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LONDON. Corn Exchange, Monday, Jan. 19* There has been a good supply of Wheal and Flour since this day se*ntiight of the. former upward* of 8000 quarUrs, and Flour 16,225 sacks. but 1 he- (ii-rival of Wheal this TIlornin. chiefly frrnn Essex and Kent, was on the whole. niodoi,ate, and in IL-e early part of the d..y the trede was brisk, at an advance of from 2s. to Ss, per qtitzrier, though the sales were rather dull at the close. Itarley rtadily obtains last week's prices, and Beans are much e/t- quired after, and must be quoted full per quar- ter dearer, Grty pease are about c2s. per qumrftr higher, and White are full I s. per quarter. fVe are moderately supplied with Oats at present, and good fresh Corn meets a ready Rate. at an improve- ment of full I s. per quarter since this da_y se'railigltt. Flour remains as before stated. Wheat-white 461 a 5,lr, Barley 2tiv Malt 52s a 5fis Pease SBs a Oiit P. a-toe. s ggg 'Col,Jnd*- 2<* » 25* freed 19sa2js PRICE OF FLOUR. Town made Flour 55s 60s per sack delivered Ditto Seconds. 50s 55s ditto. I Essex & Suffolk Fiour 45s 50s on board ship | Norfolk & Stockton do 40s 45* ditto Orart.i 96, 101 per quorte r lal f ine Pollard 14s [Sii ditto New Itapeseed, X26 i. .8270.. per Last PRICE OF BREAD THIS WEEK. Peck loaf to weigh I? Ib 60a Half dilto ditto 811) Hog Quarteru loaf (Lillo 4lh 5ioz Half quarlern do 21b tios The highest price of the best Jfheaten Bread in the metropolis, is stated by the principal Baker. c. it Nine-pence the Quartern Loaf.