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-!l JLlanru&st Ilunt, |«««<r» X th. C<W<»,M M,<ti„S. »"> c°'"1,*gEORGE griF KITn. COMPTROLLER. BLLU to be on Thursday afut Friday as usual. KANTBWYNANT ROAD. Notice is hereby Given, rrfHAT all ADJOURNED GENERAL AN. "1. NUAL MEETING of the TRUSTEES of the Second DUmct or N ANTIL VV YX ANT ROAD. wilt I)-, held at the Grand Jury Room, ia tbe Town of Carnarvon, on Saturday, the 8th RF»v of November instant, at 12 o'clock at noon, #br the Of efgatirvilig, auditing, and sd- ALING the Account of the Treasurer, and of tran- sacting other Business, connected with the said Trust. 1ft' TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, MOST fifigible RESIDENCE for a Genteel Family, BEING a commodious good Mansion HOUSE, with suitable Out bttildings, Gate Lodge, GARDEN*, ORCHARD, and any quantity not exceed- log 60 Acres of excellent Land. THE House consists of an Eatrance Hall, din- ing parlour, study, drawing room, TWO kitchens, SERVANTS' hall, guod cellars, dairy, &c. on the GROUND floor; and five bed ROOMS AND good a'- cies above. Out houses, stabling for nine horses, coach-house, barD, granary, cow-house, hl.vcJ, Ac. IT is situated 8 miles from the Market Town I *t Owillieli, and 7 from that of Tremadoc, upon #n eminence, within a short distance, and COAJ- manding a beautiful afal exiensive view of Car- digan Bay, which, with the ratike of m,,ijeiitic Merionethshire Mountains, Harlech Castle, &e. formaline and picturesque prospect tiom this (lelightful spot. A term of yearfi MAY be obtained-the House partially furnished, &c. and further particulars, UPON application (if by letter post paid) to J. E. JIANKBY, Esq. or fcia Bailiff, ilri G. M'Lean, (GWYNFRYU, Pwllheli. Gmgnfryn, Kov. lyi, ISfS. t CA&*iAfivomiiniE. eoufttfWorks. TO CONTRACTORS. Notice is hereby Oiveh/ ^MPH^T THE LEPAIRIOG OF, certain BRIDGE, JL CAUED 1AL-Y-B6MT BPUDGE, i. the ;),srisb d LI*Ddegsi and Lionitechid, in ttie void JdtY, BE SET, T0 THE ftiDDE#, an ADJOOMAIENT of IKE Q )ILRTEr Settiions of peace, to be GOLDEN at ihe house of Mr. \N. UJLLIAFFLS. *»»■», BY LFIE of the Ca«»Je Inn,J the CITY of Knugor, in t|LE 8«j,| county, on 12EDOE«<L*> ,BRE OF ^°»EMBER, 1823, at the of 12 O'CLOCK »t noo*. THE Specification of the WORK RIIAJ J, AT Clerk of tue Peace's Office, in -Cafa*fV0,t' anti further Pftictflirs may kilt) wit, BOOI» to Ur. Jottill Jones. Courciy lurteyor, I1&OlOr. TW OOOTRUCUN or Cootractorsmust be pre- pared Sureties, to ENTER into « Bond, «°U-T LHE contracted, to com ytete TL»E WORS, aud perform THE Contract. • ICHARD A. POOLR, Clerk of the Peace. 4t a 0Mttng of tic Gentlemen, ClergyS and Freeholders of the County a/ An- glesey' Pursuant to public notice. (U the Shire Halt in the j>own 0j ;}eaw maris, on Tuesday, the 4th day of No member, to consider of the expe- <liency of applying t0 Parliament for an J4 to continue the P0wers of the Trustees of th oW Porthaethwy and Holyhead— VV ILL!AM PEACOCKE, Esa- <In the absence of THE High Sheriff, IO the CT»F) RESOLVED, era t 10 t, e to •"p,y f°par,i#- the Trustees of thfo, *HE P° O^.H ^ETHWY and Ho|YBEAD RO*D, between Port That the Thanks nf'.K- „ tA <he Reterend Hueh w th,8IMeet"»T he ?,,en <q 7red exertions, m? Jon<:s' for bis u"W?K^ ^OAD, between GWYODU £ °F That these R *du and Holyhead. frotfA, Wales Gnzet/em,0as be the( wr-ir d WILUAM PEACOCKE. wVilltaiu PEACORT.. R> Cke, Esq. having left the Chair* RFSOLVEII, That the THANJF0 „R «.. WIELLAM WILLIAMS, Under Sheriff. North Wales and Liverpool STEAM PACKETS. lie -&I -K,NT ^ONJ»NUR8 T6 SAIL TWICE EVBR-V :ii Liverpool an t Baugor S».E >» 'ea,e the'Ferry orec^lv^ PII^ OC>"F'K ,0'0,FO*;morning, Friday, HIT T,H OVE4«|»ER* RA"I"? A* OS'uat at G ;RH PO nt AND lieaumans i I<"D AGAIN 0LL Wednesday neat, » 12TH at HIE SAME hour. -1 1'INFORTI^00 <>F LT]'S mav he al- wavs obtain?'1 «» l)r'»cipat t,ms >» v? c and a' I* Office. TH!E'V»^C« BE.W LIV<.R.P^1T Jt'flve the fl)I!JHr lflac" every day. Li«rpool, 19, Nova Scotia h "1 To Shipwright's, &c. ON SALE, ABOUT SEVEN OR KIGHT TFI-OUSAN.D FEET CAPITAL OAK, measuring from 100 cubit ft-et dt)wtlwar(ils.- Ami from 70 to 100 tons of excellent OAK BARK.—The whole, lying on the hanks of the river Conway, most advantageously situate for Shipping. For particulars, apply p. p. to Mr. JOHNSON, Caerhûn, neat COBway. CASTLE STREET, CARNARFON. Ready Furnished Lodgings, CONSISTING OF ADRAWING-ROO.Mi,, four single-bedded rooms, and one double-bedded room, on the first floor; gtiott kclict;, large kitchen, gooil larder, butler's pautry, hrewhouse, coal-House, good cellaring, small garden, and lairge outlet. For further particulars, enquire at the Post Office, Carnarvon. To be Sold by Private Contract, THE sioop OF CARNARVON. Of the Burthen of 74 Tons per Register. The said Sloop is well worth the attg "tion of Mariners, and she ie now in pood order aod re- pair, aod no* lays »t the We# Quay, in Car- narton. For further partlctilarf, apply to Wunia EV ANS, Pool-street, Cltrllarvon. Carnarvon, 8th Nov. 1823. "l"r"'I 1'\1: J

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