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I CASTLE BANK SCHOOL, CONDUCTED BV Miss Babington and Miss Leigh, WILL RE-OPFN, ON ItHE 29TU INST Bangor, January 19M, 1824. NANTlllVYNANT ROAD, Notice is hereby Given, THAT a Mtetiag of the oftbe ge. JL cond Dtetrict. or Nanlhwynsnt Road, w ill be held at the Grand Jury Room, iB C-proortpn, on Saturday, the 124th day of January io«Unt, at th< hoar of 12 o'clock at noon, ou the project of theiateuded aplIHcation. to Partwoeot, for a te. aewat of the Act, and upon other biiM?*H Cpq. ;acctr.d with the ) j W. WILLIAMS, Clerk to the Trustees of the Second Dutrict. Grtrn Gale sheet. Carnarvon, 20lk J(tn, li$24. i, r;; .„ To Builders and Contractors. ¡' ¡: i:t. '1:,?? ANY person or persons, (le»irotjs of eo-. tering into Contract, U>t buHding and com- pleting six. Houses, each of three Jtorie* high, with suitable Offices, a BilJiard Room,. & Ntw., Room, iq the. Town of Beaumaris, in-the. cnunty, of Anglesey, are requested to (lei i ver-, io. T.ei>dwrs, f(tCe of expence). to Mr. Jones, Town Clerk, Beaumaris, ou or before the 9ill of February, "y t84,. F I- n Plant, Specifications, Elevations, .aad.Seotioas of tha WorIt, may be seen, and further Vnfornja. tion obtained, upon alplicaljQ at the Town ..C. fork?i Office, Beaumaris, or at Mr. Hall's, r. I chitect, Bangor. North Wales. The Contractors will be required to enter into Bond, witb sufficient Sureties, to perform the Contract. Tenon Clerk'* Oiffce, Beaumaris, fi 20th January, IS"24. ANGLESEY, To be Sold by Auction, At the Bull's Head Inn, at fjaneichymedd, on fVtdtutsduy, tha I lth daq of Februarys 1824, (in- less disposed of in the mean time, by Private Con- tract, of which due nutlet will be given-rr The Life Interest of a person aged 6-2 years, of and in LOT f. 1 A LL that MESSUAC5F5, TKNLMPNT. and LANDS, called TVODYN Y I.LI 1)1- ART, otherwise TY M A WR. situate ia the plio of in (ft.aid county, now or in III e h.f>ldinr or Robert Roberts, and cou- 34*; {>r. 23p. qr thereabouts 1tu.cl,)rh.r," in Lease f«>r the Life of a W«tn*n,sged «baut T6 >esrs, ai the yeart, Rent of £ i0. ■ ■ ft-■■ TOT II. All that MF.SSUAGIi, DWELLING noust ahlj LAN^DS, called PEN Y GKOK^, suwatt heir (He above Premises, iu the parish of Llan- feclxeH aforesaid, and coutauiing 6. 2r. 4p. or thereabouts. These Premises are la Lease for the Life of a Wooittii, aged altout 68 years, at ibe yearly Reut ,PI,XS v-i .<• v LOT Ill. ■ All ihose several QUILLKTS, or Pj KCES of LAND, wiih the Dwelling Houses and Garden, called T W LL OU, in the parish of Llaithadrie, in I a said county, coiMainioi; U. Jr. ,'j9p. or thrreabeuts, in the hold inll or Win. Griffitb and John W iiliarosj aiT41414016 frpni yeer t The Teuan.s will shew <be Preini«ei, atid for further particulars, apply to Mr. R. PmcnAnn, Solicitor, Llwydiarth ISsjob, Auglesey, where a* Survey thereof may be seea. 4JO^OOO/. Bloiiey. '.19th of NEXT MONTH, (FEBRUARY) T. BISH, OF the Old State Lottery Offices, 4, CORN- HILL, aad 9. C'HARING CROSS, Loodon, respectfully rediinds hit best trienda the Public, Y ic thikt itio State Lottery begins 19tb of NEXT MONTH, "(February) when the First Two Prizes will eacb be entitled to £ 2(y,QQU Money, over and above any other Prize that may attach to them. The Scheme coutaioi the uuuiuai bum. bet of Seven 5^20,000 Prizes, In Mdqey and Three per Ctnts; a the ar- rangements made by the Contractors, notwith- standing several thousand Tickets will he drawn Jha JFirst Day, all the Blanks, which wfH-lie Br»wh that Day, will be aK»i« put into tfre Wheel and become thi rattie a.9 if they had itoi beth dratpn; consequently, every Ticket purchased !>«•' fore the Dra^iog commences, will have the ad^ ?J*o»ate seldom, if ever, before offered^ as man) will be drawn three differelh I timei tb* -r, efore,, w,. Number tiiiiy be drawn a jt'20,000 First Day-or I(. Blank that <lay, tthich, in tht-usual-mad* "f Drawing, would'b« quits decided, may, urn the-: Hfecond Day, bess*; J&20,000 Rrise^{.ejflir having, btforemtiUi»ne4, £ tawn or it may be drawn First jDaj i Blauk^ jfcoad Day a Blanki and yet, "n the TfiifdJ" f ourth, or "Fifth Days, a X20,009 Prize; or. "l,se Blaiik, are dfa<*u,'<Ae hblders'fiavv soma ttietks altowed ih^n to/ipake i^rtuin Prizii of tbtmf if they chopse lo «i»« up '»heiric;fiit#ir»i ^or t've CapiitaU aud othtfr Prizes. v:i t