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We are happy to acquaint our readers that the tpwn of Beaumaris has resolved to eslah. lish a Charity School, on Dr. Bell's plan, for the instructIOn 01 the mtant poor (sec ndvt.) A meeting of the inhabitants was held for that purpose on Tuesday last, at which Sir Robert Williams, Bart. presided. The resolul ions agreed to are drawn up in the most liberal and charitable terms, and cannot fail of ensuring complete success to the Establishment. Every praise is due to Sir R Williamsan.d the Gen ilemen of the town, for their laudable exertion in bringing the matter forward, and we sin- cerely hope the necessary subscription will be soou tilled up. We cauuot in adequate terms express our admiration -of the fresh instance of Lord and Lady Bulkeley's unbounded munifi- cence. in offering to provide a Master and Mis. tress from the National Society in London, for the school-, at their own exiietice. Such acts of charity and benevolence are above praise. Carnarvon Fair, on Tuesday last, was more fully attended than has been known for many years cattle of all kinds fetched good prices Horses were in great demand, and those of good appearance obtained an immediale sale, at h gh prices. The Hon. Col. O'Niel, and Lieut. Colonels Parry and Ogilvie, landed yesterday near Ain- hvch, from the Minerva Packet. from New York to Liverpool. Commodore Sir James Yeo, Comm inder of the Fleet upon Lake Ontario, in Canada, and several other British Officers, as well as a Swedish Envoy, were amongst the passfen *ers. Thev had a quick but very tempestuous n&ssage. The recent changeof affairs upon the ConI inentofElIrope was not ktiowli ti) them uniil they were near the British These gentlemen state, that the eace i,,i so popular with the Ameri- cans, that they play God save the King" at the public assemblies, and the fifst toast ai tbe dinners with which the hospitality of the gentry of New York greeted their former -enemies, was, His Britannic. Majesty, and prosperity lo'England -I THE CAMBRIAN PATRIOT—Ou Thursday evening l"Si, distinguished patriot, Sir W; VV- Wynn, Bart., accompanied by his (MOtlier, H. W.Wynn, Esq. and Mrs. Wynn, p sseri through Bala, oil a visil to their beau ti u,- ilb of Glanliyn, situate at the top ofiiie ake of Pembl'MTiere. Although scarcely half an hour's information of his approach was blamed, yet such was tlie eagerness of the '!<habilaiits of Bala to shetv their respect to so worthy a nobleman, I bat. a vast crowd assem bled in a few minutes, anil proceeded to,- -rt on through the town. The horses were aken from the carriage, and he was drawn through the town amidst the acclamations of all ranks, who vied wi111 each other to pay their tribute of respect t# him. There were ihree stands erected in different parts of the di town, 011 each of which was placed a barrel of Cwrw da, and the air resounded with eiitlni siaslic applause. The worthy Baronet ap- peared highly pleased with the respect shewn hltn. and continued bowbg in the (nost cotit-, plaisant manner while passing through the town. The horses were hen put to the -car riage, and he proceeded tn his way to Glan llyn At Fair-vach fair, on tie 5th inst. there was a l-arge shew of prime cittle, but the prices were low, and the greater part remained un soid. Green peas sold on Ttieiday in Covent-Gar- den market, Loudon, at 3s the peck At the Court at Caritou House, the 0th of May. 1815 ;-his Royal Highness the Prince it) Council, appointed John Marquis ot Bute, to be Lord Lieutenant of the county of Glamorgan. Mr William Todd, Printer of the Sheffield Mercury, iHlsbecn appointed Postmaster of Sheffield, in the room ot llichard Griffiih.Esq. who is.nominated Agent tor hts Majesty's pack- ets at Holyhead. Among the cheering prospecls held out to the Parisians, and to the people of Franc?, to tturottctie thell) to the new order of thiiiffs, we may notice that the heights around the Capital are ordered to he fortified, and that able engi- nfers .¡rè twsupeiiutend this rieccssaty work 1 Smuzglin* Hoax -Witliiii rhchsL fortnight 5he inhabitants of North Shields and its vicini- ty have been fleeced of about jg-3000, by aman selling them smuggled gin at 12s. 6d. per gal- l-i't S—'A pint 01 tUe real xluff, contained in a i n tube, and artfully fixed m j\ cask of sell i&aier,answered the vender's purpose very well. Last week, Gaffers Brown, and Morgan, and a woman, commonly called Old Betty,casually met at the Royal Oak, at Havykhurst, for a dtnp of comfort, and on reckoning op their ages, they togeiher alllollUtec to 266 years— el ;he men being each 87, and BeMy 93. FAIRS.