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Thursday, November 16.

Family Notices

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Forty one persons were last week served with Exchequer processes, in Taunton, for lion-payment of taxes. The Magistrates of Cambridgeshire are so much displeased at 'he hih price of beer, that they still refuse to grant licences to any vic- tualler who will nllt IIromisc (0 fait his beer to 4d. the quart. We learn that the tenants of the Marquis of B«ckii>gha<« have sent iu a Petition, urging the necessity of a reduction of their rents, on Ihescore of the low price of produce; to which the answer given was, that Ihe Marquis t;onktn"t at present say any thing to il that. of) tiie meeting of Parliament, some measures would he brought forward which -nt,i;lit re- lieve them. A Deputation from Burldtr on Trent, con- sisting of J. D. Fowler, Esq.foailrff,and olhers, attended in three ciiaise9, at Beaudeserton the 30th all. to present the handsome Vase voted to the Marquis of Anglesey, by the inhabitants of that town. The tasteful desln and rich aliasing of the Vas were universally admired by the family; and its capacious bowl was filled with a choice vintage on the occasion. In Saturday's Gazelle a Fox and a Goose appear among the Bankrupts. One day last week, Mr. Demeza, foreman of the paper-mill at Lewes, caught an eel, weiglnug about a pound, which had round its body, a lillle above the vent, a brass curtain ring, and so lightly fixed, that notwithstand- ing the slippery nature of the fish, some force was necessary to remove it. There are now living in York thirty-one poor women, whose united ages amount to two thousand four hundred and sixty-eight years, making an average of nearly 80 years each. This fact is ascerLained trcHU vouchers produced for their receiving Queen Elizabeth's Charily, called Cremei Meneyt auuualiy dis- tributed in that city. FAIRS. — Beltws, Llanynnyd, November 20 Aber, Barmouth, 21st; tlangollen, Mold, Dolgelly, Llauu wchlan, 22d Eglwsfach, 24th. Lamp for Coal Mines.—Dr. Clanny has in- vented a laml) io be used in coat mines and Sir Humphrey Davy, who went lately to Sun. derland, remarked that no accident from in- flammable air could happen where used. The presence of the Archdukes of Austria, in this country, brings to recollection the fol. lowing anecdote respecting one of the Impe- rial Family, who with the Archduchess for- merly visited this country. it is extracted from the Ladies Magazine for Oct. 1786:- A singular circumstance occurred as the Archduke of Austria passed through Devizes. A custom has prevailed in lhal place, of which the following is the foundation :-A poor wea- ver passing through the town without money and friends, being overtaken by hunger, and in the utmost necessity, applied for charity to a baker, who kindly gave him a penny loaf. The weaver made his way to Coventry, where, after many years industry, he amassed a for- tune, and by his will, in remembrance of the seasonable charity of the Devizes people, he bequeathed a sum in trust for the purpose of distributing on the anniversary day when he was so relieved, a halfpenny loaf for every person in the town, gentle and simple, and to every traveller who should pass through the town that day a penny loaf. The will is faithfully administered, and the Duke of Aus- tria and his siiite passing through the town on the day of the Coventry loaf, on their way from Bath to Loudon, a loaf was presented to each of them, of which the Duke and Duchess were most cheerfully pleased to accept, and the custom struck the Archduke so forcibly as a curious anecdote in his travels, that he mi- nuted down the circumstance, and the high personages seemed to take delight in break- fasiiug on the loaf thus given as the testimony of gratitude for a favour seasonably confer- red."


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