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I A N ECDOTE.S OF SPORTING. Ft urn. an Uss«9* pn Hiding to Hounds, in the Sporting Magazine of the present Month, by the celebraltd NiMkoi). WHEN we come to reflect, it is astoBishiflghow WHEN we come to reflect, it is astoBishiflghow r. of the oumber that ride over a ■country, are hurt by falls. A good story is fold uu this snlijoct, of a tmrd-ridhig whippet in, who "ad had a great matty falls iu. his tiuio, but was never butt io any "ixt them. One unlucky day, however, his tioese fell with bilD, and, rolling him as a cook would a pie- crust, nearly flattened air th-a prooiinepres of his body. Getting up, and limping eitter tiifu, he was heard mattering to himself— Well, now I bo hurt! There ia a picltireat Mr, Ct)rOext's, tit Still- ooini, Shropshire, of the famous I)i)tn Moody, iphea whipper-in to Mr. CLtilde. lie is sented in the act of falling Viver soma high park- railings, and at the same lime giving a view-hal- 100 to It fox that was sinking before Ills hounds. This, most of our readeTi are awarei is the IDan who, whet) he WUI 01110 WAS earned no the ehofrh-yard by six earth stoppers, who, In his request, gave thrc.c,ullUg view- halloos'* over his giate, It asked who it was that hod shown the t;re,«tu»t couteiu[ii t*>r the con**quinces of a bad fail, that ever v.atne under ruy observation, I Should have no.hesitation It ia it was a gen- tleman of the name of Stanhope, who was on a vigil to Sir BeJIiitgham Uiah%<rtj' wl)cii he hunted the A (r\.tlnl"(/,ur:f;1H1'ilr)?'fiJ"h. Fnda), bis horse tril will, Sum, and biMffti res shoulder, tint nothing was I)rtikwft r cH'ila!d, thie (;1I1I'elueuce was, lie came <Aii on the li»lloi( iug Monday with his arm in i stille. We rlluml r, fix iii,-ttijt ritivy,t I)art- i)'( I;ir Bet- lin;bu>«'s Leicectei'ihttv country, and killed him in httcftt miiiutes, rinfmg *#:hii-h Mr.-iianhil-pB Wat in a very good place. 141,vitiv.ifatl tile ufe of tii<-eiing him it Sit. 114" 111-1)14]&Ql V' l asked him it he diet not iind ir:*«ry awtkward to nde wiih oillv one trand, wlien he a stured m^he found little difficult), wiih the horse he wiii thin rid- ing, as -e was o very loinpitrate, ami had never fiveu hint a (411. 1, That is dangero-os 10 boast or," -Ii jd I to-hilll; and lleie the conversation ended. We found another fox, and had fine rua of an hour ami leu minutes with hiiii-, and killed him. About the middle of it, we came tea tirook, which we oil (>{ well over, wiih the ex- cepiiou of Stanhope, who, unfoi luuately pitched upon a turn in the bank, and die.iaiiiing to look, did not clear if#, and bis iwr. t threw him wiiti ..Cfeaki violence 00 the opposite Iide., I saw him lying on the grooiMl. apparently as dead as if he had beeii shot at VVaterioo hut also ■observing a particular f.r.jend of Ii. 2<4 w /ll us the hu'u'swan with him, and being aware 'that I could rcuder him no fyrthrr a.ssisiauee, 1 )(d not pull uplny horse hat f nudertto.'d Hi., upward* of tiv inuiutes..lie.)ore tie sh«wrd signs ot returning ani illation. On get ting bark; to Sir rliellintcbam's tiouie- having been tihiode^ at Ill. w necessary me a sin es re I ak <»si, and "the doc tor won Id fa in ha-se persuaded that finne rilis ttfottft). cough, and .two..or ibrte Cllher.,¡\!r-l":fI' .Ct'up,lo,f¡¡ch iiii iltfistead a <ScUtii! ^po'h«>carj: hot hel¡lf¡}a¡,1 such inimla-llllllt, and .f>s.uied h.im fie .,[01101:),'(1 be well