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SKETCH KS OF SOCIETY A NO if A N N K R S IN LONDON AND PARIS. From Sir CkdrUt Darn ley, Burt. to the Marquis t e, fra, nt. IT uiifves. me. ttnserve, thst, nt ipite of a)! whiit; this counHy tva* snflVrei! from the I)rllony of s im:itary g (i v i. titeti t, i fit, taste of ttu- people is DDaticsBd, and ftizil tlifjins Itf-w-arlike glofy still hllUDI Ihl'lf IHI¡!in"l1OIIfI., Altalhy in- (iiffer«i>ce -prevail inHveisslly oD allulher ttipics in'. flie (ii)i (If victornmg Fruiu-r, tin; sijtit chord i* touched, joy sjiaikles in e*iiry riiHnienain'r, party1 distinc iions are l«>rpi tu-n iod fiii!i!t»'fAsm becomu* general. <i-i ."iy a. (li) •, my arrival at i'.ris, I fresh pruot of ibis citaiarti-rmiic tr^it. Theoirt noblesse, though hiingnant tta fi>it>i»npr 8p('ai><i with the trositi-s! resjji-rt of the parte, or the iilv#its )I will )et condescend, whro- of the vj|t>nr of ihei-r country, to menu ni live fvtiuevemov^ of both, as dem«)ti»tratine u.ut nttdor every charts* of po- veminent the I'reitrli »f>IOur i< invmcifcie. If one venture to ft.nt that file ltierlo, to Which the l>ve<eu.r Kurg O%Vr!i tvi»-restoration, contradicts the ihey- e misfortunes of the hard (xoeht y were all -oc- casioned by the it times* i)-t.ihe-,Ct)aimvnder -&oil the over witeimillig Torce opposed to him. The inoKt :nv^iera(e eu.iiiy of die Bnnrhou dynasty is equally curiful not 'o I'tnU the iminci 01 the Chev-ftlier tinyard,'Hieitry IV or M^rshat- I ruienne, in the, heroci of hn be- loved country aii(i their s;l"ries are con- sidered as lutinnai, thara Ihdieof l'ichejru, Du- Or Napolt'in). Aaiotif varioasotherUrstsnci-'s (if-it ve tlnah,3,eii passion for miliary tarne »tiici) i h^ve rentarked l 1 shall tnention wh«t oceiiirfd a few eVeningt suice.at the opvnioi: <»! M. Conipte's new Tfie»ire, in the Rue M'oul'Tfi'atot,. #h#h lup- peaeU lu lie -preseut. The eMertainmeiVt con-r iisiied of tifc«niritic scenes reprcs^O'ed' by inn- peaeU to be ljl-eselit. The eMertainmeiVt con-r iisiied of tirafiitic scenes re lire .4p i) by 11111- I ctiiiier), ttf.rilitig what (!all tie Tableadlx Purlants. W III I i:' lhe IIlYe'nlt}r t'"¡¡ii,J,,lf himself tu exhibitions of his skin, however lOgciriotts, which bad no alintilut, tiy Frrtoce or diitlitary fsate, ¡ his efforts fo amrtisS lite, spectaiors tferé receded with chilling iiidrilerencir, hut whtit ;u ta«t he brought before them Lis Fraricfi* uu Champ de I jll,Ars, ever) eye was-fixed in tnute ^Ufniion, *ntj evefy^haod was rrtiied to greet with loud a I)- plause a scene so flat'erin< "to fhe vnttity of tit? nation. They ^viiticd themselves ol tht first op- jtoiMJwity which occurred of testifying tlWir ap- probation, audit was one tfhich showed boa; luuuh all considerations, including is t to a a respect fur are auderrnjued wltett put to opposi- ion to iieser! in atins. A French soldier, fully sccountred, nppfnaches the c#ve of a ni«igiciai), and he £ s to borrow a candle, which <•' brouglit'by the devil himself in prop and te brave tnililaire, u by lue suJuoo appe:rratiee of, his SlItallic M lights his pipe, with becomio^ sang-froid, at the offered taper, white thunders of e(ittillsial!ie ap- plause burst iroui tl)e we tl. pleased 'Crowds. as- leoitiied on the occasion. Figures of various heroes, begint-itig wiih I-leftyilV., were theo brought fo.rw»r«! Th»y weie aexs individually pat in m-tioii, aotl made to march by the delighted aud.ence 10 military array. All of these received io turii sofne li>ud testimony oi approbation • but tvlan el length I the soldier,-wturso fearlessly h.iiiii-hit-d his pllJe àt IIrecand!eM Ihe; dcil;e({:!aImtd..le souvetir de la glaire pUb.v.i 'eie h pronusse de. Iti glmre a oenir, n(, idt)gutigt.. 'c;kn (it!it-ril)e I!it! ar- dour with which a settnuienf, M calculaled it) 1 raist the drooping spirits of fiie. French, was re- 1 eeiv«d. | From this scene, and frosn many simHar'oneg wliicli -t have witnessed during my s'aj> ro (his Csapitai, I am disposed to conclude Ili.