—Yspwity, 21st May'; Rhuabon, 22d.. Criccielh, 23(1; Cynwyd, Festinio", >A inlyllyn, 24ih I'aihain, 2«tb. On Sunday the neighbourhood of Bayswater w is thrown into the greatest confusion, by the appearance of a remarkably fine large dog, of the Newfoundland breed, labouring under the Hydrophobia. He attacked aii-d leverel w,,tjiidt-d a gentleman. After the itilinial,was shot, but nut Ultlit he had hit ten several dogs, which it is hoped, will share tne same fate, to prevent the dreadful effects -.f so very dangerous a contagion. Friday afternoon a singular plwHwrncnon, of Ihe human species, was introduced to the I Royal Family. A male youth, n.early26 Jeafs of age. but only 27. inches high, and weighs only IS pounds. He is ,wellmape in propor- tion to his size, and speaks the French and German languag flueutlv--was born near m Harlaem, iu Holland, aikd is t'lic goii of a fisherman. Both House? of Parliament adjourned on Friday to Thursday next. In the House of Commons, Lord Castlereagh gave notice of a motion on that day for {eave lo bring in a Bill to cnahle hl Majesty to call out the whole of the Militia, HIs Lordship has been gradually developing his determiuatiou for war, and this we presume, is his last step. The actual Dc"- chr'àtîoll of War, îfis prcsumed,willpol e i delayed beyond that day. Execution-— On Monday, William Sawyer was executed, in presence of a large concourse ot spectators, for the Wilful murder of Harriet Gaskell, in,Portugal. This unfortunate young I man, of whom so much has recently appeared in the public prints In regard to his, unhappy case, appeared extrernelydejected during the awlul cereniotiv he was with difficulty brought on the scaffold by the executioner and his assistant, at eight o'clock, on which he was, for a few minutes, attended by a clergy- Ulan, when a signal was made tor his depar- ture out of this world,on which he waslauach- led into eternity, and died without the least appearance of emotion. A report has for some tune prevailed that Lord Melville, fully aware of the insufficiency and defects of the medical department of1 the navy, constituted as its board i. a-tpre-I sent, where such wide and extended duties, as well as great patrouage, devolve on an indi- vidual medical commissioner, very wisely me dilates a itew arratigenielit. Every report concurs that a new system is much required, aud caontttukc place too toon. On Monday se'nnight,was opened the branch canal between the river Non, at Northampton, and the Grand Junction Canal, which gives a water communication from Northampton to all parts of the kingdom. The day being re- markably fine, a great multitude of persons I assembled to witness the first arrival of the boats, several of which were laden with various kinds of merchandize, manufactured goods, &c.-&c from Ireland, Liverpool, Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire. Staffordshire. Derbyshire, Warwickshire, London, Bristol, &e. titc. and upwards of twenty with coals. The intense cold which succeeded to the sud- den and unseasonable heat of the weather, to wards the end of March, has, it is said, occa sioned^reat ravage iu the premature vegetation in France.-Throughont the whole of Lor- raine, Alsace, the Departments of La Moselle, La Meuse, &c. the young blossoms are all bli Iited.-tic)t an apple, not a cherry, not a walnut is to be expected everyarticle of con- siimplioii is increasing in price, and great dis- content reigns among the peasantry; but their complaints are completely subjugated by fear, and the ascendancy of the military. On Wednesday se'nnight, between four and five in Ihe morning, a most awful catastrophe occurred at Heaton Colliery, near .Newcastle, by thehrertking in of a quantity of writer from one of the old workings, to which the pitmen had unhappily approximated too closely. By this calamity thirty men and forly boys, it is to be feared, have perilled. On Wednesday evening, the depth of the water at the shaft of the pit was about twenty four fathoms, and at that time it was increasing, in defiance (if all human efforts. From a very faint of hope, an attempt was made at an old pit, a little south west from the other, with a view, if possible, to open a communication with the workings, but the sides of the pit fell ill, and other difficulties presenting themselves, pre- clude much hope of any of the sufferers ben rescued alive, although no exertions are spared by the proprietors and their agents On Saturday morning a young woman fell from a three pair of stairs window which she was cleaning at a watch-maker's house, in Gracechurch street, near Thames street. A soldier who was on the opposite side of the way seeing the part of the window hy which she held give