in a few d«>s ai/tl the. Qtiora liomidJi'rVnr- • in* within rea§h ,Oil the .following TtJ Orll);, J, he Weutlll ini:cl ilivi, still having his arm in a slitig. i- J" IlIlhe <vnur#-» 1,)( IhJ¡ day's «pr>rt, some of th« part*; '1111011,1: whom wat-Mr. '!al)hop"'9 got imo Ii cortirr />< 1, ¡;jll. ;:111': wyt e .d, SVlvat it not ,vcr> .iisi^i.t^in.ih.tt couiiir.vj'.vne oT i.ii'e r lirfeis ill EI,tl 0.111 ¡1Stl ;.fI''¡J; ;¡íil',(\'ti'hnr iiU d wit. trying fo (iiiU jnwii rf.ie IIh. io. 1 'of rails, wti'<j> did' not otfwrwite "I>i)..à-r hie. V me ts-.Jv'»i!tl- Ke*?Sfwutiope t am on a good Tlf^ s'-qeei w:t) he rode at I,, aitd got- a tretsnvlou* t*'f <)•> «?r;wg. hiiir-lviwg- on i).« gf'iiubd-, I fix Beiiingba«» rode up to fcfua, and ¡¡..i<-Í, -N«w;- ,riht«Jl what, ^tamhopf'. you are *«orwf- fUW, by (i.^d ,,11" r¡¡¡ ¡!rid •nil rn, O > to L-I?I »t»-r, self rour ,tn,jn>v.a ns. (|'i-ek it.. !tFf l.t« f'tenil\ advic' i, "arty M' Htavi.. suit f-oioi) <nir tint he > r-ibs hr.'Aco, and. bis b»^»si--boh-» bea'tn m I T»m«, we mas ais.:». sav, i* not a had sort n' a ui<K to brefi. lroi;n; ",Oid be nex! to nstnie 5 atwl 00 ih^ibt Iher h j great deal in Jeun>u-i! to tumbling, or Grimaldi would 11.1> 1 rv,r> bon- i» hts, bod) lon«f ago. Mr.-My ass ned ni» he had up want's Of;a' ho'ndred --tal-i*- m ,e «^asQv ;■. V'.d "hen T wa« last af his houne, he li<sd a. g'S t" !l 1' coach tioijse which' i>ad beeti (:ul'r three five bar-• Ted ut."Thr. tns escapes out of carriages would a en'ertair.ios vo- ititite, it, is onl) thdl he 11 ;¡J¡\I: to relate I'heftL A 't fj r ii'l::tte will srnrcriy s'op hirtb.(oi th*. fiond■: Asd ovr tin* country, the n^s^^ho^d have a paten' for tlie fence fbat will [jiiiid —.particular!Jt afief a l'rench breakfast. Thi kios't' aiWrult part of ritiisic, toh.(Illnds is, facing a brook but before I proceed to say .any thing on that stibjeet-gene*a;:lly,.I SIIHII men- tion one which the kaliati' rider I have jilot I)ettl speakfng of leaped, I bloo(l. on his return Proin hunting with-his own bounds in Shropshire. It oieasured a little more than seven )ards in the clear 5 but the space covered In the leap was nine yards and a quarter, from one hind foot to Ihe Other. Being at "his house at the time, V saw it mea- Inrt," the, neit moniiiigj in the pte-^ence of seve- ral other sporting men; Tfiis Isitraprdiiui y leap: (as I observed before, scithoui; t]i,e p.tesenee of hounds5) was la'icef-w'by-thateatra«ril'nary horse liftrdnet w-hose narrte-mtis-t-446 fa^n.Wiar^, to y.awr readeis, from his exnloiia having beeu so often Teeorded-in print. Some years -,since,, Sir- UXCL"td,kifn to clurorne yards over hurdles piaeert at some -dis- tance from e»oti ort»«r. bar^e performed taik so often witt^ biflQ. before, the apppiiited time, that lie refused the leap then, ami lost his mas- ter's money. ^Baronet is a mjaa-lodSitig horse, with only iMie eye ? but nstiira has btade"amends for ttiat by gi*ing;tiim more tbaa one iifit, or^p, would iierei have survival thf last sevelirfyear* which. h« has been m Mr. Mjtton's potieession. Me may be said to be as stoat as steel; and if there was rank among brutes, this Baronet should have been raised to the Pttrage. Mr. Myttonbas. no doubt, put the powers of the horse to the lest as maich as any man in Eng- jig land, Or apy other citantry and it is a com- mon answer to the question whether snub a felice ia practicabfi.Jthat it would do for Mytton."