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Liverpool Arms Inn, Beaumaris I £ T WILLIAM JACKSON, I BEGS leave to return his mort grateful thanks to his friends and the public in gene- ral, for the kind Support which he has received, since opening the above Inn; and most respectful- ly begs leave to inform Travellers and Other Geu- ilemeu visiting Beaumaris, that he has tiffed up bisHouse with good beds, and every other com- fortable accommodation, for their recepiÍon. and assures them no attention or exertion t,;¡.U be spared on his part, in hopes of meriting their fu- ture favors. Dinners, t-ea, snacks, &c. ou the shortest notice. Choice stock of Foreign and British spirits, cyder, draught and aottled porter, aad home- brewed ale. i N. B. Good Stabling, &c. Beaumaris, Maydih, 1815. -4f- t. > '?' V CONWAY. rt TO BE LET, And entered upun the 13th November, 1815, ri^lriE large and commodious INN, on the H great Irish road, between Holyhead and London, through Chester, known by the name of the BvfLS HEAD, in the town of Conway,,jn the county of Carnarvon, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Read. The House consists of several dining rooms, bed rooms, and offices, with stables, coach houses and yards, on an extensive plaa, fit and conveni- ent for the accommodation of travellers. I The tenant-may be accommodated with any quantity of valuable land, nsar the town, not ex- ceeding 140 acres, on reasonable term's. .Apply at Mr. it. WILLIAMS' Office, in Beau- maris, Anglesey. CARNARVON. TO BE SOLD BY ATJCTION, BY J. ROBERTS, On Tuesday the 30th of Ilav, and following days, unlit all is disposed of—unless sold by private contract, and of which due notice shall be given, THE Stock of HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, the property of the Rev. J. Low- TiY, in Bangor street; consisting of good bed' fcedsteads and bedding; three dozen Trafalgar ,ar tnahogany chairs, tables, carpets; kitchen uten- Fils, jack, and excellent eight day clock, in mar Jsogany case, with hrewing apparatus and casks, ail sweet and in-good repair. The Interest in the Lease of the Hoose and Premises, which terminates November, 1819, and which is equal to any situation in Carnarvon, for air and prospect, will be offered for sale at 1-2 the ftrstday. The House is in perfect repair, contains a good sized dining, and two drawing rooins, to the best part of the Menai; six bed roohis, one of them large enough for two beds, with kitchen, three pantry's, excellent cellars, back kitchen or brewhonse larder, stables, arde/J, &c. The rent and customary taves of the two last years about £42. per annum. I The Leuse of the House enn be extenrlerl by f *fci! p«uer. T"f)r particulars applv the pre-1 •Biises, a!»d for viewing alier —— | ANGLESEY. I Jlliosfawr, Mynydd Llanfair, and Ynys Inclosures. 'fD BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At tlir dwelling-house of Mary Roberts, known b' the name of Storehouse well, in the parish jf Llanfairmathaferneithaf, in the county of Anglesey, on Thursday the 1st day of June, 1815, between the hours of one and fouro'clock in the afternoon, by theCorumissioners or lte- ferees appointed by the proprietors, for divid- ing and inclosing the Commons and Waste Lands, in the said parish of Llaufairmathafern- eithaf. several Lots hereunder mentioned, I J§L parts of the said Commons and Waste Lands, in order to raise money to defray the charges and expences of carrying on, and com- pleting the said Inclosures subject to such con- ditions of sale as will be then produced. LOT r. A Piece of Rtiog-fawr Common, near Store- house weft aforesaid, as the same is now marked out, containing la. 3r. 20p. with a Lime-kiln thereon, lately built by Hugh Wynne, Esq. 'LOT II. s Another piece of the said Common, adjoining the fast lot on the north west side, as the same is now marked out, containing la. 3r. 7p. of Lime- stone rock, very convenient either to build a Wind-mill, or to erect a Lime-kiln thereon. LOT IIf. Another piece of the said Common, adjoining the last lot on the north west side thereof, as the same is now marked out, containing la. lr. 39p. with a new Lime-kiln standing thereon, and a good quarry already opened. There will be a right of road reserved to go through this lot to Jot 4. LOT IV. Another piece of the said Common, adjoining north east on the last lot, as the same is now marked out, containing la. Or. 27p. being a like rock, and very advantageously situated for Lime- kilus. I.OT V. A vgry valuable Quarry of Mill-stones, well- opened and worked, containing (with the Ease- ment proposed to be attached thereto), 2a. 2r. 4p. as the same is now marked out, to which allot- r.)eiitt it is iutended to reserves right to Cut a drain from the said Quarry, at the north end thereof, through Pant Eiflon old and new Inclo- sures, to the main drain running under Pont Fari; and also a right of road over the said Easement, to a house called Ty Ronw, and allot aients adjoining, the same. The Surveyor, who will be in the said parish markiog out the several allotments to the pro- prietors until the Sale, will shew the above lots, and for further particulars apply to Mr. RotmRT PHICUARD, Solicitor, Llwydiartb Logob, An- GLESEY. This is to give Notice, THAT if the person who left a Bay Horse -1 at Mrs. Parry's, the si,-n oft he King's-'lead, in Holyhead, on the 6(h inst does not take him away on or before Saturday the third day of June next, the same Will be Sold by Public Auction; in the town of Holyhead, in order to defray the expenses already incurred, and such other inci- dental expences as may arise from the day of the date hereof. The above horse is about 7 years old, and 16 hands high. Aing's-head, Ilolyltead, JVJ. PARRY. May 16th, 1815. To Afrs. JOHNSOX, 94, Newman Street, •LONDON, MADAM, HAYING seen in the different Newspapers several extraordinary