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I Dissolution of Partnership. NOTICE IS HERE3Y GIVEN, THAT the Partnership between EVAN PRITCHARD and WM. ROBERTS, of Llanrwst, Shopkeepers, under the firm of Prit- chard and Roberts, has been dissolved by mutual consent.—Any persons having, any claim on the said concern, are desired to send in their ac- counts and all persons indebted to the same, are respectfully solicited to pay the same, without loss of time, so as to enable the parties to have a final settlement. EVAN PRITCHARD. WILLIAM ROBERTS. hlanrizst, April 26,1315. t (~v u • v III' aboard. TVAN PRITCHARD, Llanrwst, impressed .A with a grateful sense of the many favours and liberal support he bas received, during the time he has been in trade, and begs leave to re- turn his most sincere thanks to his friends aud the- public in general, and to irjforiR them, lie intends carrying on the trade as usual, in its se- veral branches, and has laid in a. large assortment of GOO OS, which wili be solfl on the most rea- sonable terms.. N. B. A constant supply of excellent double and single Brown Stout and Mild Porter, in liiirrels and half barrels, and in bottles containing three dozen in each hamper also old strong Taunton Beer, in bottles. An Apprentice wanted. Notice to, Debtors and Creditors. ALL persons indebted to the Estate of Mr. Ralph Manley, late of the city of Chester, deceased, carrier, are desired to pay their respec- tive debts to Manley and Co. at their office, in Chester. And all persons to whom the said Rálph Manley war, indebted at the time of his decease, are desired to send in the particulars of their respective demands, to Manley- and Co. that the same may be immediately discharged in due course. t': -i"- TiiE LATE J\lr. Ralph Manley. THE REPRESENTATIVES of the late A Mr. Ralph Manley, beg leave to inform their nUiJHroUS friends and the public, that the extensive carrying concerns by water, in the firm of R, Mauley and Co. will he carried on as usual; and they trust that on the late sudden and nielan choly event of his death, no advantage may be taken of their not having sooner issued this no- ti?.o,t>ut that they may continue to enjoy, in the fullest manner, that liberal share of public patro- nage and support, which was given to their late parent, to iio exertions will he spared. ALL IN ONE DAY: Another Golden Lottery, Another PRiZE of £ 30,000 And 3,000 more GUINEAS in GOLD" j Will begin and finish Saturday the 13th of May, ONLY 5,000 TICKETS. N thanking the Public for their past distin I JB. guished favours, T. BtSH feels it his DUTY to solic-it their attention to the following REMARKS: Upwards of Thirteen Thousand Tickets WERE SOLO in the Lottery just finished.—The present Lottery contains but FIVE THOUSAND TICISKTS, vitli a Thirty Thousand Pound Prize, and Three ;Tiiotis.,iii(i Guineas in Gold, &c. &c.-As it will be IMPOSSIBLE to meet the wishes of all who purchased in the Last Lottery, and T. BISH, as Contractor with Government, being obliged to furnish the other Otlice-keepers with a fair pro- portion of thfe Tickets, he earnestly intreats an immediate purchase, or he fears many of his Friends must be disappointed. SCHEME. 1 .of £ 20,000 is s £ 20,000 1 1 10,000 10,000 l 2,100 2,100 2. 525. 1,050 ■ 4 200 800 6 100". 600 9. 50 450 1,000. 15 15,000 5,000 X50,000 The P20,000 Prize will receive £10,000 more, making a PRIZE, of £ 30,000. 2)lh Blank will receive 2,000 Guineas in Gold! 50th Blank will i-eceive 500 Guineas in Gold 100th Biank wiH receive 500 Guineas in Gold II AS SOON AS DRAWN. ¡, Tickets and SJiares are Selling by W. EVANS, Auctioneer, Dolgelley. n. TAYLOR, Musis Warehouse, Chester. Alrs. OAKELEY, Library, Swansea. W, COX, Bookseller, Aberystwiih. J. POTTER, Bookseller, Haverfordwest; J. SANDFOIID, Bookseller, Shrewsbury. J. DAWSON, Bookseller, Stockport. n. PARKER, Bookseller, Whitchurch. T. KAYE, Bookseller, Liverpool. A. FOX, Bookseller, Nantwich. Y AGENTS TO BISH, the Contractor, 'i 4. Cornhill, and 9, Charing Cross, London, T WHO SOLD All the three Prizes of 130,000 > jk, IN THE LAST LOTTERY. N. B. All the Tickets or Shares that remain un- sold must be sent to London by FRIDAYS POST, 12th of MAY. I PRICNE ARTHUR* I To be Sold, ,1:.¡(.lt A BEAUTIFUL dark brown slrong honey STALLION, three years old, sixteen hands high, and well broke in,got by that well knfewn horse King Arthur.—For particularsapply at the Office of this Paper, if by letter, post paid. ——————————————————.