— In Lord. Bradford's Park, svhen he hunted the Shiffnal country, he clurecl one of his Lordship's dcer-hurtMes^ upwards of six feet high and what it more surprising, he covered the space of eight yards at the sama time. This was accomplished on a horse called The Hero, which he purchased of me for 500 guineas, and was the same that leaped the gate with him io Mr. Jellicoe's gronuda in Shropshire* the height of which wee seven feet. I have possessed, better brook. jumpers he would always make a trifling stop at them, but he was the highest leaper I ever was master of ia my life, I am sorry to hear that Mr. My ttoo forgets the goqd advice of the hard-riding Northamptpolbire Baromet, and is getting out of form to. ride, sod Dot to keen about hunt-ink aa he has bitbarto been. 10 the language of the (table, he throws up tlffth so fast, tbat he will be 100a too heavy. I Tie folltiwing tnterhting particulars respetting John Thurtbll, are extracted from 'a pamphlet just published by Piorce Egan, ênlitJed" Me- rnoirt of John ThHrtell.> SECOND INTERVIEW WITH THURTfiLL FRIDAY, DEC. J, 182S.; About an hour after the trial waa adjourned, t I again went to the gaol, and was admitted;— Upon entering the yard, the prisonera who were walking up and down retired, and Thurtell, who saw tue at a small distance, left the fire-side, where lie wal suiuking his pipe, caine out of the room to meet me, olTeriug bit strufT box, to take a pinch of snuff. Thurtell.— I am very tiad ff) via ou., ilierce Fg-%U; but 1 was sure you wouldigive me a call 1 before ) og returned to London. è, I Egu- Y CA. 1 have kept my promise and I aQil happy to say, that now, in consequence of 'his adjournment yon will have ptenty of time i)rgl)nrc for plllr trial. 5 Thurtel!.—Yes, I shall; but I s»as sure they w°old put it otf ( they could not dofotberwlse.— I expected to have seen more ber^ons, I assure you. I recognise j lots of the family people." — (Smiling.) yon approve of the exertions made by your Counsel. j Th,ortell.Chitly was excellent, but Aodrewa Avas fine. His language was so ,Jod.'UtIH he carried his point with the Judge, Here is my defence (takiug a long roll of oiamtscript out of lirs pocket,) I will fnd a fe#scntence> to you, for your approval. K-I sfioald like to hear it. pi'burtill then read to me several detached pans of his defence, wit-h strong edipbasis, ob set viug surb a p)no)cewet beaatiful," another was 11 fine." and a third very good."J But I think, said hr, I had better read the whole of it to you, and if yon can assist me to improve it, I shall Itel greatly obliged to you, as ( have more nerve than ability. Write to Mr Fenton, Aus- tin-frinis. If you teud any fetters to me here, ttivy will be opened. E- II any ihiug occurs to me, tending to yoltr ativalif Isee, 1 will, without delay, comaauuicate it to yowr solicitor. Thurtell thttt read the wbole of hie defence to me with great animation; but when he came to the passages which spoke of tbe piety of hie mother, and the universal good character of his father, bin thngde faultered, aud b^ put up his lianfl to Wille h,. ejes. Indeed/ he was very much afFc-eHfil 1 and I partook of his torrow knowing hllnUiHla citcttttt-itanctt ofa very dif- ferent description, K — Y-oe have not-seen your father and mother for these tws or three years-past, t wppose ? Thin tell—O, yes; I have (giving a deep sigh) it is.1101 seven week* art) Sioce I dined with thew at Norwich, in