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T. HEY WOOD, JEWELLER, Watch and Clock-maker, &e. BANGOR, EMBRACES this opportunity of tendering his grateful acknowledgments, for the libe- ral snpport he has experienced in the above line for the lart lwtive years, and begs to acquaint bis friends in particular, and the public in gene- ral, that he has just received a fresh assortment of Jewellery, Silver, Plate, and Fancy Goods, which wilt be sold on the most reasonable terms, The public are most respectfully invilell to exa- mine his Goods, to judge for flicuiselves, rcsting, as ha does. the sale of his articles, upon their quality and pricee. N. B. All kinds of Clocks and Watrhes mane, cleaned, and repaired, on the shortest notice, by the most experienced workmen. [ CMAULEB WRIGHT* Wine Merchant to the Royal tamily, Xext to the King's and opposite the Haymarlcet Theatre, Opera Colonnade, Haymarlcet, London, eAS now on SALE the finest OLDPaKT, 38s per dozen; superior SHEIlii V, o6s per 11n:< and CAP!! M A D E! R A,J 6s per doZ Two dozen ot eac, of the above Wines will be well packed in am .excellent SHERRY hogshead, bottles included, by a remittance «t «<>{. ''r »alf that quality in hamper, for 5/ MAD ViDO VI A,C ARC A V ELLA,LISBON,MOUN- TAIN, Ac. 42s per lioaen. Just landed fG,/PUIS), CHAMP^NE, vin- tage 1QIS, first quality, warranted, M 4s per doz, M A ft A S G f J I N O, 15s 6(i per flask. Just imported, Florence Oil, flanks 2/2s or Is. 6d. per flask. Old COhNAO BftANOY, 23, fid per sallon s Rum. ,os Gil; CHARLES WRIGHT has contracted wuhG. PIUS, Grower of CHAMPAGNE, of Avize, near Eperney, France, for the whole growlh of tiis Wines, now landing ex-Chartniog. ° 17 some 01 the esteetued Viu'aae HilS. in high line mantling condition at 84s per dozen, price and quality unequalled in Claret, St. Julien et la Rose. 63s per doit.; HERMITAGE Sit i BVKGUtiDY CLOU VOffOhOIr hrsl quality, J(;5. TF.RNF,. and GRAVE, 63i. per doz. and all pther Wines, &c. in proportion, Letters inclo,ín remittances, post paid (no unpaid letters wilt be received), will be immediately attended to. BULL'S WEEKLY DISPATCH, SUNDAY NEWSPAPER. T' HE PUBLTC are respectfully informed, that as the Trial of Thortel ih.itt, 8„fi Probert is filed for the 6th of next month, the DisrATcn of the following: Sunday, January 11, will comprise Two Sheet., prtec Fo«rer,ce; containing a correct report of the Trial, with many Original statements obtained from source, to which no other Joornalwt ca« ha»e acres..— The same Poblic.tion the Great Fight for Si* Hundred Sovere.?os be- tween SPRING and LAN(;Am,the rival cha- Pi. of England and Ireland, ^.ch w.U .ake pl.ce on lhe 7th of January, \r,Ue° ^nVni^u "^hraled PIKRCR EOAW, who fias relinquished hi. en- caeemetits with all Newipaper* elcept the Weekly DISPATCH —The DISPATCH is Pub- lishfd every Saturday Evening in time to be sent bv Post to all parts of the kingdom, containing Saturda v N^gb's list of Bankrupts, and the Stock Exchange business of that day up to 3 o'clock. All nersons therefore wishmg to be served with the DISPATCH of that day, or to become perma- nent subscriber, at the commencement of the New Year, are particularly requested to send their orders in toJhe News-venders, or to the Publisher at our Office. It i« etpected that all letter, with orders shall be post paid, and have a reference for payment to some house iu London,. T London.. T N B. Early in January will be published, a Title and hide* to the WEEKLY DISPATCH, Price Is. The Frontispiece, exhibiting several views of Old English Sports, Drawn and Etched by J. R Cruikshank, alone is worth 5t. e Weekly Dispatch Office, W Fleet-street, London, THE WEEKLY DISPATCH. Search the journal, throughout, you'll not easily match The news you will fiod in the WBEKLY DI§- PATCB. Should rebellion break out, or sedition's flame catch, You 11 find it suppressed in the WEEKLY Dis- PATCH S If informers come forth, some of Johnson, base batch, olon. ase The system's retrU'd in the WEEKLT DISPATCH; Of the door of our freedom, if they'd fasten the latch, The soourge is held forth in the WEEKLY Dis. PATCH. If the press they would fetter, Hs liberty snatch, In its came none more bold than the WEEKLY DISPATCH Should Randall, or Turner, or Spring make a 1 match, See Egan's report in the WEEKLY DISPATCH Should the weak seek redress, and' their wants need a patch, Their Champion is ever the WEEKLY Dis. PATCH; IS In short there', no journal comes up to the scratch e Morelable or prompt than the WaKELY Dit- PATCH. 