tt>«'i*lib.iitg to (FÜit1 left him. H< 1 m Suk tetuve; 'me" the pistol, whit'li { jra^ncd at Colterell SJ in .lhe ivame cif J"oiifS or 11 no'. The ^ns'niiig wrel?, five plan of shooting Mr. W (Iod io its follows ■ — Wood. Prohert; aiul %;>v"k h'iti lorlsr- ings in the same house toge'he-i, at 'No. 35-or 38, tasfie-tf;eel. Le.i'cestVf'-«q'ua'ri», atrtl i-t was agreed: that sonie night*when Noyes-wrfs down at Pro- lieri'st cottage, Prob'eri WHS to go Iromrf early at night, Mil, k#»p t'h.e landlady mid her daughter (Innking below stairs afier Wood wa^s gone to IiVm! • aiiif when fie was-su jlpnsed to he asleep, John i'hai ielf, disguiseil in a tiival eloak, .w»s fo etjier tha'iionii* hy nicaiw of t,t flie t (I.,r shoot }/« [, ,1S. then 1,1 ¡)(;"¡;"i& SIMSIW" J:Ú"l' 'rtinf 1t:1'd been might apo -ar as 11 Vie fiad »h«1 himself, x,*Hd lie »», theii i t t> tewni ih«.l>c"«»'. t*«d sWp ill Hie city;. Pro).est WAS nf'«i w-»r.lt 10 have1 ■gi nr\up stsir- 41 d toaoJ iV ><>tl this situa'ion, and given the a'Htui, or 'he Uii.H<»ily »a« to hate of corse be. hr,*l on the.tiody and if wjii tJI. -lie matte, a pff'iif, tvhat in a, at of ins.ini') or j des p iMdtti.c), 11f, l<?d shot llinself. Proh-rri ««irl 1^. ^o.^d at'TJtd before He Inquest, and swear Hiai W ood mi el in lÜw eil'ruWl-s•.»i»ees>, and de.;i.rf?seil in his .sp:ri'«, and j that >»/)« the .reason he had no ilosi'it w h) he h .it destroyed himse'f. I nnrte'l '"»u liaoied, VV'oolf, ee;)% A sale shop, who tile habit or hi* broth-r's lions*, the i»rif,e. of a bo»t cloak tor the purpose, but I do not know whether h» bought one or »ot. 1 lie reason why this plan w„. n.it Cifnet! .«Ho rliert a- om-t! w14, thai ih» air snn w^« fonml t<> out of -rc|Mir, and It was sent !-> 4 £ tins'Hit s m SlierracdT.sle«et, to have a new vslnt. I liuiUII tojd the ganmaker he bad it. i''].r':)<>?' KiJ'.mi; /leer | the rep?'} ''$<>f umUr a pound. .J > perpetcated, he forti.nstely,^(!'< t' houir, ,1,(1 SJI1I# accidtMlal circdrnsfancrs after- ward, caused it to be iMtt «.ff, and the idea of shmriing hiin in Castle street, altogether abun- doned, although prohert was conumi'iHy.Ufgmg Thnr.!el| to coinuiit the .murder, say ir.g there | itc)t I)e a better time irvee landlady had mi othei lodfers in ihe I ouse — .Prubert often said, If you."»?»», tll drm'i you do it at once j you. kjiow I can Jeep the women engaeed." Th«rt»H r?l,.?.e.? your great eyes, if yon want \t done, why don t ,| yoi» <l<, jt yoirrsulfj you ar« »»tg !f °°}y j enough, and there is fhe airman at j o»r »er*it.e..1 Oil wtiich Ppiberr used to torn H off. with a laugh, and say, •» You know, Ja< 1.^ w,,hV you to have the woman, aod shi/uld not tiTCsi- Wood to get rier' Tins hnuse iii Manchestar-bHildit'S' w** taken ] for the #prejs [>urpose"=of'd»sti,oyTittC AVo,odrand making 11 a warehouse for wha'evrr sno'iKccould be obia'iaed-from trad*Jihei»^»);:rtr»tid<i(lenj ■ bills. jVTliirrtirll tA;ft'it tfoin?# Snlicuor ie..Uuff«t*,«- street, and givv a reference 'ttHpF^ •> f^al quantity <>C;pv«rf«stt,» vplnnbls P^rpeffy. *?»' senffe v Thomas J'iiurtell pawuetl ^a« tit ihtf'.toi'lt IngfT^I-asjes. to pay for the ft|;fe#in%iit^— I <Veut w i ih J .Thurte 11 anil Mr. 'ASsefefis'clerk, to see the house, and J. Thttftatl fol^h«' tiler.k he should uot want the fitnire*t as (rti^w'tiis fa- mily came froi»i Norwich, be must tuv* all new- fixtures and furniture. When thin house ill Manchester buildings was taken |.ni<*s.