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Family Notices


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v ILOn1JOn, TUESDAY E vENING\ JANUAR r 20* I PRICFW STOCKS. I 3 pev Ct Cons.S9f 1)6 f a H9 I 4 *>" Ceotl- ,0lf In* £ > ««n EX. Bill* (2d) 58p. tomunierte the news of the death of Victor Emanuel, the abdi- cated King of Sardinia. His two sisters were married to the two brothers of Lows XVI. These journals aremostly, ,filled with diicusiioni on the diftolBtjpn af the Chambets and the new elections. The journal des Vebats, replying to statements in tome English papers of ^warlike preparations by France, contends that their Government is pacifically dis- posed. The Spanish traitor Morilid has ,è left h!| own country, and »« arrived at ryl Kochfort. There is nothing new from Madrid but some accounts from Bay^ oiine describe Spain as demoralized and wretched beyond description. The Turk, ish Ditan, it is said, has de term in eil-to send thd Grand Vizier to the Morea, to act against the Greeks. GREECE. An article from Odessa, of Dec, 20, says, that a-ccording to letters from. Constantinople of the loth, the Divan* after having been occupied three weeks in discussing the measures to be taken as;t,n,st the. Gr,Oksl sqenis to have decided that the Grand viziershall go in person to the Morea with very extensive powers. But it is feared that this reso- lution, when made public, will cause great alarm among the lower class of peo- ple, it being well known that the Grand Vizier never leaves the Capital but in cases of extraordinary danger. Should a he go» it is supposed that the Capitan Pacha will succeed himf Lord Stra&g- ford's inlf-uencc seems to be increasing; biit the ilatended expedition ofthe English .Fleet- ageiallt Tunis, whichj for these has rendered the Porte ptan^9€rfices, loaves but small hope, oTcitie ''WH*»o»r* M. Min* wilt aufely be at Constantinople u ry, to ta b before of January, to takfe Uptfft the functions of Consuls.— j^jr ^ad left that city. Pro- ceeds lhe Morea without an army, j it ij plai» that the Vizteir can be under-; stood to g°t. only *n the character of a The? uegociations, if the Portfe be' stncere» cannot be encum bc-red, p6ttez, i 11 with dilficulties. The Greeks ht to !$.W proposition which shall' ie* th#m. P65#e"W- of ife #«•«• a0 ,1,ll|nP*i,fcd military and fpice and they, ought Qot to listen 0y terms without these conditions, .t0 *.her words they ought to sacrifice Ml Ot»e every lhipg Pe,ce> but lhc power of defea^m& themselves. Allttêr dated from Rio Janeiro Nor. 6, has-been receited in the cityt n0ancing the important facts that the tJfljper°f P«dro •ffeeted a counter* refQltffo* by ^he di"^tt«on of the relo,, tional .C,nge"; and that h. had foU l0W«d up thi# usorP^on of tyranny by the dep^tatli>n of SBchof «s were ^8ed to h^i!ew9- TH A»ltimate Purpose of thi> violent step is not assigned, nd ihft details of the affair communicafed f"tbc Rio letter are far too scanty to ^rdanyfroood^reaso^ "V The coast blockade^ under the com- ma„4 »nd judicious management of Caj>t. Ifiri. WCulloch, of his Majesty's ship Ramilies, has been so far effectual .n the m prtTeoUoo of tmuggling,witbin tha p rea trictto which it hal hitherto been co"- fined, that it his been determined to ex- East and West, io as to include the whole of the Isle of Sheppey on one side, imd 10 the Westward at fan-as Chi>< Chester, which ad ditio.nal. !ine. coasl will be divided into three districts, and thtte istric be officered and manned in the same man- ner as the three districts are at present\ which wiU call into that service forty I Lieutenants, three Surgeons, six Assist- ant Surgeons, three Pursers, aud nearly 1800 men, «' addition to the number of tlumver,o officers and men already employed., se TObllQW Ú Jani Jlotiett6w&n. commanding the Ee^tern Pyrenees^ has been authorised by his: Excellency the vliiiister oar, tD Send into the Dc-, partment of the Arridge and th6 Ande several regiments belonging to tfae Diyi. sion of Kest-rve.

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