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MAJkK E I S. Liverpool, Nov, lS.-The arrivals of Cot- j ton siill continue 'o exceed the sales, and whilst this is '.lie case, and the urgency to sell so general, we cannot expect any advance t4 take place. This week these >k b, en but little doing; sales have been making ^d.a I ti. per lb. decline, and we ha-e seldom witnessed a duller market lh,on tins has been for the last three days we make the of bags sold only 2,330. as follows 690 bags Boweds mid. dling to good I8d. a 21d. a fe-si Se- lected at 21d I 22d. in the early pari of the week; 759 Orleans ordinary to good 19d. a 22d. a rew prime, and mostly selected, al 23-id. a 2s. 160 Sea Islands lair lo fine W 6d! a 2s lOd. 10 ditto stained good 2s. 5d 32 Demeraras middling 2s. 10 Pernams a„od 2s. gel. 359 Maranliams fair to good 2s 2d. a 2* 3. 220 Bahias fair to good 2s 3d-i a 2s. 5d. including some so!d last Saiurday2at a' 2s. &àd. 90 Mmas good 2s. Sid. a 2s gi-d — Many parcels of Cotton laying here on 'ac- count ot the Manchester dealers have been forwarded thither for sale." Sugar.—1There has been a steady demand for Muscovadc es during the last week, aud as the holders continue to realize prices a shade higher, the market any he stated at an im- provement of Is, pf-r cwt the wholesale dealers are now purchasing fur the winter supply of the country grocer there was also a demand for good Sugars for shipping; the demand for the Irish market has lately* oeetl considerable, and as the prices have in cunse. quence been run up at Liverpool (the usual port of supply), the buyers have turned their attention to London; the Sugars chiefly iu request are strong Sugars for refittiti- Coffee.-There was only one sale of Coffi. during last week; it consisted of 812 casks and 173 bags; the ordinary descriptions sold 2s. a 3s. below our present quotations, the few lots good midding sold out of all proportion high, 10 hhds. good middling Jamaica selling at I02s,, a liltle inferior 97s ihe greater prot portion ordinary descriptions of Jamaica ordinary 66s. ordinary in extensive parcels* 68s. 6d., fine ordinary 70s.: loo bars ordi- nary Havannah taken 111 at 70s. The de/nand by private contract continues equally limited yet it is not probable the market will go much* if any, lower, as the great holders have lately withdrawn their Coffee from public sale, on account of the languid demand and the de- preneu I)ficcs,-fltle Coffee continues, to be brought forward in very limited parcels, and we believe there is a scarcity otfiesttppty, at least we have observed several mariis that used to be uncommonly fine, have lately turned out very indifferent Coffee; 30 hhds. good middling Jamaica last week by private con. I tract realized 105t. we have had no line on sale for some time past, Com. There was a good supply of Wheat in Yesterday's market; lhe dcmand early in the day was very brisk, and the prices were about Is. higher; the request towards the close became again languid, aud acousiderable proportion of Ihe supply remains unsold.— The quantity of Barley at market was conside- rable the fine qualities realized an advance of is., the olher descriptions were unvaried and heavy.—There was a good supply of Engl lish Oals, and above 10,000 quarters lrisli the former declined L. the hitler 2s, flic s,,Ie heavy at the reductiun.-ln Beans or Peas there was no variation.— In Rape or Liuseed scarcely any business was eTected.-Iteit Clover was heavy, at a decline of 3s. per cwl; Hemp, Flax, and Tallow.—The prices of Hemp cannot be staled at any alterit Ioil.- The market remains heavy, the partial sales of Flax are at prices a shade under the hte nominal quotalions. Tallow has deciiued 2s. a 3s. 50 casks yellow candle Tallow last week by public safe 62s. a 63s, the leilerg yesterday from Petersburgh state the exchange at 10. 0 Tobacco.—The market remains very heavy there were considerable orders from the Cun- tiueiit some weeks ago, but the prices were so high they could not be executed cargoes are now ottering at about a reduction of$d. per lb. for thisi markeli Virginia descriptions offer at 132d, a l-Hd. Kentucky lid. a llid, per lb.; cargoes of Virginia, to proceed from Cowes, &c. for the Continent, are offering 90s. and 95s. Marylands 60s. a 65s. manifest weight; little or no business has been effected since ollr last; a trivial parcel of good black Virginia reported, sold at 14d. Irish Provisions, Sic.— The new Beef lately arrived proves very indifferently cured a con- siderable proportion unmerchantable; the prime lots meet a ready sale. Pork continues In moderate demand, and no alteration can be stated in the prices; some parcels of new Ba- con have realized our highest quotation, the old still neglected. The imports of Irish But- ter have been most extensive since the 1st of the present month, about 60,000 firkins the trade is iu cousequeiwe for the present sup- plied, and the market is rather heavy yet the consumption has greatly increased, and, from the appearance of hard weather, the holuers generally feel confident of fully maintaining the present currency.

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