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VVAit D E PA RIM E N T. The Minister at War to the Prefects, Su'Prefects and Mayors of ihe Empire. Paris, May 3, 1815. Sirs,-Ir vve arc obligeil to talie up arciis again for the defence of out independence and our firesides, what cause can be more just or holy t- What cause should inspire us with more unani- mous and energetic efforts ? It is the cause of a great people, whrch will he free, and master of itself, against an ebraged league, which would impose oil it dishonourable I laws. On the success of this straggle depends the existence of France. France, therefore, should exert, for its defence, all the resources which na- ture, the art, the genius, and the courage of its inhabitants can ofrer. The Emperor is with us; the happy revolu- tion which has restored him t,) us has redoubled our strength, has completed our ranks, has rcviv- ed in our hearts all our hopes. On the first violation of cur frontiers, the Emperor will be at, the head of his victorious battalions, and Europe shall acknowledge iu us the race of heroes. But while he will fight for the honour and integrity of the Empire, he must reckon on the co-operation of a!! Frenchmen. 11 All constituted authorities, every citizen, should second, iu all respects, and by ali kinds of partial resistance to the enemy, *hc great move- lieni which his genius will give the impulse to the masses whose success will thus become infal- lible, and insure our safety. Let every mails therefore, he ready and contribute all his means to repulse every insult on the national honour— every attempt at invasion. No one is now ignorant, that France, if loy- ally defended in 1814, at ail the points of its ter- ritory, would have been the tomb of its devasta- tors. They are oniy formidable fur those who sutler themselves to be frightened with threats, which seldom could have becu followed by any consequence. "11 more real forces penetrate into some of our departments, let obstacles of every kind mul- tiply on their P,sa,-e-let their convoys, their detachments, he destroyed or ecit off its march-let active correspondence be kept up eve- ry wbere-let fbcmilitary chiefs promptly le- ceive intelligence of the least news, Let the inhabitants of the country dispute even along the defiles, the roads, the marshes, the passes, the hollow roads. This war, without danger to those who know the localities, honour- able and useful to the citizen, who defends his property, will he for the foreigner ig- uorant of the land an(llanluac. Let the small- I est town, let insulated houses, tniils, enclosures, I become, by the bravery, industry and intelligence oi its defenders, posts capable of retarding the enemy. Let the gates and the walls of the towns be repaired—let the bridges be fortified ;.n,l r'pf>iul- I ed-let the example of Tournos, of Chalons, of St. John de Lome, of Langres, of Compeigne,&c. inflame She emulation of all the cities-et them ail be disposed to deserve, at time of need, the same culogiums from Iheir Sovereign, the saint gratitude for their country When that is in dan- ger,every magistrate is a every citizen is a soldier. Ail Frenchmen knew the laws of honour and duty; no one will excuse him- self to the names, equally disgraceful in their eyes, of coward or traitor; and the Emperor after having insured their peace, for which he will fight, will only have to decree signs of honor or civic crowns. Be assured, Sirs, &e. &c.