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MONEY., TO be laid out at Interest on Landed Se- JS. curity the following Sumi, Via. from 'i(/) 10 -ESOOO, C4,000, ,41,500, £ 1.200, .e 500, a £ 300, aDd several other small sums, for •which, apply to Mr. E. EVASTS, Solicitor, Car- narvon, if by letter, post paid. JUST PUBLISHED, A CATALOGUE OF BOOKS, NOW ON SALE, By J. Broster, Exchange, Chester. ONTAINING a creat variety of CURIOUS and USEFUL UTERATUftE. CATALOGUES may he had (gratis) from Messrs. Longman alld Co., and Mr. R. Triphook, Bond. street, Loodon i Mr. Agosw, Muncheiiter Mr. Winstanley, Liverpool Mr. Halber, Shrews- bury Mr. Gte, Denbigh and North Wales Ga' zetle Office, Bangor. Books bought, mid, or exchanged, on liberal terms.-Periolical and new publications pro- cured on the shortest notice. All kinds of Sta- tionery and Account-book* supplied, and Print- ing neatly executed. Books bound in the bast manner, and to any particular pattern. Noblemen and Gentlemen's Libraries arranged io classes, catalocued, and falued, upon a new and improved plan. The full value given for Paintings, Engravings, and all kinds of curiosities. Exchange, Chester Jan. 1824. ANGLESEF. To be Sold by Auction, At the Bull's Ilend Inn, at Llanerchymedd, on Wednesday, the I Ith day of February, 1824, un- less disposed o f in the melln time by Private Con- tract, of which due nutice will be given- The Life Interest of 2person aged 62 years, of and in LOT I. ALL that MESSUAGE. TENEMENT, »nd LANDS, called TYDDYN Y LLIDI- ART otherwise T Y MAW R. "tuata In the p., rith of Llanfechell, in (b« firid county, now or laie in the holdine of Robert Roberts, and con- t'aining 34a. Or. 8Sp. or thereabout. These Premises are in Lease for the Life of a Woman, aged about 76 yeari, at the y early Rent or R 10. LOT H. All that MESSUAGE, DWELLING HOUSE and LANDS, called PEN Y GROES, situate Dear the above Premises, io the parish of L lan- fechell aforesaid, and containing 6a. 2r. 4p. or thereabouts. These Premise* are IN Lease for the Life of a Woman, aged about 68 yeare, at the yearly Rent of c3 3s. LOT III. All those eeveral QUILLETS, or PIECES of LAND, with the Dwelling Housee and Garden, called TWLL DU, in the parish of Listibadrlt, in the said county, containing la. lr. 39p. or thereabents, in the holdings of Wm. Griffith and John Witliame, as Teoante from year to year. The Tenaate will shew the Premises, and for further particulars, apply to Mr. R. PRICIIARD, Solicitor, Llwydiarth Esgob, Aogleeey, where a Survey thereof may be IItD. CARNARVON. Leasehold Estate. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, (BY ORDEa OF THB ASSIGHEKI OF MIt. JOHJ* LLOYD) Jt tlie Goat Inn, in the Town of Carnarvon, in the county of Carnarvon, on Saturda y ih* 1th day of February, 1824, between the hours of three and five o clock tn the afternoon of the A, subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced— "e tnen ma LOT I. f¥lHE Inlerest of the said JOHN LLOvn JL io right of Margaret his Wife, of and in » Moiety, half, part, or share of that MRC SUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE. SHOP PREMISES,situate in Bridge-street, in tbO said Town of Carnarvon, aow in the possession of Qfircixti DATIES, Shopkeeper. LOT II. l The interest of the said John Lloyd, in right of the said Margaret bis Wife, of and in a Moiety, half, part, or share, of all that MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, SHOP, WORK- HOUSE, and PREMISES, situate in Bridge, street aforesaid, now in the posssgsion of ED- WARD ROBERTS, Whitesmith. LOT Ill. The interest of the said John Lloyd, in right of the said Margaret his Wife, of and in a hldr. part or share, of all that M RS- D r DW ^LING-HOUSE, aod PRE- At ISKu., «i(uate in Southern Penral't street, ia I he said Town of Carnarvon, now in the posses* sion of EDWARD JONEIP Butcher. LOT IV. The interest of the said John Lloyd, in right of the saitt Margaret his Wife, of and in a Moiety, htlf, part, or shar, or all those Four M KSSU AGES or 1> WEu.tNGHOUSES, and PllKMlSliS, situate in Northern Peurallt street, in the said Town of Carnarvon, now in the pos- sessior, nf THOMAS HUDSON, HENRY HUGHES, EI.I.IX WILLIAM«, and THOMAS IIDWARIH. The entire of itie. above I'rewisen are held on- ^»r a Lease from Ttioati A«HETO« SMITH, Esquire, at the reserved r»«t of Seven Pound* a har, f(ir Ill" life of a Person now aged ai years, IJt therrabouts. \¡"or furher particulars, Apply to Mr.Wu.LiAM 'tiUMt, Solicitor. Greeu Gate-street, Car- n4t*ua. 8' MM iiiww Mil wiiif'iiiw rii—ii'im i" l' WANTED, For Six or Twelve 31onths A COMFORTABLE CHEAP FURNISH- £ ED HOUSE, consisting of two sitting, rooms, four bed-rooms, with two servant* ditto, inclosed gardeu, and out offices, and frO'n ten to fifteen aern of Land attached. The vicinity or Bangor or Carnarvon would Ue preferred. A-tvy-p«*-so» havittg suftw. »»> let, will please to direct (post-paiil) for Wm. P. MURRAT, Clsve- doo House, Clevedon, Sutuersetshire. 