|ou ;0 t,c I went wirh a waggon, hired from Dmifern, in C'Mnpion-street, to bring away a greit ruaiiv ar- ticles of furniture and hedrli»!r,"wicii'ihid'beea (lb,illed from different trdt'lpl!lIf!I;;lind depa sited in a eorrage which T/Ttitfrtell" h'i'rf^fjl'red at Kensington, for Ih" purpose of secreting Ihem; Some of these things were afterwards 'ré'lud. as have b«eti giveli to uuderstand, hy'thUcridjturs, at a house in Cumberland-street." The next plan against Mr. Wo'iid was, to en- tice hi in to the hoUse in Manchester buildings, anti there dustroy bitu. J. ThnrfeU botrowed-a pair of heavy dUmb- bell., 6lb. each, from a Mr. HaOeock, and it was settled that I should, by stratagem, get him to accompany me to and en- ter the house, and wifeci he was within side, I was to shut the door upon b.ini, ing cross, where Thurtell was tb Biaef me, after dispatrhiog him. Aud, in order to atCount for his abSeme, a letter was;to be Sent-to his lotlg- ing, to >ay that several writs were out againU j hiin. COf lhit Ctnffssion^ which eafcrense* in interett as it proceeds, we shall publiih the remainder in | tur succeeding numbers.) HUNTING ACCIDENTS. .Wc laiely gave the particulars of the deathi of three geutletuen who were drowned in crossing rivers while following hounds. The following > remarks on the siiiiject, written by the celebrates"! author of N airoil's Y.ttters," we extract from the Sperling Magazine for this month Accounts of no less than three different Pffe- having ultit with their deaths in huutiog, all in one day, have been presented to the public Iil-w-itie first with the Oikkloy the second with Lord Darlington's and the third with the Hurworih fox-hounds, in Yorkshire t and, what is as singular at it is laulentable. each is occasioo- I_ior! by a noble effort to get to hounds, regardless o( rhe appalling obstacle of a dangerous and de- vouring element, in which these gallant sports- ttieti an found a watery grave. To such a pitch, however, has 'he system of riding to hounds now -arrived, that the chances of liffe and death are but a feather in the scale, when opposed to the (Jeleriiiiiiatiot) (if « modern fox-hunter to see .Iht, thing,' at,.(] I to he i Ii) a goo(I't)lace., "It is too true, that withoat danger there is "0 glory. Nevertheless, much as I may be an ndvl!èatt' for 1JJ1I¡\Ín e\'ery pouible effort lo, get hounds, yet we should not altogether despise, (he old saving clause — that, sometimes, discretion is ttic.t)etivir part of valour; for, to say nothing Jot" the individual who loses his life, the heart- iremtnii; bewailings of those who havf to lameut the loss of it in a paretir, husband, brother, or sun, are much too great to be thus rashly hazard- ed for the mere gratification of a passion, how- tver noble it may be, when attended with such 1 f probably ) fearful consequences. In one cage ;now'alluded to. a father perishes in the presence of his s,, it in another, a husband leaves a widow with riofij childt en, arid prenanl wilh rhe ninlh; the third appeari to have been all only child, 'horn 10 all the pleasures of life, and highly qua- lified for >he cttjoj inent of theai. Mu.'h, I r^ju-jit, as 1 admire the man who rides galfanH) across a country, yet it is useless to at- tempt impossibilities and among these I have no hesitation in generally classiug the getting af.ross dep aiiii rapid streams, with ahorse, p»r;l,i;\i>s, blovvi) at tti utilis$ the ridi-t be tsol only an expert- swimmer, hot also, unless he h« in the habit of swimming horses, aod swim- ming with his clothes on. Mr. Theakston (one of Hie gentlemen droTi'ned), it is evident, Was a swiuimer bin there is every reason to believe that Hie weight of his clothes sank him at last and the moment of alaiin, he had n'ot the pre. f'.tln? of mind to relieve himself, by floatitig fem or I;, juiy of those expedients which expert swimmers have recourVe to, whert'they fii)il fh?;tnselves exhau.sted. Perhaps, botvtftit:, siiuated as he was, these expedients would?%ot ha»e availed him for, taking "into cbnsideratloB Hist the.clofhes man wears when hunting, can- not be estimated at less than ten pounds when dry, it may be fairly concluded that, when Kret, wirh the addition of water in the boots, pockets, this weight must be more thaft doubled.