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t ATTEMPT AT ASSASSINATLOM. Our readers will recollect that we alluded in oar last tor an outra'g* said to hlave heert com- mitted on the person of a Geuiiemah nSar Car- narvon, since which we have ascertained the fol- lowing particularsll appears that on the even- iog of Tuesday se'nnight, about eight o'clock, as W. Jones, Esq. eldest son of the Rev. H Jutres, of Ty-cochf was proceeding towards the stables, he saw a man on the and on demanding his btisin^ss, the villain disffiafged pistol, IIe ball "frotn whicfi passed through, the ht of Mr. Jone«, grazing the tftp of l>is be^d—he'heiii knocked*dttwn his victim with the butt end, and pierced Iffl clothes neat the shoutder with some sharp instrument.—Almost instant pursuit was diatle, hirt we iameut to say, that up to this per! od no tidings have been obtained of the route of the assassin. The moolJ shone dear at the time, which enabled Mr. JQnei fQ, give an exact de- script ion. of his person. which we find nearly to correspond wilh thai of a man charged with mur- der, and ^lio, according to a Limerick Chronicle now in oui* possession, escaped from the Guard- house at Doneraile, on the 4th instant—the fol- lowing is the paragraph verbatim :— "Timolhy Sheeban, a principal at the murder of the late Mr. Franks and family, in the county of Cork, escaped froai a guard-house, at Done- raile, on Thursday evening last. He is about twenty-five yearsof age, five feet ten iuches high, paltt face, a remarkably cocked nose, a deep natu- ral dint or flatness Oelween the eyes,broad shoul- ,ders-wore a tluk frieze body coat, striped warttcoat, and cordtfroy breeches. A!<ijor Carter, the Chief Magistrate of Cork, has offered fifty guineas for private information that will. lead to his defection. Mr. Vokes,, the Police Magis- trate of this county, would pay the reward to auy person who would give such iofortnaHoo to any of the Magistrates of this county."

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