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Thursday, November 16.

Family Notices

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To the Editor of the A'orth…



To the Editor of the orlii…


To the Editor of the orlii Ir ale. Gazette. Sir, A disappointed Welch Spinster, begs you will insert the following in your next Gazette. My fair Friends ana Countrywomen, To L-dies so proud of their origin, and so te- nacious ot their rights as we of the Principality (lave ever been, if is no smalt uio'rtideation to see our native females deprived of what may be eatled their BIHTIIRIGHT, by the introduction of Knglish, Scotch, aud Irish Wives among us. If the evil, painful aud degrading as it is, ended merely iu tlie depression of my unfortunate Sis- terhood.1 houlrI wait patiently in hopes of better times hut however great the beauty, ac- complishments, and amiable character of these fair foreigners may be. they can never become useful domestic wives, among its. They may parrot-like he taught, to pronounce their house- holtl orders in our mother tongue, and even per- form the task without otten offending their ser- vants, by gross anllludicrolls hlutllhrs; yet surely every husband will require something more than this, from thc wife to whom he even cummitsthe smallest family'. In the management of affairs where love is not concerned, men are wiser.— It it my firm belief, ihat our country will soon cease to boast oi the purity of its language and that colloquial barbarism will preside at our tables unless we instantly exert ourselves. 11 might be advisable to carry onr complaint to thefnot of the Throne. Our illustrious Re- gent, who inherits our good old King's regard for the fair sex, will not, we may rest assured, turn a deaf ear to us but instead of presuming to trouble his Royal Highness, or his- servants, in the present situation of the conjugal world, I would in the first instance have recourse to the laws uxorial and let me my country women, earnestly call your immediate attention to the spirit, as well as the letter of the opinion which I lay before you. A WELCH SPINSTER. CASE. In the parish of B. in Wales, there is a mix- ture of languages amongst the inhabitants, viz. Welsh and Eliglisti, aiici the Minister has taken to him a wife unacquainted with the Welch language. Your opinion is requested, whether a woman who cannot converse in both languages, can be legally married to the Minister of such parish ? OPINION. In a parish of this description, I conceive a woman, to be (July. qualified to become the wife of the Minister, ought to be able to converse in the vernacular tongue of both languages, and want of ability, aborigine, might, I think operate as a cause of divorce, a vinculo matrimoiiii.- But Ihe more fair way would be, to enter a caveat before the solemnization, when (he bride elect might appear in Court, produce her licence, and might set forth her loquacity in one lan- guage as an excuse for her ignorance of the other but I conceive this plea rather as an ag- gravation than a mitigation of the offence. Or the bride elect might proceed by quare impedit, when the cause woutd be brought before a jury of Matrons, selected de inediatate linguae. S.M. Doctor's Commons, July 11 th} 1805, Their Imperial HigiHiesst'g lite Ainu. John and Lewis, brothers to the Emperor ot Austria, with their suite, arrived at Leicester on Monday last; on Tuesday niornintr ihey visited manufactory o! Messrs Kelly, of that place, and spent some time in inspecting the machinery; they afterwaids proceeded on their way to Beau Desert, tilt, seat of the Mar- qniss of Anglesey. Caution to Coachmen. — On Monday, Thomas Taylor, driver of the Prince Regent s'ae- coach, was convicted before the Rev. Jona- than Brooks, one of the Magistrates for Lan- cashire, in the full penally of 10!. for furiously driving his horses so as to endanger the lives of the passengers: and on Wednesday, John Baltersby, driver the Liverpool light post* coach, was convicted before Ihe same Magis- trate in Ihe like penally, for a similar offence. A dreadlnl mortality has taken place in lit- tle more than a week, in the family of Mr. Nicholas Chautler, of Staplelnirst. On Thurs- day lhe 26th ult he lost a son, acd ¡¡buul 19 years, and on the Sunday following (whilst attending the funeral of his son) a daughter aged 18 years also expired. And in Ihe course of, the last week, Mrs. Chantler (his wife) also died and likcwise two more of her children, and the three latter were all entombed in oue sepulchre on Sunday.