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LLANRWST NURSEllY. TO BE SOLD, ABOUT 150,000 transplanted THORN QUICKSETS, from 1 (o 3 feet high also very extensive stock of FOREST TREES, *iz. Ash, Elm, Sycamore, Kalian Poplar, Lirae, Birch, Aider, Larch, Spruce, and Scotch 1< ir, *ith different sorts of Seedlings, one and two years old. The Trees are all in a very healthy state, and will be sold upon the most reasonable terms. Enquire of ROBERT ROBERTS, Nursery- man, Llanrwst. • CONWA F. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, THE large and commodious INN", on the great Irish road, between Holyhead and London, through Chester, known by the name of the Bui.t's HEAD, in the town of Conway, in the county of Carnarvon, and now in the oc .pat ion '<:If Mrs. Read. The House consists of several dining rooms, Wd rooms, and omces, with stabies,coach houses £ Hd yards, oil an extensive plan, tit and conveni- 'etitibr the accommodation -of t ravellers. The tenant may be accommodated with any Quantity of valuahle land, near the town, not eX- ceeding 140 acres, on reasonable terms. Apply at Mr. R. WIIJ.USU' Office, its Beau- maris, Anglesey. Llanbedr., &c. Inclosure. I THE Undersigned, Commissioner, acting un- a der an Actof Parliament, passed in the 50th .year of the reign of his present Majesty, intitul- ed, An Act for inclosing Lands in the parishes of Llanaber, Llandri wywe, Llaneuddwyn, bedr, and Llanfair, in the county of Merioneth, Do hereby give JVolice. That I have allotted the commons and waste lands in the said parishes of Llanbedr and Lino- fair, by the said Act directed to be divided and inclosed, to and amongst the proprietors of lands and estates, interested in the same commons and veaste lauds, and that a map of such division and allotment may be inspected by the respective proprietors, at the Office of Messrs Jones and Williams, Solicitors, Dolgelley. And I do hereby also give A'olice, That I, the said Commissioner, will hold a Meeting, for the purposes of the said Act, at the Golden Lion, in Dolgelley aforesaid, on Wednes- day the 22d day of November instant, when and "here I will receive the objections (if any) of the said proprietors, to such division and allot- ment. Given nuder my hand, this 4th day of November, 1S15. WALTER JONES. Brymbo Iron Works & Colliery, oJ NEAR WREXHAM. TO BE LET, ALL those well-known IRON WORKS and COLLIERIES, situate at Brymbo, near NVrexliaiii, ill the county of Denbigh, North Wales, part of the trust tin fates of (he o rnv WILKINSON", Esq. consisting of two blast fur- naces, now at work, with buildings adjoining, which are easily convertible to forges, and other purposes connected with the iron trade a pow- erful blast engine, with otherengines, whimseys, railways, waggons, houses for agents and work- men, and every other requisite for carrying on the iron trade. These furnaces are at full IVork, and the colliery and iron-stone pits opened, so as to furnish without much farther expence, all ample supply of the best, materials for many years to come the buildings and machinery are in perfect working repair, on the most approved plans. The Brymbo pig iron is well known in an extensive district for its extraordinary liveli- lIss and fluidity, making an excellent mixture Itll of her pig iron of a less ductile quality for founder's use, as well as for the forge the "Weekly make is TO to SO tons, with a constant Tegular sale. It, is proposed to let these works, the engines, furnaces, buildings, pits, houses, and fixed ma. for a of ears-t itc present state 01 Til'pair, or equi patent vatue being maintained by the tenant at a reasonable rent and to let the mines at a moderate royalty or rent. The tenant may be accommodated with one or more respectable houses, and any quantity ofexcellent land from one to three hundred acres. The stock, of materials, loose utensils, and machinery, to he valued by proper persons mutually chosen, on entry upon the works the payment to be made convenient to the purchaser a suitable guaran- tee will be required for the performance of the covenants, on the part of the tenants. To any Person or Company wishing to enter nto the iron and coal trade on a respectable scale, in a country affording every facility of carriage and markets, and possessing an adequate capital, this offer must afford every encourage- ment. Application may be made to, and further par- ticulars had from Mr. SAMUEL SMITH ADAM, the Principal Agent, at the Works from JAMES ADAM, Esq. the Acting Executor and Devisee, at Castlehcad, near Milufhorp, Westmorelalld; or from MESSRS. CLAUGHTOW and FITCHETT, Solicitors, Warrington. PURSUANT to a Decree of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer, at Westminster, made in