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gas. _I ,JJ», ■ iNjUimKcrio.v -IN okmekara. WE f! HS* WEEK that an insurrec. tiori of ttie mo st-aiiirniiiig nature had broken out among th "PIToes of the hlalld of IMnerani. The first actite sus- picion entertained of a mischievous de- "ign amon the sla*es, was founded on ii i t'(i r ni;i t i.o ii i v i i t o a .NJ r Simpson, by a faithful negro; who, on the 18th of A U- gust, stated flutl the negroes in his neigh- bourhood: had htjen for some time assem- bling in great lion't)er,tt iii,-ht and that lome imtMtdiaru'ts (amoug them whites) were promulgating news of King George and the; parliament having decreed a e. m, -which was only frus- trated by t ho Governor, the local au- thorities, and the w inhabitants; that the negroes were nevertheless resolved on seeming their freedom, atid if no other- wise at»ainabl», by Ht ms| and finally; that they w-ere to commence operations the same Hight. Gent-rnl Murray, the Go- vernor, is describ»>d to.b", e dis' ru..ted this inlpHi,,('o fIt uto lirve ventured with, no oth^r attendant than an Aide-de. Cimn, towards the eagt coast, where the mutineers were a"em'):tpd. whence he was "driven to the seat of Government by re- peated shots. On the Gr-neraTs return, in,irtial law wit,; proclaimed, and on the 20th, military operations were resorted to, which continued, according to the olficial statements, for three (lays„ without inter- mission. On the first flight, detachments of the 21st Fusjle«rs, and of the 1st West India regiments, under Captain Stewart, came up with a body of reI) Is andafter a short action, defeated them without sus- taining any loss, fhe next morning a body of 700 or 800negroes attacked, by attempting to surround, Lieut. Brady, with a sinill detachment of the Fusileers but he fough* his w ty through, after kil- ling or wounding sooie JO or 15 of them. 4Dil the following d.iy, Wednesday, the Satrte oHict-r continue,! his exertions; and in another quarter, a corps of militia rifle- men had an engagement with a division of the negroes, of whom thev killed 40 driving off the rest. The principal and most derisive action, however, took place on that rla", between Col. Leahy andthp insurgent*, two bodit>» of whom, about 2000 altogether, after a fruitless ettort to rem instrate with tju>m, charged by hb> trooos, and imnwdiately dispersed, losing fro, 100 to J5C) of their t)timber.- Many white petsoris tad been put in con- finement after stjo.)ris,d by the slaves, hat were lilieratcd as the troops advanced through the insurgent t was hoped heii the last accounts came away, that, so far as actual were in question, the re«*»lt mwlii h*» l<w»lt«<} uonn iis being completely overpowered. It would, however, be rash to pronounce thi' the spirit of discoot *nt whence the evil had originated, has Iven extinguished in 1 Vine ram, or that it exsts in no other portion of our colonies. letter from Denrerara, dated the 31st August say;, 11 Wt, are at present ttnder martial law, and all i he inhabitants are doing duty as soldiers: we consider our persons aud property perfectly secure. His M Jesty's gun-brig Snapper is ar- rived at Horismouih. fram the coast of Africa, where she has been employed op- wards of three years, in t-Jve suppression of slave trading. Shf left Sierra Leone on the 1st of Sept. and on the 3d Lieut. T. H. Kothery, her commander, died, when Mr. David Cowie, the Master, gave himself an order to act as Lieutenant and Commander. The most important article of information brought by the Snapper is, that the Ashantees were approaching Cape Coast, in considerable numbers, with ti i t ulilln of making an altackoil and plundering the colony. The private and public property there is very considerable. .Sir Charles Mac Cart by was about to leave Sierra Leone for the C^pe Coast, to direct the operations. Captain Laing, of I he Royal African Corps, had collected a force of 7000 men (principally natives) to resist the Ashantees. Commodore Sir Robert Mends, was at (J'klle Coast, with the Owen Glendower and Driver, for the purpose of affording all possible aid to the military forces. The ashantees were gii d to have armed within utile miles Of the colony. We are happy to hear that the Owen cai)tured, in! the river Bonny, twoSpani-h schooners, with 200 slaves on board; but, though the fVJoch have had'a squadron of ftve VP,. S,P,lo of. war at Gojree the last twelve mOil hs- 'our of them were about to re- turn to France (having been relievedJ without having made a slave capture a recent arrival from the river Sestos stated, that the tratfic in slaves is carried on with redoubled energy hythe Kings of France and Spain, a' th Gilinas and on the coast of Cape Palmas. It appear* thai revolu- tion and tegitimate ctaiols are as much the political feeling of the day in Africa as in JKnrope. A1 many Abduik tdur has been Tecalled to the throne of the Foulahs, and Boukarj Afiti has been sent to private life. lii: the ^landingo country, Fitiuuia IVIordie has Iwen depose'?, uin^ con- ♦raiy toancient usage, he had d.i t nnined on palaver Without the consent of the other chiefs he was, moreover, nor allied to -t t)e, i)riu(- i,,lli families in the couutiy, but was a new raised chief.

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