company with Mr. Jay, Illy '&o- licitor, at my fathei's house. E —Since you have been at Hertford, your father has not been -to nn: you, Mor itoy of vour relatives, base they TfÚlrltlll- No, no j I could nnl,"e. m, father. My feelings would not permit me Itodifhewlis I come to thai pste (.pointingj to it,} would not see him. I coul^not atifl I should orfier the turnkey »ot t(> attnuit htm. t saw mi brother •Torn, yesterday i 1 bit was (juite enough for my feeliw»s to unde'go. I wonder what he has been -layiuf; o! b«t he has no nerve, poor fellow He ha* no strength of-wind. E—Duriik-int 11 n» I hurt^H wis re.Bding Kis -ulefence^and ;walkii»g up.^nd tiown ilje yard, I oh- '"veil in ii.ioi, -'1 hai; his-ir/>iif. were very heavy, and must be vrry (1 ouhlt-some to :h Thurtell — N o, u<> tbet d<"> IIOJ opera la on inj Trvf* tig^s the ilijlj flung ?>.»i dtiagreeubte lo me, i,. being lorkeilVj) io far|y as t>ve:oYioek in the evening. But Wilson ii a tender hearted, worthy telfcw yet he does his duty like a man; '( and no party csrn iiod fault wiih hihi^ E—I »;ii glad to hear you aie so well trestedf and-l't»r.pk- yim wifl-b'e isbie to niake it appear all I'igni" *t your trial/' ». ■ Thurtafl —I (bali: only waat two, of ay *it- n.Hr,'cHf)¡\Je forward, and tf they bare any wife at wll, I sholl,gtit through iti blar- 'ing -'tbat'-a -uiurder jba'd in the uVtgbbdnrhooii, <jo you think I sbiiutd he such < ¡ ioolt-if Hiad been guilty oif it,-to have bad ,k bill in my pockety and a Pill(li Alm"wt me I-had been shooting soute bird', and the 'Mood ahont diy wttijfcoat pocbet-was fTuia lb»t.$.ircua«tanca ajOoe. E—I sincerely hope, Tbu-rtell, you will be able to vubitantiate, m the proper place,, what you now assert to he the fact. ThjirieH— I would not attempt to impose on you ruthe tlijtlÙut dl!r;r.se, I, did not Cfxnmit the oiurdtt. J declare soleuinly to my God, (Iayiiic hold of my band fond poiuting to the sky ) I ft id- not commit it. I repeat to you, (with 5'eat auimaiion,) by the GreatGon AriMiGtiTY, be to 1 e whom, perb»pi. I »ball appear it» a short time, I did 1101 tainniii it. But ultimately, I sappoie, I shall be convicted and if so, it shall sappoie, I shall be convicted iiiii it so, it shall all come out It is hke iny li^htand my left hand trying to hang me (iudigbanl beyond de- scription,) two illeh contemptible, cowardly ras- I cals wretches 1 Probert and Hunt a disgrace tia.itiankind. But during my triat list), 1 will hit that Probeit to death. I will out such questions to him llrobeH has been, tried for sheep-stealing, I can prove j, hope to Got) you will b» able to clear up your character. Thurtell—Proberf is one of the worst men aliv, t Ilenl him money to prevent hint from starving in.gaol and when 1 seijt to him the other day to get a in return, when I kntf. he had received five sOveieigns, helenl like two shillings a »nn(F-boX which I, dashed upon the ground, anif had seut bni;k to hiui. He it such a h^d'oiaii. otlllrmllt, wtetch, that I can. not keep my temper when 1 speak about hun. )oil out of money, Tburi¥||J Can ThllrltrU.