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LONDON. Corn Exchange, Monday, 0»e. 22. The arrival I.f If'heat' and Ftuur during the last week was, on the whole, moderate —of ths fur- mer, 5979 quarters, arid Flour 8000 sacks. This morning the show of W/teat was i-alhi-f large from Essex. Kent, and Su ffnljc, and in the early part of the day the to [era rdy' brisk; a(únadva,¡ceo,f Ira»" 3s. to 4i but toicardv the ctoie of the market this was scarcely supported, especially as it was then fully understood that Flour zoould continue at fast week's priet. Barley, if fine meets a brisk sflleand is frarn I s. fo 'is per qua-ter dearer.. Beans also conuwmri rather bitter prices. Grtff Pease are a trifle higher and ff Idte have advanced from Is. to 2s.: pei- qitqrtcr. Tkuuth- We have had a good supply of Outs since this, day upwards of IT,000 quarters —from our own coast and Ireland, ,r¡d.ntwulg (I good demand, last wealds prices arefully supported. In other articles their is no variation to notiqe. Wheat—white 46s a 5Ss Barley 26s a 33s malt 52s a 5f>s Pease.UvuV. 36s a 42s Oats —Potatoe. 24s a 29s -Pot 3 24s a'2(JS < ■ -1eed. 19sa2j># PR icv, Pi,ou R. Town made Flour '50$. 55s per sfk delivered- -Essex,-& Stv%T(Ylk Fid«r 4<ls 45s on hoard ship 45, Bran. 9^ JOs per quarter Fine' Pollard.14s »8s ditto New Rapeseed, ^25 tb £ 26 0s. per Last PRICE OF BRKAIl THIH WEEK. Peck loaf FO weigh I7lh 6oat Half ditto ditto 8lhli<« Qliartern loalllittø 4th 5õa- Half quartern db- 216 ? loa The highest pr-fce )r,the,. besl JUealen Bread itt the metropolis, is stated Iiy the principals Baker* I* be Nirte-petice the Quartern Loaf. SMITHF1ELO. MonoI^ D^ SMITH'FfF,r.O,'M<r"iDw'¥. Di" 2':<" The ,.umbç"Æ.f feasts turned out P" the arrivals, for to,day's market, ct)nsl<!$,)i!ilh MJ- ceeding Hie demand, we a,,) u(, r,t t.&,i v Stj-f this 'morning, and cannot qif-te higli r than 4s. for the,- sorts. Ihe supply of Sheey on the other hrtnd, it vef.y -iimittdsi th, wants of our and; theirs is ^bi ron^qo nee or no variation.since l(ift week.; Veo,l and Pork. also continue its'on this Any se^nnight. To sink'he aflTal-^oer stoui-«>f 8!t»s. Bee/ 3s 0d fo4* *>d f Peal. 3S 8 i't„4* 8<| Mutton..2s 4d /»>3s4d i PorJc.gs 4 t(; 4S Set Head o> t.-it'U -its • Beasts,about 2689 Ca ves.91. Sheep. .y; 13510 I Pigs. J70 RAW U IDES. Best Heirersarld steer; per st 3s Od to 3s 4d Middls. 2s Sd. t6 2s I I) d" Ordinary 2s 4d to 2s 6,1 Market call each 8s Od 1 Eng.Hoi se 0s0d to Od PRICE OF HOPS fnem.Mag^ *■ Kent.. 01 Sussex. Os to 91 oi i¡ New Pockets, ■ Kent SI 0ii ti Wt Os o II/. Ot Sussei 71 f)g a 8- 0s <1 8: 15s Essex ^7'. 10s a Si' 8s a 9: 95 PR1CE OF LEAT111;R. 50/o 56lhs each per Jb 22d to 2Sd Ditto, 56 to 661 bs eaC.tr. 24(i (nVad Merchants' Hicks V _(j Dressing HideS' y. i :i. IS I to 20d Fine Couch Hides, 21.1/o 22d ,Crop Hides, 35 idibihx for cittlinz.. Is-I 19(1 Ditto 45-ifo 50ibs I Calf S-kins St) to 401hs Ditto 51110 701 fls, 24.-1 'to 27d Ditto 70 <o 8()lbs Small Seals (Greenland) 18d la 19<| Large,ditti) -.lad to I Sd PRICE O.F TALLOW. To,vh Od Yellow Kossia ,.S6s 0d —s 0d Whi'e ditto ■ .is 6it — s Od Soaji ditto; ..32s 0<l—s 0:1 Mel'in? Stuff, ,:JOs {}¡I, Od Ditto Od Graves 4; 0,t ■ Pal Hi ■ Curd; -Sfis-mi-" Good Dre^s .> Ca Od Price of Candles per d»z 8 6.J-\Joullf8 ?()s nj Cd i)tf doz. aliuwcd fur reac,) 'm c ary.


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