————————-— To be Let Furnished, FOR THE YEAR, HALF YEAR, OR QUARTER, A Small modern built COTTAGE, delight- fully situated, overlooking the river of Con- way, and would be a most desirable Bathing re- sidence for the summer.—For particulars, apply (if by letter, post paid) to Mr. T. ROBERTS, Grocer, Con-way. May 6th, 1815. FESTINIOG AND MAENTWROG Turnpike Road. KOTlCEis hereby Given, that a special Meeting of the acting Trustees of the said Road, will be held at Tan y bwicfi Inn, on Wed- nesday «hiv,i7th day of May, 1815, for the nur. pose of taking into consideration the propriety of erecting a roll-h" Gate, or Gates, on the said road, and lane leading into the same from Traeth mawr, at or near Carreg pen y svftin, in the parish of Llanfrothen, in the county of 1\1 è- rioneth. RICHARD EVANS. Clerk to the said Trustees. Dated 26th April, 1815. cotrwAV. TO BE LET, And entered upon the 13th November, 1815, rjpiflE large and commodious INN, on the JN. great Irish road, between Holyhead and London, through Chester, known by the name of the BULL'S HEAD, in the town of Conway, in the county of Carnarvon, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Read. The'HoUsc consists of several dining rooms, bed rooms, aad offices, with stables, coach houses and yards, on an extensive plan, fit and conveni- ent for the-accommodatioii of travellers. The tenant may be accommodated with any quantity of valuable land, near the town, not ex- ceeding 140 acres, on reasonable terras. Apply at Mr. R. WILLIAMS' Onice, in Beau- maris, Anglesey. c 11 P, N i ie TO BE S 0 t, 1) BY AUCTION, BY J. ROBERTS, On Tuesday the 30th of i\lay, and f0!!lJwing- :1ays tiniil ail is disposed or-UiliCSS So!-II by private' contract, and of which due notice shall be given, ripHE Stock of HOUSEHOLD FURM- J1 TURE, the property of the itev. J. Low- RY, in Bangor street; consisting, of good beds, bedsteads and bedding; three dozen Trafalgar mahogany chairs, tables, carpets; kitchen uten- sils, jack, and excellent eight day clock, in ma- hogany case, with brewing apparatus and casks, all sweet and in good repair. The Interest in the Lease of the House and I Premises, which terminates November, ISHI, and which is equal to any situation in Carnarvon, for I air and prospect, will be offered forsaleat 12 the first day. The House is in perfect repair, contains a good Î sized dining, and two drawing rooms, looking to the best part of the Menai; six bed rooms, one of them large enough for two beds, With kitchen, three pantry's, excellent cellars,, back kitchen or brewhouse larder, stables, garden, &c. The rent and customary taxes of the two last years about per annum The Lease of the House can he extended hy the owner. For particulars apply on the pre- mises, and for viewing after the 1,irh, ANGLESEY TO BE SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, On the premises at Glynn Farm, near Redwharf, in the said county, on Tuesday the 16th day of. May, 1815, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, sub- ject to conditions of sale, TH FOLLa WING LOTS OF VALUABLE X TIMBER. Ask. Sycam; Oak. Beech. Limes. Now cross cut, marked anil lying in tlis Lol" ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. following Fields or Taclosures. 1 81 150 — — — } In the road and west side of the Orchard. 2 167 £ JOli — — — Cae coed Rhesi. 3 59| 75g — — — Cae moch, and Hedge near Tymawr. 4 IS0|- "5 — — — Cae erw Erllig. 2 4 IS0|- "5 — — — Cae erw Erllig. 5 i61 62 — — — Cae Ty bach. < 6 199 48' — — — Y Wern.. £ f -• 1 66| 116|- — — — Cae Cowper. 8 S8| 102 — — —* Yr Erw, Road, and Court. 1 6G 116 — — — Cae Cowper. 1 66| 116|- — — — Cae Cowper. 8 S8| 102 — — —* Yr Erw, Road, and Court. 9 — 41 — — I In the Court. 4 10 I — — At the back of the House. ]} — — J — — 176 In the Orchard, and Cae Coed RhesiY; 12 — 534 | — — In the Orchard. 10 — I 62 At the back of the House. ]} 'I — — I- — — 176 I In the Orchard, and Cae Coed RhesiY; 12 — 534 | — In the Orchard. i lhe above Timber are of an excellent quality, of various dimensions, from 5 to 22 inches girt, and must be well worth the attention of timber dealers, wheelmakers, turners, &c. Glynn Farm lies within half a mile of Red- wharf, where tjie Timber may be shipped off at a very reasonable ex pence. The Tenant at Glynn Farm win shew the said Timber, and for further particulars apply to Mr. ROBERT PRICHARD Solicitor, Llwydiarth Es- ob J Anglesey,