'H TO DRUGGISTS. TO BE SOLD, npHE WHOLE STOCK OF DRUGS, Che- H micals, while Glass Bottles, Drawers, ami all other Fixtures, belonging to an entsblisheii Shop, in a Market Town in the Island of Angle- sey, at a fair Valuation. Any young Man havine a few hundred pounds, would find this a profita ble concern. The present occupier having; other engagements, cannot attend to it, is the reason of his parting with it. Apply to the Printer of this Paper, if by let ter, post paid. ANEW SIIAYEII9 OR, SECOND EXPERIMENT. A NloiqKry-vh,) shaving first trifd on himself, And cutting Uit jowl—the utisclitevnus elf Resols'd to embrace opportunity p;¡.r, And operate uext on tha beard of ihe Cat, The place of a mirror ad" pterI to IJ if, There stood iu the room then a high polished BOOT, [n which W ARREN'S Jet, of pre eminent hue, Disl)tay'd the fine for(as of fVfldC(ion to VIISW- Then seizing poor Puss, to the bright BOOT he bore her, The Monkey, her shadow then gleaning before her— And aaswer'd her struggles with chatter and blows, Her plilo while he soapo, from her ears to her nose The Cat, thus essaying in vain at resistance And mewing, in pitiful plaint, for assistance. With wonder the same operation now iair Perform'd In, or shewn by the Jet of eclat In front of the BOOT then, as if to explain it The method of shaving, how best to attain iI, The act interspersing with grim and grimace, The Ape clear'd the Cat of each hair on her face And strange though it seems, yet the frolicsome off- Was much more succeuftU with Pusi than him. self, The SHAVER adroitly concluding his scrai)il)g- The SHAVED with the Ion of bee whiskers et. caping I The Monkey, in triumph, the Parlour now sought, And Cat and bright BOOT to a compary brought, Who saw what this Barber had then been about, And hoit'd his essay with a rapturous shout Of mirthful surprise: the strange incident backing. The merits of WARREN'S unparallel'd Blacking. 7 his Easy Shining and Brilliant Blacking, PRJKPA RED BY /kM1, 30, STRAND, London; Bangor. BstosrEt Ptelthe l. i.IWITI,LIAMS HVGIIES Denbigh. EDWARDS DENMAN Llnnerchy-) Beaumaris BROADHEAP medd. FoRSYTa PARRY ROBERTS Llanrtcst.THOMAS ^,0NES EDWARDS „ «*IFFITH Conway GARNER Bodedern.. ROBRRTI ROBERTS Carnarvon OWE* JQNES JONES Abergele.ROBERTS ROBEan IICGHES JlLC>VD DA VIES IARRY St. Asaph..DAVIES, TUFFS OWEN Amlwch.ROBERTS HUGHES J ROVSTOW ROBERTS Holy head.. J hkus Holywell.MORRIS OWE* Llansaintf. WILLIAMS HUGaES B"la DAVIES RICHARDS Chester POOLE And sold in every Town in the Kingdom. LIQUID, in Bottles, 6d. IOd. 12(1. & igci. each. Also PASTE BLACKING in Pots, 6d. 9d. 12d. and ISd. each. Shilling Pot of Paste is equal to Four Shilling Bottles of Liquid. a l (s:7 Ash for TVA It [ZEN'S Blacking. v-W" NOTICE. ryiljE TlMBF.R on Bettws Fawr, Plas Hen, jfL and G'yn I'artni, advertised to be S,»ld by Ticket, is di«pos«d of by Private Contract. NOTICE, To Builders and Contractors. ANY person or persona, desirous of en- tering into Contract, for building aed com- pleting six Houses, each of three stories hijh, with suitable Offices, a Billiard Room, & New. Room, in the Town of Beaumaris, in the county of Anglesey,.are requested to deliver ia Tender*, (fret of expence) to Mr. Jones, Town Clerk, Beaumaris, oo or hefore the 9th of February, 1824. Plans, Specifications, Eletatrons, and Sectiops of the Work, may be seen, and further inforwa. lion obtained, upon application at the Town Clerk's Office, Beaum«ri», or at Mr. Hall «, Ar- chitect, Bangor. North Wales. The Contractors will be required to f'lIt.r into Bond, with sufficient Sureties to peifoiffl the Contract. Town Clerk'* Office, Beaumaris, 20th Januaiy, IflN.

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