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PREPONDERANCE OF IRISH TALENT. FROM AN IRISH PAPER. Lord Castiereagh, an Irishman, his Majes- ty's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador to the Congress of Vienna, tie-ociating with the most distinguished Ministers of the Conti- nent-himself considered the first Negocialor, and the main spring yf the Negociatiyn, I ¡ Duke of Wellington, an Irisnmmi. me tirst General of (he age, an Ambassador to the Colli-t of France. I Lord Stewart, an Irishman, a distinguished General, a gallant soldier,a perspicuous writer, Ambassador to the Court nf Vienna. Lord Clancarly, an Irishman, Ambassador to the Prince Sovereign of the Netherlands. Sir Henry Wellesley, an Irishman, Ambas- sador to the Court of Spain. Right Hon. George Canning, an Irishman, an eloquent senator, an able statesman, a wilty wiifei, Ambassador to the Court of Lishpn. Lord Strangford. an Irish man, thesuccessful translator ot Camoens, to the Prince Regent of Portugal, holding his Court at the Brazils. Lore! Moira, an Irishman, a distinguished I ■- a gallant soldier, a patriot senator, eloquent speaker, the friend of his Prince, t ;e advocate of the people, Governor-Genera! of his Majesty's vast empire in India a happy appoint men! for its inhabitants, tor he will ameliorate their condition. Lord Beresford, an Irishman, a hrave sol- dier,a distinguished General now appointed, by his Hoy a I Highness the Prince Regent, to command the British army in America, In the Senate, we had a Burke and a Sheri- dan, and we/jane a (irattan, a Tieruev, a Pon- sonby, a Canning, a Piunkef, a Casliereagh, all Irishmcn, and what senate in Ihe world can produce men of superior ability. Wellesley Pole, an It-ishintiri, a representa- tïve in the Commons, and a member ot the Cabinet. I In Ihe Church, we had a Kirwin, and we have a Iagec, the most accomplished divine of tlie presenl day. At the Bar, we had a Burke and a Cnrrau, and we have a Plunket, a Blishe. a Phillips, and a Finlay, frishmen, without a. rival at any Bar in the universe. Perceval and Richards. Irishmen, in the me- dical department, perhaps without au equal in any other country. l liomas Moore, an Irishman, a distioguish- ed patriot, ranking high among the bes't, and certainly the sweetest poet of the age. Sir John Stephenson, the best musical com- poser in Ihe British empire. On the Stage, Miss O'Neill, an Irishwoman, hailed by a London audience as Ihe first tra«ic actress in Europe Mrs. Davidson, late Mni; Duncan, jnd Mrs. Glover, IrisJiwomen, the first actresses in genteel comedy. But what will appear more strange tiiin any- thing yet stated, is, that the first dancer in Europe is an Irishman. —Oscar Byrne is now engaged as first dancer at the Opera' in Paris, at the unprecedented salary, in that capital) of fifteen hundred pounds sterling for the sea- son




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