'MONEY. jgLi ate'* advanced on good Security, on applica- tion (if by Jetter post paid) to the Printer of thie Paper. .-c:- Tids advertisement will not be continued- To be Sold by Auction, WITHOUT RB5ERVE, On Saturday, the 3d day of January. 1824, at: the House of Mr. John Owen, the sign of the Red Lion, Holyhead, suhjret to conditions that will then and there be produced— rriHE ONE-HAW or fhe WHOLE of the A well-known old-e.tabliibed BREWERY, and MALTING Concerns, commonly called and known by the name of the HOLYHEAD OLD BREWERY. The whole "f the Buildings have very lately undergone thorough repair, and all the UlcQsils are in excellent order. The copper will brew 20 barrels at a brewing. For further particulars, apply (if by letter post paid) to Mr. JOHN ELLIS, Auctioneer, Ho- lyhead. Hothead, Dec. 16, 1823. HIGHLY DESIRABLE & VALUABLE FreeholdPropertj To be Sold by Auction, IIY MR. ROBT. JONES, At the Harp Inn, in Corwen, in the county Oflte rioneth, on Thursday, the 29th day of January, 1824, between the hours of 4 (me! 5 o'clock in the afternoon, in one or more Lots as shall be then agreed upon, and tubjtct to such conditions as shall be then and there produced, ALL that desirable and commodious Inn above- mentioned, called the HARP INN, lately the property and in the possession of Mr. Ed ward Edwards, deceased, with a Yard, (in which is a pump which supplies excellent water for brewing, and all other purposes,),Garden, Brew- house, Stabling for 40 horses; a capilal Mait Klin, with its appurtenances, calculated to malt 28 measures, together with 14 acres of Meadow Land, contiguous thereto. Seven Dwelling-houses adjoining the above Premises, in the several occupations of Hugh Jones Heury Jones, Saddler John Peters John Hughe. II ugh Itoberts; Elizabeth Evans; and Daniel I)avies. And altio <0 allotment or common Land, within half a mile of the town of Corwen, containing by admeasurement 21 acres, (more or less.) The above Property offers a most eligible op- portunity to any person desirous of tovesting money to great advantage. There is only one olher Ion in the town of Corwen, which place it i every respect particularly well situated for that line of business, being on the Great Irish Road from London to Holyhead-many Coaches daily pass through, one of which stop, at the above Ins. It is distant ten miles from Llan- gollen, and thirteen from Cernioge. The whole line of Road presenting such beautiful and at. tractive scenery, that it is the constant resort of Travel fers-.n-and there is no question, that with some few alterations, the Harp Ion might be put io competition with any Ion upon the Road, Mrt. ERASMUS JOKES, of Corwen, will shew the Premises, and further particulars may be had of him, or by applying at the Office of Mr. J. W. CLOOCH, Solicitor, Rulhio. AL im CYMDEXTHAS Cymraegyddawl Rhuthyn. THE COMMITTEE OF THE RUTHIN WELSH LITERARY SOCIETY, have appointed the ANNIVERSARY of ST. DA- VID'S DAY, to be Celebrated in RUTHIN, od TUESDAY, the 2nd day of March, 1824, (ill cousequeuce of the Great Market being held there on Monday the 1st 0 and they offer the following PREMIUMS, from the Society, to those Candidates whose Performances shall be deemed meritorious, to be awarded in Money or Medals, at the Public Meeting to be held io the COUNTY HALL on that occasion. Four Pounds to the author of the best Welsh Poem on the subject of Helyntion gwrthwtn. ebawl yr Arglwydd Grey ac OWllin Glyndwr." Four Pounds to the author of the best trans- lation into Welsh Poetry, of Paroell's Her- mit," commencing, Far in a Wild, unknown io public view, From Youth to Age a rev'read Hermit grew." Four Pounds to the author of the best Eng- glish Essay on "Ancient Welsh Music, and on the best mode of decypherine the Old Musical Characters, particularly those contained io the Myfyrian Archaiology." Four Pounds to the author of the best Welsh Essay on Ardderchawgrwydd Gwybodaeth, a'r