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'J LONDON, FR J D A Y, N 0 111 15 E R, S. FRANCE.— Extract of a letter from Pondi- •cherry, dated March 6, 1315 -.—The English ;ue now at war with many of the chief powers of India. III Henal they have attacked the King- of Their success against the army of *he King of th«t country,'has been heretofore -various-; hilI iheir troops are sowell disciplrned, and commanded by Officers so experienced-; their -means are so prodigious, that it is impossible for them ultimately to fail. It is believed, that they "would already have been completely victorious, had they not, at fle beginning of the campaign, divide 1 iheir forces too rnuch, and made their first attempts with detachments too feeble. In one of tii. se attacks it wa« that General Gillespie vas killed. lie was certainly one of the best and bravest Queers ever-employed in India hy the The Supreme Govern- ment of -Calcutta ii,.s declared war against. Scin- diah, and it is at Madras that ere long it will also he declared against Holkar. The forces wh'ch the Presidencies of Madras and Bombay have in the field amount to 30,060men. Colonel Doverfon, at t he head of 12,00-0 men, is encamped i on the frontier's of the States of the Rajah of Berar, whom ivc t'oids in check. The Peishwa tlnesjsot seem inclined to dcrach himself from the Briush interests. These different wars will turn out re the advantage of the British Government, which win iii end reduce the Mahrattas to the same condition with the Princes of Hindostan.— General Hislop, Commander in Chief if (tic Ma- dras Army, has assumed tile cornmallil of those in the lieid All the f'siaiul of Ceylon is now in the possess/on oi (he British. Th!s [siand weH i administered, as it will-be by the British, will be- come one of tiie richest countries in the world. A Lieui.enan t Rosey, of the 2d regiment of Chas- seurs ot (lie old Guard, has been condemned to death; ami seven privates and two drummers-of the sallie regiment to ten years in irons, at BourSes, for revo|> and pillage.



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