way, and that she was in the act of falling, ran across to receive her in his arms, but she fell with such force on him that he was struck senselessfo Ihe ground,and both bodies were carried in apparently a life, less state to the Hospital, where, though nei- ther had a bone broke, they lie without the hope of recovery. Messrs Evans & Jelf, of the Gloucester Old Bank, the stoppage of which was announced if) our la-it, have published an advertisement, stating that in consequence of the conduct of their London agenis, (the particulars of which they will publish) they are unable to resume the business upon the high ground on which alone they desire to continue the concern; that they have made up their minds to wind up their affairs and that every creditor may rest assured, there is not the smallest risque of ultimate loss. All that the partHers request is time to convert their resources." One day last week, on opening a bale of cotton wool, at the mil1 of Messrs. Grimshaw, White House, greatly to the astonishment of all present, a sinall tortoise Was turned out it at the time appeared to be in a torpid stale, but on being washed, and a short time expos ed to the open atr, it became animated and lively, it must have I)ecii at least six months totally excluded from the air, deprived of food and motion, and may have lyeen so for two years, as it frequently happens, that cot tOil wool has been so long packed before it comes to the hand of the niatiufacttirer. We are informed, from various quarters, that the greatest inducements arc held out by some pecple in this towu, to entice manufacturers and handicraftsmen to emigrate to America ] the public houses frequented by the manufac- turers are visited by these agents, and money to a considerable iunount, with various other tempting advantages^ are held out, in order to procure the most valuable workmen to aban- don their country. This is a most serious evil, which should be strictly watched, and the pc iiatlies enforced. We hope an example may soon be made the penalty by the 23d Geo Ii. chap. 13, 5001. for the first uffcnce, and 10001, for the second.Birmingham Paper. The following insiance of the fatal effects of drinking occurred last week to one of Ihe swinish multitude; a person iii the parish of Lolhnot fcarin" a wisit from the Excisemen, concealed a cask of whiskey in his pig-slye.- The pig, perhaps, conceiving this Was the only chaftceot tasting a !iqnor so much admired by Ihe about re moving the cohering, which having accom- plished,'he abstracted the cork, by the help of the cloth which enveloped it. He drank about a pint of ihe whiskey, which put hiro in such -a flow of spirits. that it was dangerous to ap- proach him At lait, the usual effects of in- ebriety appeared, and down he fell. Milk, oil, &c. were poured down his throat, ul in vain the poor pig fell a sacrifice to drinking ardent spirits to excess. • H Literary -Fund -The anniversary of fhi* i j institution-took place on Saturday last at the -Freemasons'Taveru, the Duke ot';JCenf in the Chair. After dinner his Royai Highness ad- dressed the company, dwelling with much eloquence on the benefits of literature to the community, observing < that authors were a class of men who were locked up in their study and consequently such individuals 8td not pay much attention to their own private Interests; they therefore have a claim upon the bounty and gratitude of the public. The IJon. Mr. Lyttleton, Sir B. Hobhouse, Sir J. C, Hippes ley, the Lord Mayor, &c. also addressed the company ui proposing healths or returning thanks- The Treasurer read the list of the dpuaïrons to the Society, at the head of which was, as usual, the Prince Regent's hilf yearly gift of 1051. being the nineteenth contribution of his Royai Highness to this benevolent fartd. Amongst the donations there was also lOOl from the Committee of the Stock Exchange, as part of the profits of the late hoax. After slating the sums received and disbursed by the slating the sums received and disbursed by the I Society in the course of the year, he stated the balance in favour of the Society to he 5SU. 6s. 9d. His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, Sir Jas. Mackintosh, Lords Byron and Thuriow, are some of the Stewards lor the year ensuing. Falconry.-Aftcr thcRaces at Newtronrk< I on illondty laqt, the Subscription Hawks rf Lord Rivers, Major Wilson, Mr. Downes, and others, were flown off at some rooks in the Flat,on which they pounced with great avidity, and speedily brought tiiem dowu fo the great entertainment of the numerous spektalors.— The same sport was continued on Tuesday.

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