- Conceive, then, a man swimming, perhaps in dead waier, with tuore than twenty-four pounds dead weight hinging about him,all verging to thf hOlfnm, and opposing his efforti to sustawi hnnsfitfonthesurface! "On rea djpg this cabimitous account over agiin, I see much reason to Suppose, that the Iree uia of the horse's head, when in difficulty, and which I have so macii dwelt, upon in the foregoing tetter, was detii»{l to t^im in this fatal instance and (o it, .perhaps,"mar the melancho- t)e, ;I t.rI iy 0 the wr ter of the jiaragraph itr the 11 u l Adver- tiser, 'a spirited and powerful animal, swam with liiai lrivo-.tht finiddje ttf the xivejr,, when,. Kelltng ,i.I1 p(llla! t, he reared, and t/fete Ai» riderbnr.k~ ward' Now th»r«i«-"every reason to brhe»e, tiint had Ni r. TheH'kston left-'the horse »» him- „ if, iioldhig on hy thfe msiie, and only direeting his o)ur»rS when tiecessary, with ihe snaffle rein, he would hate boTRd hfin|ib iafety tacrat." the stream- "t ?peak from practical ohiervatiorr Vnl lhii subject. VVhen at a watering place in W'ait«i I Was in the babi t of having ijiy hones ifumio the sea,by amàn who wlo in the constant practice of swimming them for a very (rifling consider- ation. He was himself a very expert swiinrter, and regularly attended the bathihs; mathittet.— From this man I Uarnt, there were only three things to he observed in swimming a hone—firn, to give liim free use ot his -head; secondly, to hulll on by the malle; and lastly, taking tha feet out of the ifirriips, to lean the body ob- liquely forward as much as possible, which will cause the water to gel under it and lfoat it, and thereby diminish the weight of it on the horse. It WliI ,the opinio¡)Úf thi. perøon, that a horct would stoim neatly far'with a man on his back, who was thus expert at the^^management of him, as he would without bial- .'¡ • Thers is a smlIarm of the sea, about mile wide at high water, which divides the northern .and southern principalities of Walesj and- over i,nC wh eh is a horse ferry. A Mr. Bvans, a sienile- a»an of some property in that neighbourhood, was crossieg it, a few yesrs a go, as the tide was running out With great rapidity., when his horse leaped ovsrboard, and was carried out to sea, ovvr (ht bar. Mr. R. never expected to sea him. agaiu but he recovered the shore between that place and the villrige of Towyn in MerionetB- shire, after swimming more than two milII.- Another <entletnan swam a small Welsh galloway across this ferry witil perfect safety anct hitp. pining to, he in lhat eouniry at the time, I siw him in h»if an hour after he had done it. much forth* IIÖwer of horses in water 1 L «MVhen 1 was about eighteen yean or age, | had a yarrow escape from being drowned, wiih Mi, I,peril's hounds. The hounds crossed (he r er i)e^—naturally a very rapid riv«r, but then .♦acre sed by the rains. Sir Waikin >Vynn, who 11 as bis tmo- brothers) is lifcy # dutitUn" ibe w ter, went firsthand was followed by ahtitit six out\of (he field. Half ventaririg half slujsk- int,' I went a little way into th, stream,t;a««i came back again. Seeing the luiunds IviVtlng off their fox OH Ihe other s'de, I made a second attympl, and wai carried down the stream aiViongst sdiiie huge stones. Not heinf) at lhal time, able to swim, I gave myself H,, fur j1)<f but ihe resolution of the mare, and mj holding but the resolution of the mare, and mj holding by the marte, tmhtet) her tore^nm the oppo- site bank, and I have never tried Ullch an Ur. since. A man may attempt the Hellespont for a womatt but, on cooler reflection,.he is, sfcArcely justified in running such rilks of hilllile for a fox." v THEATRICAL Coup.-A fellotr homed Mar- filiki, describit himself as an artist and tlra- tnatic author for one of the inferior theatres about Paris, was lately convicted of stealinjj sonie silver dishes. Just, as sentence v;as about to be prollounced, he drew a kuife from iititter his clothes and stabbed himself deijpe-. Welj-tit the breosfi" Be fell—-the court was in consternulion—women 'f'ainted- a doctor was called. He ajiproached the wounded or > doad'itliali),' witi) iiiiiiieditilely,olit-ned I)is b(i itom for itispeclioi), and it was discovered that the air drawn dagger was one of those mortal theatrical iuslrunituts which iutlict no iiuocturel