moddi ongoreu iw chyrraedi." The three next Premiums are for Membeis only. Four Pounds to the member who stiall com- pose the best Welsh Essay on" Lies Hanesydd- iae'h at sicrhau Gwitionedd." Four Pounds to the member who shall deliver the best. Welsh Oration" Ar Wladgarwch." Two Pounds to such member as shall deliver the second best Oration on the same Subject. The following hlre open to Public Competition. Two Pounds to the best Harper. Two Pooods-to the best Singer, as a Datgein- iad. The followjng Premium, offered by the Ches- ter Anti-Slavery Society, will be decided at the same time and place. Three Guineas for the best Welsh Essay on the Subject of Negro Slavery," Caethiwed y Duantwys." £ fT The Essays, Poems, and Translations, are to be for warded, (free of postage), to the Presi. dent, oo or before the tenth of February, 1824. f-T The Names of those Candidates who in* tend to appear as Orators, Harpers, and Singers, must be transmitted to the President on or be- fore the Saturday next preceding the Auniver- sary. JOHN ROBERTS, President, Rathin, )2th Dof. 1823.. BEAUMAllIS. A I Pttblic Assembly. i Will be held in the Ball Room, on the Night of Wednesday, 31st." STEWARDS. W. W. SPARROW. ESQ. J. L. HAMPTON, ESQ. F. P. BUiiTON, ESQ. Dei. 10 th, 1823. ANGLESEY. To be Let/or a Term of Ycars by Pri- vate Contract, AND JKNTUFLEi3 UPON 1MM SDI ATE L T, ALL that ISLAND, PIECE or PARCEL of GROUND, called YNYS RUG, otherwise PARRY'S ISLAN D, situate within the Harbour of Holyhead. This Island is peculiarly convenient for the Buildine of Warehouses, DweHing-hoost-s. or other Buildings in the way of Trade, as Vessels may be so moored, as to be loaded or unloaded f rom off the Quay near the old Warehoose on the West side of the Island.-—-There are several other local advantages by which an enterprising Tenant may be greatly benefitted. For further particulars, apply to MR. ROBERT PRICHARD, Solicitor, Llwydiarth Esgob, An- glesey. A NEW SHAVER OR, SECOND EXPERIMENT. A MoNKSV-who shaving first tried himself, And cutting hisjowl '-the mischievous elf ResoWd to embrace opportunity pat, And operate next on the beard of the Ctli The place of a mirror adapted to suit, There stood in the room then a high polished BOOT, fn which WARRBN'S Jet, of pre-eminent hue, Display'd the fine form, of reflection to view. Now seizing poor Pusst to the bright BooT he bore her, The Monkey, her shadow then gleaming before her— And answered ber straggles, with chatter ano blows, Her phiz while be loap'd, from her eari to her DOle 1 The Cat, thus essaying in vain at resistance And mewing, in P-tiful plaint, for assistance, With wonder the same operation now saw Perform'd in, or shewn by the Jet of eclat 10 front of the BOOT then, as if to explaio it, The method of shaving, how best to attain it, The act interspersing with grim and grimace, The Ape clear'd the Cat of each hair on her face! And strange though it teens, yet the frolicsome elf- Was much more suceessfol with Pust than him- self, The SHAVER adroitly concluding big scraping- The SBA.V D with the lost of her whiskers es- caping The MONKICY, in triumph, the Parlour now sought, And Cat and bright BOOT to a company brought Who saw what this barber had then been about, And hail'd his essay with a rapturous shout Of mirthful tiurprise :-the strange incident backing The merits of WARRKM'S unparallel'd Blacking, 7 his Easy Shining and Brilliant Blacking, FAliPARED BY 1f¡;ftJú¿n 30, STRAND, London; Bangor. BROSTER Pwllheli.WILLIAMS v c. ii Fs Denbigh EDWARDS DENMAKT Llanerchy- ? FORSYTH Beaumaris BROADHEAD medd. ROBERTS Liani-wst.Tit"MAS JONES EotfAftos GRIFFITH Conway GARNER Bodedern..ROBF.RTS ROBERTS Carnarvon OWEN JON ES JONES Abergele.ROBERTS ROBERTS TIUGIJES LLOYD DAVIES PARRV St. Asaph..DA YIES TUFFS OWEN Amlwch.ROBERTS HUGHES ROYSSTON 1 ROBERTS Holyhead..JONES I-Iolywell.. tt it ii OWEN Llansaintf. WILLIAMS HUGHES Bala DAVIES RICHARDS jChesltr POOLE And sold in every Town in the Kingdom. LIQUID, in Bottles, 6d. IOd. 12(1. & 18d. each. Also PASTE BLACKING in Puts,6d.9d. 12d. and ISd. each. Shilling Pot of Paste is equal to Four Shilling Hollies of Liquid. Askfor IVARREN's Blacking.

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