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LONDON, MONDAY, JANUARY 16. AN extract of a dispatch from Lord Castle- reagh to Colonel Dalrympie has been pub- lished at Genoa, in which his Lordship says, thai all the Ministers at the Congress wished I with himself to have preserved to Genoa a separate existence, hut that suet) ah ..arrange-, ment would have weakened IhesystclI1 deemed f necessary for the safety of Italy, and of course have rendered the Genoese territories less se- cure. They had, therefore resolved to incor- porate them with the dominions of the King of Sardinia, whose love and attention to the welfare of all his subjects were well known. From Vienna we have still the same con- tradictory accounts some isset-iiii- kliat the conferences will soon terminate; others that they become more complicated daily. Lord Castleretigh is said to have presented a Note on the 281h ulL. demanding that all ihe princi- pal points should he ar-»Shged by the I I ti) of (his tuoiii,it.-M. de Talleyrand presented a similar note on the 29th till. In Poland the armaments are proceeding with "great activity. The Russian army is cantoned upon a line extending from Riga to Cracow. There is an article in the Moniteur, dated trom Vienna, and copied from a German Paper, in favour of the erection of Poland into a kingdom, under a Russian Prince. It labours to prove that he would soon cease to he swayed hy family ties, and would act for himself. The existence of a considerable degree of jealousy between Austria and t iie other Powers is inferred from the following event — On St. Stephen's Day the Austrian Minister Mettei- nich gave a g-rand fete, to which the Sovereigns I Were invited, but they declined accepting the invitation. France is said tohave demanded*" accession of lei-rit(ory -the province of and other districts. This demand has of course been rejected. By accounts from Philadelphia to the 1st, and from New York to the 4'h nil. it appear* that the Congress had r-clected the proposition for a National Bank. The Government party were in greai alarm but Ihe arrival of the Chauncey with dispatches from Europe had in some degree removed their apprehensions* The Lords of the Treasury have resolved upon an extension of the warehousing system, and have published a tiiinolo, which declares that, in fat ore, goods, shall remain in the ware' honscstwo years from the dille of their first entry, without payment of duty (instead of the lime now allowed hy the Warehousing'ActV- It also declares, that all manufactured goods iui-ported shall be entitled to this indulgence. This minute has no reference whatever to those goods which have already been warehoused beyond the limited time. PRICK OF STOCKS. 3 per Ct, Consols ex div, 3 per Ct. Red 65§ £ 4 per Cents.


IThursday, January 19..


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