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FURNISHBL) LODGINGS, 1Corner of Bath Street ^Carnarvon» MBS. EDWARDS, •O EFLBCT'NG with gratitude oh tlie de- tV rided Reference she ha« experienced from the first fain'I'CV her Lodgings, j-'e- »pect,f«ily announce*, tha'slie h*« fitted up, with, a°d n««'u' Furniture, separate j)ar- lours. cfftcbe»>. and pantries, with drawing- 10oti»»» an<* excellent bed-roonu. Any per- toa <* fori'1? .of Ittdgiog? for the Win- ter, treated :#ith oo the mbit liberal terrni" The Hoqee being situate contiguous to fcnefhihl now erecting, affords superior idiiO* .t' to the;,Jolalld. f8petior advap Plat Bouiman, Oct. 22d, 1,823* A- JateacJed Welsh Church, Liverpool. Comhiittee Room, Russet Street, Oct. 1144, 1823. J^ oonveoed (bis T^P r fl'JUt' BltTci»*e. «. A/Seereiai- to 'he reported, lhat hi- hatfcreceived • letter «t» the Right Hun. Lord.Ne*bor»ugh« sigu'/r"* «i» 'niention io add a donation of ^30 to the Welsh Church Fund. Resolved therefore unanimotily. That the cordial thaoks of tbia Committee be f A ,"oal*'J' aod respectfully tendered to tils {.ortisntp, for hit very kind and munificent Do- ^jati<»n> »i»d that ihe Rev. Mr. Hutching, the Se- be to transmit the tame to his J»orashtp, (Signed) W. J. HUTCH/I^a, (Signed) W. J. C; Ft SKCRJSTAIlYr BRITISH COMMEIICI^^ Fire and Life INSURJXCE CO MP AN C0fl*HILL, LON DON, *1 For the Insurance 0/ Lives, the Purchase a1p'hfu °f ^'}TiUUies, the Endowment of Children,$c. qc. T^efcenf-h^ °u LlVlis effected fifteen p *he Rates demanded by other Oft-* ^"Lu\oRrrhn,f4 °n Term* Par,ic«*l«ly ad- fifLereat »hf received, and returned thereat »hen demanded. for Children effected on liberal ifgftB' r,, ffvft Pn Particulars may be obtained, gra- 0.», >lf. JV,chrfrd Poolp, Gorphwysfa, *f; Roose* Amlwch. Mr* *• J^°&t?rts, Post Office, C<»nway. JMr* J' Hug-hes, Attorney, Bangor. A°d ^r* J hotnas Goddard, Carnarvon, Jgentfor ISoith Wales. lloît Wales and LiverpooL 8TEAM PACKETS. TbeÄLÐION, paul G. Pànion, Commander", GONT'^S'n SAIL TWICE 4 WEEK, het«e«cI p^ngor Ferry and Livertiooll • SoPrUinK^ee;r, — ,j,e 21th. October, ftnd ou Ferfy ^or l-«*erpoot, on Jbe XiK K*' 'hC 25,h' »«d Ttjt-sday « 28th at 8.0 clock, caltiog as usual 0t gartb ™int and Beauajar ft. Hef ot •8iline» during the; re- *t the uri^n'i"1iay bc knowo* Ql? Jcaie«» 'aUve^00r0|BaRi,| 0ea^ Holywell, .aits U8l,al» abom noon. 1 packet Office, Liverpool, so, Not* Scotia. MAY BE HAD AT | Crriffltli's;, WOOLk1^ ANJ> UNEN-DftApfeR, Ironmonger, Grocer, ^'Taltow-tKan^en KANGOR, The Best Blacking in the World! TRY AND PROVE tt. i ,'¡, h0PKEEPERS and olhers wishing for a retil go°d Article, are recooiinended to »bu»c Coacein, where is now on Safe, by IiDSle do«eos»or larger quantities, "IDSle oz, STATHA.M'S p' REAL Japan Btackt),, At the same Wholesale Prices a sat. the v wbereby bit the txpence of package and caJ hp wish to wear rpp;,iel,b)ack, e'tl Shoe. or ROOIS, have only to-rtiake:h.' rOI:8 t»ere'.a i impo«s>tirle they -tifiould he Tbf *«»W »n stone bo'tles, at h 61— lOii—and 6d each, and the Paste, in pots, at di at,(] T NJ C-,RlFb'l 'li tole A fJ E-r /or North "t ih^ abovevAr^i'i- *H(J C"' A 'NK, ai ooly 6(1 a R3il'C* ^S(»-B^H8,FOUOw,K«4CENTV- i LSO, '11 and ilol l>?rt Kohorts, Luignr. } j^jr Itirhard Lloyd, Beaumaris. 5 Vtr. W. Owen, Carnarvon. M: W, Owen, il^langefni. Mr. JoiiD J ones, Conway. THE" r" AberfFraA^ Yenipn > WltC take place on ThurscIay, the 30th of bctuber, 1923, when the 'CrlfiifWrdHef hopes to .be favored wtth the Cctmpauy, of tile Friends mf the Me«tui<j. Anglesey Hunt. £ j"!HE Compfroller' liopej to be favored X with rhe Cbmpany of the Membftr^aA the Bull's Head ton, io Beau maris, on Monday iug, the 3d of N bveinber. WILLIAM BULKEliEY HUGHES, »: COMfTKOcfliElt. Plascock, Oct. 2 ls<, I8W. B.,Bai is -on Tuesday & Thursday Evenrngs. TO THE -v t H^hmer^t '? OF Tfilul is:" COUNTY OF -ANGLKSEY. 'I:' TT*7*i?, the under-signed, request thcct you will call a Meeting oj Yh^ jVor M&rhenj Gentlemen, Cter^ UndZMqe* Holders tfiK £ Cwnty_ P/ AagU&gy.tomti*' ].filler of the expediency of applying to1 liament for an Jet to vonthwe the ppioers of the Trustees Ofthe Old [toad, between Porlhaelhzsy and ffatyhud WW. PK^COCKF-; HOLLAND Gli 11 FlTlf H. ,WYNNBJONES J. SA VDHRHOM H. HUMPBKEYS J. WILLIAMS W. P. POOL.E THOMAS KVANS |i HERBERT JOSKS EVA, WfLUAMS "JAMES::WLLHA-M<; J, JACKSON W. W YN N'E SPARtlO W R. WILUAMS H, ROWLANDS J H. HAM P FOX InpMr.'Ùaneè'bfi!ÜJ above Requisitiony I do hereby appoint d Meeting of the No- blemen, Gentlemen, •Clergy, und Free*" holders of tlreColtnty of Anglesey,, to be held at the Shire Hall, in the -Town oj Beaumaris, oh. Tuesday, the Fourth day of November nexti at tne hour af twelve o'clock in the forettdort, for the purposest above mentioned. JONES PAXTON, KSA. > 'SuKKIFF. Plasg-gyn,

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