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Last week the Lord Bishop of this Diocese, and family, arrived from town, at his Lord. ship's Palace, in this city. In the House of Cottittiotiq, on Wednesday se'nnight, in a Committee of Supply, the fol lowing sums were voted, "iz. For the improve- ment of Holyhead Harbour, 12,0001, and for the repairs of I he roads belweeu London and Holyhead, 20.0001. The Denbigh, Flint, Glamorgan, and 16 English regiments of Militia, are destined to relieve those now serving in Ireland. P-Triiimeii! is tobeketit sitting rather longer than expected, in consequence of the absolute necessity tor passing a Bill to regulate the fu- lure expences of the Civil List. On the late exteilql ve collection of Sir G it- bert Heallvcote's rents, a handsome return was made to each tenant, in consideration of the times. The Prince Regent has presented Walter Scott with a golil snuff box, in token of his Royal llighness's approbation of the bard's literary talents. A provincial paper mentions a lady, who was lately married for the tliir,4 lime Lvitlitil thir teen inonths :-this is one way of" husband- ing" her resources. FAIRS Bangor, Aherdaron, Hawardcn, Llanlyllin, 28th June; Sarnfalden, 27lh gian, 28th Newbocough; Riiyd y Clairdy • I ti Llangemiew, 29th; Pwlihely, Flint, Llau fachraeth, 301h. An order has arrived at Plymouth to prepare for shipping (,ff 300,000 ball cartridges, and 20,000 stand of arms. i'hey arc intended for the use of the Royalists, and are to be put on board men of war. We are happy, to learn, that considerable doubt exists of the fate of tj')f,- galiant La Roche Jacquelin. His death has only been slated m accounts derived from the Booapartiats. It is known that a desperate action was fought, and that the rebel General Trasot was wounded oil the occasion. A beggar having besieged aN gouty, tesfy, limping elltteman, who peevishly refused his mile, exclaimed, Ah plase your honour's honour, I wish yourkcart was Hs U'iidcr as y our toes Female Curiosity.—A FEMALE,, anxious to her all (fie pretty things that might be said on the subject of Lady Roseberry's Divorce Bill, actually took her scat in the gallery of the House of Commons, on Wednesday night, In the apparel of a At AN It The Board of Agriculture has voted a Gold Medal to Charles Duncombe, Esq. M. P. for reclaiming from a state of barrenness 250 acres of land which was not worth more tha.n one shilling an acre, some of which now lets al two guineas per acre. More than three years ago, a gentleman in the neighbourhood of Glasgow, put a live toad into a small flower pot, and sunk it two feet in the earth. It was not raised till lately, when the animal was found iu as good health as when covered up. The toad was immediately re- turned to his prison. General Core.-A monument to the memo- ry of this brave Officer has been erected in the church of Gratigehilva,adjuitiiiig Gore'sTown, Kilkenny, ill memory ol his gallant services, by the officers of the 33d regiment. It cannot be forgotten that he met his death whilst gal- lantly heading his division agaiusl Bergen-op- Zoom. A remarkable instance of the wonderful power of gunpowder in blasting, occurred on Monday last, in quarrying stones for building (and of a very hard quality) 011 the side of the mountain parallel with this city. Four men had been employed for some time, and had excavated rather consideraby, causing the rock to overhang progressively nearly lo the summit of the mountain, so that the operation of blasting' became particularly dangerous—it was, however, persevered in, and when the explosion took place, which was exceedingly loud, in the first moment only a few small stones were perceived to fall, when suddenly such a body of rock was seeu III mohon, that the inhabitants of the houses near thebase fled in terror, it appearing, from its great eleva- tion, as if the whole of that, part of the moun- tain was separating from its fastnesses. The reader may form some idea of the magnitude of rock thus seen falling, when we state, that it is supposed to exceed ia weight, 400 Ivua 1 An oruer has been issued from the War Ut- iiee, commanding all out-pensioners of Chelsea Hospital, not exceeding 55 years of age, to appear at the head-quarters of the respective d is: rids in which they reside, to be examined previous to being formed into Royal Veteran Battalion. Those in Auglesea,Carnarvonshire, Denbighshire, and Flintshire, arc to appear al Liverpool on the 9tit amI 10th of July those in Merionethshire, Montgomeryshire, Shrop shire, Staffordshire, and Derbyshire, at New castle, on the same days those in Cheshire and Lancashire, at Manchester, also ou the same days. The following letter was on Friday posted at the Commercial Uooitis, Bristol. In the House of Commons, on Thursday night, Mr. Vansittart stated, that in the approaching contest it was not prohable the enemy would he able to make any great effort by sea, and I Hot Ministers looked forward to a consider- able diminution in the navy, estimates. The fact is, we believe, that Buonaparte has not only stripped his ships f their guns, but hur ried tiie seaitien of fto Ili-" arinies. Orders ha ve consequently been issued by otir Government to discontinue ttie impressment of seamièï Bristol, June 16th, 1815. 