particulars of the Scheme are toft long to eiiupneTate iD a„ Advertisment 5 but" ihef iiiiy Pt bad (gratis) a( BISH's Offices, or of the following Agents, wt)ert Tickets awl iJharea are bow Selling in variety 0f Nuui- hers.. [ Poole Harding, BooIcsellcrSj Q U A:. EL r A R V ten, D. Evans, Journal Office, Carmatt/i^ v| ;• J*00U Harding, Buokseller-s, Cheslet '• "I TV, nird. Post Office, Cardiff » J. Potter, Bookseller, 'Maverffrdtfesf'■■■■> j B. Jonss, Bookseller, Nantvoich 1- M .J, Barclay, Bookseller, Pembroke^" F. Fagg, Printer, Swansea jft. Jone*. Cheesemonger, Shrewsbury) Mrs. Tyei Bookseller, Wrexham.v f 111, the very' |,jsi Lotu ry,: BjtSfl shared and Sold IS.564, a Prisse of 5379, a prize of £ 10,000, ant) se*ers>l other Capitals and he also sold several Cap'i fornier Lot- teries, drawn on tberabova princ 'I 11, No, 4,367, the first number, which was a Blank, *nd sabsequently, in ttie same Lottery, a £ 20,000 Prize 111 ■■■; 1 I WILLIAM GRIFFITHS, of Baog^r, Lar fc bourer, do acknowledge that I have told an untruth on Messrs. Robert Hugbes, Evao Evans, and David ob therefore I call my words back, and pay the penalty of Five Shillings. WitneM my hand, t; Tbe, of. Wiuuiu GRIFFITH«. Witness,, | Hugh Jones, j John Andrews. j CARNAR VONSIURE. COUNT Y*WOB&S. TO CONTRACTORS. Notice is hereby Given, rflHAT the BUILDING of CAENANT JL IHHlJG$i' tt»s the parish of Penmachno, and tbe repair'iiig' «»f'100 #rds of Road1(flpon each ill# of Piint y GWYRDD Bridge* in the said C(>UA/y» »'!• be to the 16we^ Bijilder; ra|. an Quarter Sessions -of -the Peace !to be holdeb at Betiws y' Coed, in the sal^oofiofy. bit* We'dihesda' the!4th day of Feb. 12 d'clocki at-nptiq,I Tb*i?la« and ^,ppjciflcaflon of the Work1 may t«*ee»^at *;h* ,Gterk,o^ the Peace's Office, to Csrnarvon. outi further^^partiqulstrs may b6 knowp upon applicatioB to Mir,. John Jones, County -Sit rirejoLr..IlAki.irgr- The fpo^trafJ9r or Con^r^ciors must b« pre* wi(brw.o; sufflcLe,nt Sureties, to enter into a Brtrfd. in tloub1* ike :*?!?"»' contracted «\ c m pletn the work.,and .perform the contracts RICUARO A. POOLE, Clerk of the-Peace.. Castle Sqtiare, Carnarvoai ,<To:,n£ J;OET, /THHAT MODERN BUILT HOUSE anil Jt SHOP, fate in the oeeupStictn of Mr. FUr Woollen DriPer. deceartd. /rhi* Hpbse is M the very cienrre of the Square, hill .i aI'lie lucrative trade of the town and Ihin. piojc. *nd frontiae tM opea space where the Markets awl Fairs "afe held, "and wMbin. > fg w doors of the Goat Inn, where thft Mail and se ttral other Coaches stirt daily. This is an o^»r rarely to be ibet w-it:h. and a most. ad»«Qteg»asts opportunity for any parson wisliittg to «mbarJc in Busloe««. The Shop is fitted up wttb every convenience" foir an •*tensive 'ifad*. Q the House well finished and adapted for Lodgftre.- Th« Hivu.e conststi pf t»o;kiichen«, a watetvoif.s*, aod |ce!lar bei«>w t latge .do«ble-en*fli«re<l 'a, shop, parlour, and dOldon Rfoed floor, rw()"bèdtol)?I.nrl'D-c..Ue"( drawing room, 'c;o.èràáod:ô-t a view of the .Gastle, Shipping, wjih romantic views of Wood and Mountain Scenery on the firat floor a-double• bedded rootll, ami two good :bcid rootm* on the second floor, ikiry uilies. Further particulars to be had of''MTs,"FLB-. MING, Carnarvon< IF by letter, post 'P*^DI Thit advertisement trill not be continied. T TNFAILING SUCCESS, ilur!n?/a.period U of ONE HUNDRED YKARS,h^ fu.Jly cs- tabiish^d the elceW'iee Of 'BARCLAYS' ORI- (jlNAL OINTMENT io it;* cure of ihat dis- :Iil agreeable disorder, the ITOH, whicb it never fails to effect in ONli HOUR'S APPLICATION. ThW safe, %peedy, "d effeclual J1* been in ^enarisl uaeJor upwards of one huntirea ytars, without a single Instance of its < f ed to cure the mott inveterate cases, ?' "Hf?,??* contain the smallest particle of Mtfcury, or ny oilier daiigerona infredlent, and used by persons of the most dtticafe cons tint ion. THE I'UBL10 ARE REQURSTEOTOBK ON THEIR GUARD AGAIN COMPOSITIONS SOLD AT aad 10 obverve, that none can genuine unless the Names of H1* BARCLAY AND SONS, are«ngra*ed on the Stamp affixed to eaeb Box: grejt dagger may j •rii* from tls neglect of this P*u .• wholesale and retail by BA»ctAV aM Sojs, ( the only successors to JicKSPf 95, Fleet-Market Lfocfon, price I*. 9i. duty in eluded 1 and by their POOLE AND HARpING, CaRftARrpif =

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