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Family Notices

:.SHIPPING.': -+


SHIPPING. -+- 'Pó'RTPhRTíili,BA NGOR.-Âr. rived, Eliza, Marianne, Friendship, Mills, Eliza, and Thomas & Ann. Cleared out, Thomas and Ann.Mar- garetta, Resolute, Mary, Warren Bulkeleyf VenMif. Tiber, Williams, Tom, Owen Gly ndwr^ TaWleyi Virie, and John, all with slates. ■B'BkIris, Batcher Good Hope, Réward; Friendship, Howard Britannia, Parry; Fame. Morgan Aurora, Griffith t Pro- videhce, Williams^, Jones; Dianna, Farrell; Ann and Catherine, Owen; Royal Oak, Powell • Upited Flrieods, Jones; Elizabeth and Jane, Williatn" > Siberia, Hughes; Thomas and Ann, Garner; Hope,Thomas Aon, Roose and Union, Jones.. Cleared nut, Betties, Davies Mary, Stoakley; Resolution, Lemin; Thomas & Ann, Hughes Warren a.ulkeloyt -.Jones-; Ellinor, Davies; Ve- nus, Crail •Tiber, Punchard Owen Glendwr, Edwards; William, Byers; Jane, Botham; Sampson, Hughes; and Union, Roose.' 29, Wind W. S. W, to W. N. W. fresh breeze—Ptit in by contrary winds, the Martin, —rr—, from Liverpool to Dublin, With u *ii.h: sundries; and Mary Ann, F>d#ards, from Bristol to Lancaster, with sundries. ABER YSTWITH—Arrived, Jane and Elizabeth, Evans, from London; Hebe, Davies; Margaret, Evans; Nancy, Humphreys Aid, James Pri- chard, Owens; Mary, Evans Britannia, Jones; and New Gift, Hughes, from Liverpool, with sundries Williams, from Newport and Dolphin* Jones, from Flint, with coals. Sailed,; Eliza, Owens, for Bristol, with lead ore Providence, Evans, for Newport, with but-, ter Bridget, Evans, for Carnarvon, with Oak; timber; Lively, Williams, for Glasgow,] fcith Üak: bark and And and Mary, Williams, ftÓm Ches, ter for Neath, with fire bricks ahd cheesed Pelicko, Boyiio, from Belfastf Sinpefrityj Jathes, from Aberystwith Provideuce, Thomasi from Conway; and Samu- el, W right, Newport to Swansea; Ant, Owen, Cardigan to Cardiff; Bee, Humphreys, Aber- ystwith to Neath; Pursuit, Harris, from Liver- pool; Fame, Edwards,, from Carmarthen and Acti»e, Griffiihs« Glasgow to Milford; Eliza, Griffith, from Swansea .Amlwch, Bofham; and Portland, Roberts,- Bury 10 Amlwch'; Mary, Jones, from Newport; Brothers, James, from Dartmouth Lovely'Peggyv^ James, from Pool Jenny, Jones, Cardiff to Liverpool; Bristol, Bevan, from Car lisle; Betsy* Lloyd; and Eliza, Owen, from Aberystwiih for Bristol Severn, Williams, from .A s. Memel for Cl^epst;ow Ann, Evans, from Liver pool for Watchet Providence, Evans, from Aberystwith for Newport Lovely Peggy, Jones, from Tenhy for the lile of Man Maria, Sincock, from HayIe (or Burrv Ann Louisa, Owen, fro in Swansea for Cardigan s British Quefii, Williams, from Bri.tol for Glasgow Blessing, 1 Ellis, from Newport for Aberystwiih 5 Agile, Evans and Friendship,J Davis, from Newport Fame, ti)w(li-r, ftc)(tiSwanqeq., Catherine aoff ( Edward, Phillips, frot-ii Lulney Prutcesstioyat Morg»n Mary and EdtMrd, Hughes; Betsy* Lambert Amity. Ivl.wards;. Hope, L cwltelyn Mary, Bdwttrds; Providence, Harris; and Eliza- beth, Griffiths, lioiu Burry, for various pons in Ireland. 1 Sailed, Friendship, Davies, from Newport, for Cork Elizabeth, Rees, from Liverpool for Younghall Sally, Newman, from ChepStow for Dublin Britannia, from Glasgow for Gal way his Majesty's cutter Basilisk, from London, with a large quantity of silver coin Cheerful and Swallow, revenue ctuuers, 00 a cruize. CARXARVON—Ui) return?. Notice has been sent to all Custom Houst's, that the officers of the-several departments are tó consider themselves from this time liable to he removed (ri %ny part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain,.Scotland, and Ireland, Ahont thiy time twelvernnnlh a itnila)- notice to the above was sent to riding officers, and since that time a general removal has taken place. CHEAP -LTNErt DRAPERY,—A conscientpnis dealer in this.article, in the neighbourhood of Oxford street, js now advertising the remainder of his stock in trade io be sold I 00 per ceo', Zse- low prime cost, for the benefit of his creditors :c::r_