( nothing' is still so dear to the he.ut of a Ft,e,tchinan- ai ( OMOfary fame. Nor, <loe« this ruling .tJa8i"a teem at all subdued,etcher by tbei,roit deiipoiisrn of Bonapari: the domestic miseries wh+ch*the Lair of Conscription so generally rtifftised,- tjte tremendous and wide spread Jiavoc "It the: fatal retreat trout Moscow, or by the- nourlificati4till aud sufferings which ended with the last occu- pation ot P-rii by file forces of the alliert So- vereigns. Indeed, I atu assured that on* great cause of lh<» uniform success, which so long crowned the arms ol France, was he prevalence of this feeling in the hi east of al l those whojoiued the warlike baids, and which neither party pre. judices, ivor private suffering, were strong enough to eradicate or evet, to A Udy of the uitra-royahst flcbool told me, that when a fa- vourite seivant of Iter's was compelled to change her service for that <>f hi*. country, he was tt first vt,j*y v i,,Ieii,, aild' swtfv th"f, might be forced to carry a musket, tut human power should compel lion to irvel ■jta<ain»i those.who were in wt)ai be a-id, hi.!i efu ployer called la bonne cause* It happetfd, however, that he no sooner put on his uniform than he forgot all tbese angry professions, and behaved himself with peculiar valour, lit the de ld. Whea he returned in triumph to hi* native village, bis former miserere asked how. heçoulrl reconcile his behaviour wiih his principles. 141, Madame, tjclaiiueti hr, "il f(lltll;u/pardnnn.er, le Frtincois est toujour Fruwuii, el qttand it se trouve dtvant I tnnenii ii >ia yu an pai ti tt prendre ■—vaincre uu mourir." > .Sticn was file ttsual mode of .reasoning amons all classes of this warlike people, not olfl, III the lowest but also iii the h IT tiesT- rnnkv of society and the names of m..w y yotiu^j fnerr h?vt' betn menlionrd to rue of y-uur no nil flltisit ions houses, ho are now oj/iaers a deini mdde, and still firmly at.'aCtied to Ihe cause of lionapaite the) were at first, like III" poor vaUt dt diumbre' Vtboin I just tiwntioned, turn trota tfterr fionies by (he i tyrannical law, which obiVgeti'eVery uun to be come a soldier in his <uio at a pat tieular age.— Uifo perhaps in chains to r lie ;.irm ollil forced iL; join the ranks (if flyeir they by degrees contracted military hatritsanrt military senlimeuts. Fnnn privates/ beco'lnn* subal- terns and from subalterns, officers of guished rank by and 1,)e they Idlt a 11 their early predilections, ami t tnlcd :n being cnuVpleieiy ideuiitie(i wifh -the t.me aud forlune, of the once mighty Kmperor. To conquer this military spirit seems to be oot ,Iiiary si)itit seefni to ef).t .hl! leul &1f the rji fficu II la"lc. wh){h LpuiX VIII. has to perform. Tnotjgh nothing would make hifi among las subjects in generul a* a ()I w.r, I,, vel*) well, that if he aftetnpu'd to gr*i ity this'wish of tnortifieiJ nanooaJ vmutj, tl W.HIM prxnahiy ent), not only in hi* own turn, hut iti the dismember- aietit of hit, St-11 Fv. Were he io eh<»u-" ins coarse, one of two i things ittwi uietit^in'e either the il lied So- I vt-reigns, uiarr hirig • fur the' tlmd tiVtie lo I'ari j would III) ""¡¡"te thi, t.atilllo! ;;aIHlal;)àll,FÜnille I amongst ifieiu ihis uiiii-.r;'py tvum v, or the ge wh,)Ul lie c .111 and supj/l ■tiling hurt in H e aflet ♦ions ol his peo- {I ple, would soul Ijrv'oiue an.i'iicr Napofeon"; frtmtice A,)nld t)e ptM»s», and lh«'-re»i of il,c eaifli 'rtio ihe risk uf stianng a siottiar it.- i't;irii eVtliVr of i'hese evils, both as au Jingiisfiiii<ni and a c'lti^Vn ofil<« I world, 1 must s«v, »• n\t Loid de'nad us. though I reriiL'tanity inlrodure the. subject of politics in our correspondence, 1 couid not help J mentioning a ciivutntttance which constitutes sn a.,f,aii)re tr> men. 1 will not, howe.ver,.allowseven- la gloire. Franciiise. io teirtpt trie to lengihen this lette;, so adieu, and heliere me,ever,youss, CHARLES Diasur. j

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