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7 To the tditdi- the North WMes Gazettg, SIR PERMIT me, through the medium of your Cam- briao priut, to address the Gentlemen who com- posed the Commitiee of the late V^enedocian Eis- teddfod, or Bardic Congrese, held ai Carnarvon, with a question or two —Can they assign any reason for not publishing » regular Report of the said Eisteddfod, similar to what has beec done in the other three districts of tbe principality ? Was there any thiog* in the Compositions seat to that Eisteddfod by the Bards, or the Prose Writers, (or at least those of them who were deemed which, was not meet for. publicity ? Did not the Committee acquit them selves honourably ioa warding the successful Can didates accordingr to proposals, merit*i and deter- mination ?TT-A« answer lo these few queries would give Crea satisfaction s many Catnhrians.bi'stde ,D4c. 19 th, 1823, A PO WYSIAN, Two, If^hineo meeitog one day, one of them inquired 0f the other if he had seen his friend Pat MuKphy I Jtelj ? for," said he, he has graven so tfiin that you would not know him at all; y<>u are thin, aird I am thin, but, by the Powers, he is tttir;ner than bolh of. us put toge- titer." His Majesty's IFAte, restoration to health it at. tribilied. i,Oti advertifed remedy, called Ring s Stomach Medicine," to which it is said, there are added certain dleteiie rules for Breakfast, Urn- ner,a»d Supper, as rhey ha velate I y been ibier-ed by lus M*jesty with stich sfgnal success. John Bull. i-,v:- MitroRoj DBC. 18.—The ketch Hope, o Southampton, Mason, master, from Barnstaple for his Majesty's Dock-yard, in this port, with qak plank, sailed ihence the 9ih uistant, was driven on shore on the I I (t, inst. at Fresh Wafer West, to-the southward of Milford Harbour, and toially .wrecked the, master, was unfortunately drowned loconleqftence of-the rope to which he had inafte fitit bteakiol- before he could be hauled out.of the breakers.. An army of the faith is oot » new thing m Spain. An army under the iame name was- Raised in 1737* to be tutployed in rescuing Gibraltar from the hand« of- the English- heretics. The Spaniards bad their arms consecrated. Count Las Tor*# (be Commander, and has staff, pea- farmed t^ws>ir;devotions in ehorcbes- of Madrid. w|ievre »0§Je. th.ou^dn o( cnasses were read. The image of ^t. Jago »a» carried to the camp. The NAScar k force of-the army was considerable, but alas, the faith Was, nol- stroog ^ntjugh to move the rock of Gibraltar.. •= Lord MausTield sent the Shrewsbury. Circuit and baling beeu asked to dinher.by the Mayor of the town, .his LwrdshiR ObseMiog an antique clock in the room, obsen-ed;, to the Mayor, 41 thai |ie^supposed$lr John eal-stair (ought by that clock, to whi§h the Mayor replied, He could ShdV liell, jqt Xhe had not the pleasure of knowing Sirftfrp'-Thort M^sfteld then, tried his host on aoofhef subject, and remarked, that the town -app dold"-to which ihe ,eikre Mayor replied, u if,««««> always so* please your L°ctSZ* E^TIKO.—Judge Bayley i. said to have lately stated, that one haM of tbe people of Scotland Ijve(I upon Luea-I and water if. the learned Judge, when he was last on the Northern Circuit, ttad penetrated beyond the Border he would have found that oo one viould have treated biatao uocourteously as to. give him porridge without milk. John Bull has oo notion ofwlul is of less solidity than the wing of. an,,ox but he supposes a Scotsman can eat anything. Of old, the country peopie used inafee aJ Ihey called dalls, for burning. Ifhese- dalls were made of a composition of saw dust, with the excrement of cows, &c. Ah I" said an Eoglishmao, as he passed a groupe w.ho were busy iu manufacturing them, must be coarse ta ing indeed!" PRKSBRVATION or CABBAGES,—The follow- ing method of preserving cabbages is adopted by Portuguese on board their ships.The cabbage is cut so as to leave abous two ioches or more of the item, attached to it; after which the pith, is scooped out to about the depth of an inch, care being taken not to wound or bruise the rind by this operation. The cabbage* are then suspend- ed, by means of a cord tied round that portion of the stem next the cabbage, and fastened, at re- gular Intervals, to a roj.e run across the deck,— That portion of the stem from which the pith is taken, being uppermost, is regularly filled with water efery^ujorning. The cabbage is thos pre- served ^esh during preity longvoyages. It may be inferred, the same mode of preservation might be extended l Winter cauliflower, brocoli, &c. Gw V HBD^iGip pt.—On the 8th inst. a numer- one comp an ymet at the Wooipack Tavern, Lon- don, to celebrate the annual festival of this 8()" ciety, by pMiakiflg of an excellent dinner, &c. The usual loyal and patriotic toasts and senti meats were given, followed by appropriate Soogsfti Ducts. &cv from Messrs. Smith, Parry^ Cartwnght, Evans, a"nd' Mbnden, with s^me capital i^entitHlOh Singing- With the Harp by .1 Messrs. J.- 6tifflil)t, Parry, Lloyd, Evans, Jones, JiOQeS, Robert, Thomas, and D. Edwards, tbc latter of whom was invested with the Society's Silver Medal, Which he had gained by bis su periority in the singing of penniilion, at a meet- ing of the 6 a on the let iOil., Among the toasts drank on the present occasion were—Sir Watkin Williains Wyon, and thanlts to. hiln for his very handsome present of Veni, son the Bishops of St. David s sod St. Akipb Lord Ken yon Sir Charles Morgan and the CymmrydilfioR Lord Clive and, Success to the Powys Eisteddfod, &C. &C.&C.—After the health of the visitors was given, J. Lt. W illiams. Esq. Barrister at Law, returned thanks, in a vey neai address, and concluded by giving Llieyddiant i'r Gtcyneddigion? The Chairmati returned thaokis in the English language, and the President Elect, Griffith Jones, Esq; in Welsh.—The company did oot separatfi-itntil a late hour;


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