a cause Williams, v. Fairlie," the creditors and Legatees of John Williams, late surgeon of the first battalion of artillery, in the honourable East India Company's service, at Cawnpore. in the East Indies, deceased, are forthwith Peremp- tory to come in by their Solicitors, and prove their respective debts, and claim their respective legacies before Abel Moysey, Esquire, Remem brancer of the said Court, at his Chambers in J the Exchequer Office, in the Inner Temple Lon- don. And in default of such Creditors so coming in, they will be excluded the benefit of ths said decree. H. R, WILLIAMS, Solicitor for the Plaintiff. CARNAJl rONSHIRE. FREEHOLD ESTATES. To be Sold by Private Contract, THE under-mentioned valuable FREE- Js HOLD ESTATES, consisting of excellent arable, meadow and pasture Land, held by te- nants from year to J-ear. Acreage Parishes. Tenements. Tenants. more or lets. A. R. P. Llanbeblig, Tyn y Coed, Owen Jones, 36 2 32 Ditto Tvd(lyit Sais,' Johii Jones, 31 226 Ditto Pant Caehatdd, Morgan Jones, 56 1 21 Llanrug, Erw fawr, David Owen, 8 034 Llanwnda, Rrynbedda, David Jones, 85 0 2 This Lot is subject to a payment of 21. 2s. annually to 1'. j4. Smith, Esq. Llandwrog, Minff^rdd, .R. Benjamin, C. Jones, .23 128 Ditto. Plas m,twr, .u Wî Ili am Robins, 56 2 6 Ditto 5A»A!,otmentofMorfaDinl,aenJ William Griffith, 11 3 4 i C moo, > ^'pennant^ Pant y dreiniog, .R» Morris and G.Thomas.. 173 3 0 Ditto Allotment on Alynyd(I y Ceniiiii Ditto 2 0 0 Ditto ..Ditto Ditto. 22 1 0 Ditto. Ditto Ditto, 25 0 0 Ditto.Ditto Ditto „ 20 0 0 Lots I and 2 lie within a ring-fence, and are delightfully situated upon a gentle eminence,com- manding the unrivalled scenery of the Bay and Ca,tle of Carnarvon, with the beautiful range of mountains, and forming- a very desirable situation for a Gentleman's resi(letice.-Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, are tl)ollt 2 miles, lots 6, 7, and S, about six mites from the excellent market town of Carnar- von, where lime and other manure may be had at a moderate rate. Lot 9 is capable of very great improvement, and may be divided into two or three small Farms, with convenient buildings on each lot. The last-mentioned lots on Mynydd y Cennin, lie together, and may he disposed of in one lot The respective tenants will shew the premises, and further particulars may be had, by anptyins: (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. ROBERT WIL- LLUIS, Land Surveyor, Bangor, or Mr. H. IL WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Carnarvon, where a map ,)f the several lots may be seen, and who are au- thorized to treat L.' the sale thereof. BANKRUPTS. J. Welsh, T. Carter, Great St. Thomas A pos tie, and New Compton street, High Holborn. enit)o,isei-s-It. Hill, Maddresfield, Worcester- shire, fariner-J, Bozward, Worcester, grocer— J. Harrison, Redness, Yorkshire, miller- Wm, Twe.nilow, Winnington, Cheshire, drug vendar- J. Gallimore, jnn. Hamil, Burslem, Staffordsh. dealer and chapman-E. Kent, F Kent, Mark lane, wine merchants- J. Rudhall, Birmingham, draper-To Sandford, Exeter, victualler R. Jones, Eilesmere, Salop, currier T. Smith, Wood street, Cheapside, warehouseman-M.Cal- terell, widow, and S. Cotterell, High Holborn, paper hangers—T. Slatter, lllininster, and Wm. Statter, West Dowlish, Somersetshire, clothiers. -J. and J. Mullett, Uminster, Somerset, flax- spinners—W. Reynolds, Bilstone, Stafford, ja- panners—J. Dalby, Newarke, Leicester, hosier -J. Hoare, Derby, inukeeper-J. E. Hoolboom, Union court, Broad street, merchant—C. King, the Grapes Public-house, Tower street, the Seven dials, victualler— E. Coveny,jun. Mount street, Lamheth, linen draper J. Brunsden. Fore- street, Lambeth, whiting manufacturer J. E. Yates, Holywell street, Shoreditch, pewterer— J. Taylor, Worship street, card maker. ONE DA Y OVER, THE RICHEST WHEEL EVER KNOWN 3 Prizes of X50,000 4 20,000 3 4,000 7 1,000 9 50G 9 300 ) 13 per Cent. Government Stock, or the Value in ? Money, with all the I Rise above 56. J Besides nearly 4,000 other Prizes of = £ 200, -cloo, £50, &c. &c. BEGINS J T NINE O'CLOCK THE MOliNING, Next Thursday, NOVEMBER 16, Which will be the LAST DAY BUT ONE. T. BISH, the Contractor, returns his grateful thanks to his best friends, the Public, for 1 their distinguished patronage in ALL Lotteries, but more particularly for the unprecedented favours he has experienced up to the drawing of the present Lottery, one day of which beiug over, and nearly ALL the Capital Prizes yet undrawn, he has the pleasure to announce the Richest Wheel ever known in the annals of Lotteries.—Tickets and Shares (warranted undrawn) are selling at his fortunate Offices, 4, Cornhill, and 9, Charing Cross, London, and by ALL the Agents in this County.