( Sloppiô, tue, and whispeiinc; into my ear.) Gob hlQiI you, No I But if CHid, that wretched illrobart., would not have advanced /my to have kepi me from starving. E—Did yon speak to either of them in Court 5 or o" leaving it'? Tiluriell-i',to 8P«»'E 'o 'hepi indeed 5 but there are two more h rogues, —— and that ought to be diVtiUle slanged iiere; and so they' should he, if 1 thought u would not prejudice me upon a>y Hial. Thtv, too, have used me rascally. In fact 1 da Dot know who to trust. I have one or two persons call upou me, and ask tne questions that 1 did not |,ke;- Some- thing like a plant upon me if notj J dt»«ot know what they coatd do it for. E—I hope you will now make the best use of your time, as you have an «>pportubify of con- sulting: jour friends for a month t(i c,o(ne, to Col-, lect all your witnesses necessary to your defence. Thortell-I shall. But do you th I would have passed, so much Hole in this place, if I-bad beeo glliU) No; I would not have lived a week 1 would have cut my tliroat (putting his hand across it) 1 am not afarid of death, j-bvut. I- am anxious for my. family. What have they suffered ou my account (sighing) E—Yes Of coar*e they must he: afliicted indeed. A. you thought time necessary, I an glad Judge Park yielded to the arguments of your Counsel, ThurttU- Yu, I feet much indebted to my I con' ne and particatarty to Mr. Andrew, I but t should have preferred "Holroyd for my Judee h" aticka to the legal thing so much } he will h. points for hi. deciaion. If the Judge attacka me for asy attachment to eporting, and bits me too hard (with great warmth), I ahall repeat to him that if I have erred in these thinge, half of ibe nobility in the land have-beom my examplea, and some of the most enlightened afatesmen in the country have been my companions in them. E Let me beg of you to cooduct yourself with patience and moderation during your trial. Thurtelt.It is my intention so to do. But my enemies assert I committed this murder for the aa e o money ) Icoulll hue plenty of money to let lip mbusiness to morrow, if I wanted it. Mr. Springfield was my first overthrow; because t Ti^i K-n'U 4" wr'K {o °,her creditors, and give him an undue preference. ''—Should I meet with Charles Pea rson is ha*e *ou au> taesaage for ine to deliver ,Th'*r*•— » tell him I should wigh to sec ri^ri « *m 't is imt*o,ssible. Poor ^ar#on *ho«r.d have l,iIced mnrhr to 3 ■ *1'(n ^,>r iiy solicitor,,bejsrites »o finely h« i/>B IT *■ Hi# jatjgnage. is beautiful 9 nc u. a waudvrful clever felloW L-ReeolN*i,*Fotu*tietM,tei very soott s take my leave of you, whether I ean do any thine 15 for you in town or country. Thuriell-No, nothing at$r«|f«t. Bat (with great asperity) I must repeat ta you, that the conduct pursued by Barber Beaumont towards me has been Critel. nay. Mnmauty. I never had any intention upon bit life. The most barbarous lies have been told1 about my bringing out my air- run to kilf him. It is true$have killed several bullocks with it shot them dead in all instant but 1 have never bad the most distaut inteutiou of utinc: it against a human being. E I aID sincerely happy, Tfturtell, to hear you siake this assertion. I, Duua now bid you good bye. f'hurtclf— (Following me to tbe gate, and tak- ing up the chaiD, and knocking against the lock), I'll show yoe the way to get out. Do not (shak- ing me by the hand), forget to tell all the persona that know me, I au) ii>-good, health and apirita. Come (taking out his b,)x), have a pinch of aunfF before you gn. Don '¡ be long before you call again. The gate opened, and I bade him farewell j and rejoined Mr. Haitser in the lobby, who at that instant was also leaving Hunt. Mr. Harrae* v ani I than returned to London.

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