cases of the good tr- 'I fects the SOOTHING SYRUP has had l fault, during dentition, has emboldened i k. tost j tke-Cfsse of my little girl, which 1 tb >fc any mother has read, will never he Without T Syrup, as aoon as they find their chil.itcu are teething. Mine is a miracle, when you think of a seven-months child, bOfllwith'fit: and was se- ven iveeks before she had strength to cry you, my dear Madam, must be sure, when she began to cut her teeth, what she must suffer suffice it to say, that she .was near two years old before she had any. During-that time she was dread- fully convulsed. When my husband bought the first bottle, she was not expected to lire the day through, but no sooner was her gums rubber, than we perceived her to be easier, and ill her teeth came without any more fits. I am, Madam, your's respectfully, Jan. 9,1815. C. SMITH. No.2, Windsor court, Strand. To be had of the Proprietors, Johnson afid Williams, No. 94, Newman street, Oxford street, London; and by all the principal medicine-vend- ers in town and country, at 2. 9d. n bottle. CAUI-.O».—Be sure to ask for Johnson and Williams's American Soothing Syrup, as there are several spurious sorts. THEATRE OF ANATOMY, MEDICINE, §c. BLENHEIM STREET, Great Marlborough. Street, London., ri^HE Summer Course of Lectures at this Jl School will begin on'Monday, June 5th, 1815. Anatomy, Physiology, and Surgery, by Mr. Brookes, daily, at seven in the Morning. Dis- sections as usual guring the Summer. Theory and Practice of Physic, by Dr. Ager, daily, at Two. Chemistry and Mineralogy, by Dr. Agerjevery Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, (beginning June 6th), at Three. Geology, Botany, and Zoology, by Dr. Urine, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at Twelve. Three Courses are given every year. Farther particulars may be known of Mr. Brookes, at the Theatre Dr. Ager, 69, Marga- ret street, Cavendish square or Dr. Brine, 38, Great Marlborough street, respectively. Dr. Ager will resume his Lectures on Materia Medica in October. next. AKSUAL Shew of Cattle and Sheep, AT WYNNSTAY, On Fj-idaij the 15th of 1815. SIR WATKIN WILLIAMS WYNNE, Bart, proposes giving the following Prizes for the encouragement of Agriculture, in North Wales, and tiie Hundreds of Oswestry and PioihilJ, in Shropshire A PLLCK of PLATE to the person who shall produce-a swing-plough, with two horses abreast and one man to attend it,which shall plough half an acre of ground in four hours, iu the best and most husbatidiike manner. To the ploughman holding the same, TWO GUINEAS the ploughman holding the second- best ONE GUINEA; due consideration will be paid to the merit of the implement, laboftr of the horses, and cleanliness of the furrow, shouldvhey be equal in the time of performing the work.— Notice of their intention to daim,the premiums, to be sent to Mr. Ormiston, Wynnstay, on or be- fore the 1st September, IS 15, that the parcels of land to be determined by lot, may be prepared for the candidates. The ploughs to be at Bod- yllton farm, Wyunsfay, by nine o'clock in the morning, when .the men will draw lots for their ground the ploughs to start at ten o'clock pre- cisely. A premium of TEN GUINEAS to any person who shall invent, and produce at Wynnstay Shew, iSIS, the best Agricultural Implement, the cost of which shall not exceed twenty-five pounds; simplicity and cheapness of construction being deemed essential parts of its merit. The above premiums are open to any person whatever. A SILVER CUP to the person who shall breed and produce at Wynnstay, 1815, the best pen of three one-year-old short wool ewes. A smatier SILVER CUP for the second-best, the same person not to have both premiums.— The candidates to produce certificates, tiiat the sheep have been regularly kept with their "flock until the time they were sent to be exhibited. A SILVER. CUP to the person who shall breed and produce at Wynnstay Shew, 1815, the best ihree-yeai-old heifer, which shall have pro- duced a calf this year, and be id milk at the time of shew due attention will be paid to the qua- lity of flesh and milking. A smaller SILVER CUP to the seond.bcst;- the same person not to have both premiums. A SILVER CUP to the person who shall breed and produce at Wynnstay Shew, 1815, the best one-year-old sow pig. The stock intended to be shewn for the pre- miums, must have been bred by the claimant himself, who must be a resident of the above districts, or a member of the Wrexham &gricul- tural Society, and be at James's farm, Wynnstay, the preceding evening, or before nine o'clock on the day of shew. A few Devon Cattle, and about two hundred Ewes, will be Sold by Auctiop before dinner, aud the Tups Let in the evening. No person to be admitted to dinner without a ticket, which will be given to gentlemen and agriculturists in the morning. No premium whatever will be awarded, unless in the opinion of the judges there appears suffi- cient merit. All stock intended to be shewn, intimation of the same must be given to Mr. ORMISTON, one week previous to the meeting-, that pens, jnajr be prepared, (Goat Inn, Castle Green, CARNARVON. I THOMAS WILLIAMS, | HARBOUR MASTER, G.,RA T EFULLY impressed with the distin- %A guished favours he his already received from his numerous friends, most respectfully begs leave to inform those Gentlemen and others, that by his assiduous attention he fully anticipates a share of public favour; as he has been particti. krly careful to provido the Choicest Wines, Li. quors, and home-brew ed Ale, Commercial Tra- vellers may rely on good accommodation and 1 comfortable bed, with excellent stabling for their horses. A neat, gig aud post chaise, wilh careful drivers, Oil the shortest notice. From Carnarvon to Bangor 9 Miles, j —to B-eddgelert 13 miles. | —to Pwllheli 2o miles. j

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