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Family Notices


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'I., I SHIPPING. PORT PCSRUYJ,, BASGOR Ar- rived, Elizabeth & Jane, Brothers, Snipe, Acorp,and Berkeley Castle pleared out, Hopewell,Union,Vine, Be-s-i, Juliana, Amlwch, Betties, and Harry, all with slates. BeAUuAArrived, Princess Amelia, Jones; Sarah, Evans; Rayen, DaleHopewell, Thomas; Wellington, Parry -Ann, Roose; Resolution, Letnen; Hannah, Maddock Hope, Thomas; Providence, Williams; Fame, Botham; Brothers, Hughes Strah, Jones Eliza, Ellis; Friendship, Eilis Aurora. (Jriffilhs;, Valiant, Thomas, Samson, H(igt.ies Eliza, Roberts; Jane and Afice, Wjll^atBs r Juno,: Williams Wellington, Jop £ s$ Fating, Roberts and Eliza, Roberts. ,y..K ■, Cleared oMf,Lor^Nelson, Hodge Friends Goodwill, Hughes v ^lopewell, Davies Union, Jonel Beu, yioe,ria«.lehurst; Joliaoa, Jones; ^nd Ellen, Harris. CARN A nvos — Arrived, Lady Newborough, Owell; Queen Charlotte,, Jones i .Rose io June, Williams; Chester -grader, Jone* Six Bro- thers, EvansSarih,,Es!aii8 .Princess Amelia, Jones; Boadicea, j'oues; Foryd,Williams and Pentir, Davies. > Cleared out, British Quegn, Willianw^ VenOs, Jones At)t), Piirry Rober-u; Jo boy Lloyd; Margaretta, Hew/it; and Mioervn, Wil- iiams. ■; MILFORD.—Arrived, Elizabeth, Barns, from Iptwich; Waller, Ilaonsy,, front Bahia Cum- berland, Wills, "from SubiiHe and. Hippocampi, Tessiier, from Valencia and Xalia for Liverpool; oh the 18th ulc. off Cape Maria, spoke, the Blnen, Eales, from the Brazils, out 36 ..rtays »-and his Majesty's packet Nepjituie, frooi^Falmouth. 150 mileswest of Lisbon j Hope, (lees, from Dm ctalk for Milford' Uratiio, Le Ci.n*q, from Gtrein- ney for Dublin Melclii)i)-urii, Richard, trim, Bristol for St. Michael's awl Shallow Revenue cutter, from a cruize. ABBRYSTWtrti.— .Itritnd. Margaret, Evans and 'Velitio, I)itvie from .Liverpool, with suis dries Peace, Edwards, from Cardigan, with sialted herrings,; Margaretta.Davies, from Flint; aud Ann and Eli'seabetl), Thonns, iroin Nea^port, coal Mary, Evans, from ihe lule of M^n and New Bee, Jones, from Dublin, iu ballast. RBCIPE FOR N'IAKTNG BTTTTKR CilUftNING.-Ptit iO tiff dish, let it stand twelve h<><]rs, pi fire until it is scalded, b.ut'0»t t > *,np r let it stand twelve hours, t»k" rg- th~ <■" nn- put it in a round eirtheii dish, fid it » wifh a c11':JO wfI,I,,o D')O", ',od it '7' "1' I,} battier in fiie or-o tiiit,"fes cannot he kep' ("(,),1[ d-fius jhe.UHe '?>u' stirring it. tti,, your dish into »nme cold water. As.«;»oo ss th*? hatter is so forward <hat y-M! CH;S tatfv fTa lltti" .buttermilk, keep putting in cold wv <i»^ wissh- ing the n)ilk ketj> your after it is scalded three or day-s.>h^'fore niiSc- iog your butter—i will not sii t t

,.''.._-.; •MARKET HERALD.;…



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