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"1> Panis,—Another dreadful cat* of polsnniug has bi-en tried before the Assise Gotirr- of Ueratiii. —Pierre Vifou, a labouring>man; stood accused, of bavitig poisoned his,father, mother, and brother. On the 24'h of Jut May-he, bought ■ oiti an aprchecary at Tui.el half aij otice of ar- senic, to kill, as he said, rat*' 'i'hui^ti a peasant he wis fond ol dress and villace displa^i, tu ^alisfy which taste he frequently borrowed njohey,^ and, parltcularly 100 francs from a person at Nioi, pellier this last sum he was very Glaxious hio father should pay for him. Oà. the 2d ef July he wettt to Sotnmieres. under pretext of^bny'ing I Wcmd, On returiiing to h's residence at Tunvl V«el, he calJed at his father's house about ,t •tt'clock in-the evening. He found bis mother alone at the door of the house. She iiiVited him '0 et some eel-t that were stewing at II)e fit, She then went to the well, which was at some distance, hut did nntfllck the door and take the key with her, tint wishing to hurt the feelings of her sou by art appearance ol ■mistrust. He, how- ever, as if .struggling against his diabolical fnlo. tion, pressed her (but in vaiu) to take the key wiift her. When she was out of s;ght, Vit(lit en- tered the house, a,id t-brew inlolhe souo a quan- tity of arsenic, lie ihen depa'ted. Olllhe reiorn of the rll-fated family, they partook OrfhitJ horrid hell broih, and were,^0 a't>cVed with the most excruciatihg pains,. The-father died lrniuediately j the brother lived fill file, next morning and the mother, (rotri probably liavm,; taken a less quantity, and benig promptly aide,) by has survived. -imniedi ately a cry of horror arose if the coinnry, àutJ. genera fell upon Vitou. He had been seen in the house near the table where thelnujI was by a cbild of ten years of age. This he denied. He had in his possession a quantity of arsenic; this he also denied, sayinff that he haii used it long before tt) kill rntg but the contrary was proved by two witnes-es, whom he had eii, deavouied to bribe 10 silence. Another proof va*, that he had hired himself a* a labourer at Mauguin, whither he was to have gpite oil the 9!h of June, but he did not a|»pear there till the 3d uf July, amine o'clock in the "nyning an J fie acconated for the delays by U}wglha'l his father had been ill with a pleurisy't of which he would infallibly die that evening?! He il<d across III country towards the frontiers ol Spain and, al,i)aretilly from the state of his mind, trotibfet) by retnorse and horror, he told those whom he met that hit was pursued, and accused of having poisoned his father, mother and bro. lOrr. This t:tfranr¡Jinary 4vow\d attention,: aud he was arrested. The couciirmBoctj-oJ-these foots, borne our by others of minor importance, satisfi- e (I the Jury of his guilt, and; he coti,se- "been Co,idetalwil to be guillotined, < Hiuch too merciful a death for so'-aljfociptts a 1II01I,ll". I A iirge ;Ijot has been traversing the tan » disk foi S or IO days past, which is rather of an'un- stye. It appears to be about the 90th pur of the -nil'" dlaml'ler. an¡;J. IscáiJ8fqueluly «';ou! 9000 miles m b»eadth. When seen thr.o.tigh a telescope magnify ing about 80 times, it appear* neaily of (he figute ot an irregular pentagon, sur- rounded w-i It) n utibri, or1 faint shade, of ex- actly the lIíillJC fiure; winch forms a -presump* mately connected,; add the question is, whether such an appearance proceeds from immense ex- chiation iu the sun's b id), or from a-huge pro- minence rising IVom its surface. This spot is just now verging.towards the north western part o.fihentsk, and wlil disappear in tw^» or three days. f I may tlisltnctly be seen with a telescope inaguifyiug 6 or 8 time*, and sodae persons who hilre acute organs of vision might proh'abfy dis- iitigtiish -it. with iheir naked eyes- Auother 8{)ot much siii iller dimensions, may also be seen approaching the son's centre*, for tome time time pas', few lar|je spots h-tve- been obiier'ved oo the disk of itiia Ittmittarj.-frPtWA Courier*

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