44 SIR-I beg to inform you, that t have j'ist received the commands of my Lords Commission- ers of the Admiralty, to discontinue the impress- ing of Seamen, till further orders, 44 I have, &e. MAT DOBSON, 44 Captain R. N. Regulating. To Sir W. J. Siruth, Mayor of Bristol." Saturday's Gazette contains a Proclamation daled the 1st inst. declaring that the re-com- mencement of hostilities renders it expedient to exercise the power vested in his Majesty, aud directing that all soldiers now serving iu his Majesty's army (the veteran battalions ex- cepted), who have been enlisted for limited periods, shall continue to serve therein for three years after the expiration of such Ii- mited periods respective.y.-Also another Proclamation, commanding Aliens coming from any port or place under the dominion of those persons cxercising the powers 01 Govern- ment in France, to be landed at Harwich,Dover* I Newhaven, Southampton, Falmouth, and I Gravescud. Any master of a boat or vessel, landuvg aliens at any other place, without per- mission from the Secretary of State, will incur I a )K!i:iity ot 40l for very person so landed, ami the boat or vessel so lauded to he seized. A third Proclamation, dated on the 2d inst. orders ailAliens who shall have arrived inEng- land siiice April 1st to register themselves in form and mallller asdesenbed 111 this Gazette. The following curious paragraph IS cxt rac/cd from the Journal de Saris of the 4th J,.iiie The most distinguished Members of the British Parliament have their seats 111 the House ot Peers In that house are Lords Grey, Grea vtlle, and Marquis ot Lansdowne, the worthy inheritor of his father's patriotism. This Vlarquis, who was Chancellor of the Exche- quer at the age of 24, quarrelled with the Li verpool famiiy because he was the constant friend of the people. His father was living then, and tiie Marquis was known by the name of Lord H. Petty. Lord Stanhope, who, with the greatest courage, reproached his brother in-law, the late Minister Pitt, for the measure resorted to by the British Government to starve France, has also a seat in the House of Peers —This is the same Lord Stanhope, who, the Ministerial Party declared with ani- mosity against the principle of the sovereignl, of the people adopted by France, said, In ad dresiug the House-, I ou wish, it seems, to appear religiotio-ttien read the famous chap- ter in which the Prophet Samuel explains the grounds on which he opposed the establish- ment of Royalty among the Israelites.'— These are the Members of the Upper House -vho particularly contributed, three years ago, to impose restrictions 011 the power of the Regent—there was then, still a hope of the restoration of the King's health." Ry Calcutta Gazettes we learn, that on the 27tb Nov. the second attack on Kalunga was made, by the trooops under Col. Mawby, to carry by storm and, although the breach had been considered as.practicable, the storming party were beat back with considerable loss. It was on the 30th the garrison evacuated the fort, which Colonel Mawby immediately occu- pied. The annexed are the names of the Ot. ficers who were killed in the attark,-Lieut. Harrington, H.M. 53d regiment; Capt. Camp bell, 6lh Native Infantry$Lieut. Cunning- ham, 13th ditto. Dablin.-A very interesting case of Crim. Con. came on in the Court of Common Pleas, 011 the 9th inst before Lord Morbury, John Guthrie, Esq. v. Peter William Baker Duns lanville Sterne, Esq. The damages were laid at 20,0001. After a long trial, and an examina tion of iiiaiiy.witneises, Lord Norbury chargeu the Jury in brief terms, and in less than 20nit nutes a verdict was found for the plaiutilf- Five Thousand Pounds damages, besides costs A new military club is talked of, to consist of 2,000 field officers, and none of any other profession to be of the Club. We have bean much against deliberating soldiers, alluding to non-commissioned officers and privates aiu, why not against deliberating officers?—"This system of clubbing," says a Sunday Paper (Kent's Dispatch) produced the French rev.' Iution, and all its long train of sanguinary consequences, involving the denationalizing or demoralising, olle balf of the c'mlized world.