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J\I jUtK*ETS. Corll Exchange, Monday, January 9. Last week we received 15,017 quarters of fo- reign Oats-This morning our market is so full of all sorts of Grain that the trade generally i* excessively dull- Wheat may be considered 3s, to 4s. per quarter lower than last Monday, tho' from the difficulty in making sales it is almost impossible to determine its value—The top price of Flour is unsettled, between 55s. and 60s. per sack-Barley and Beans are each reduced 2s. per quarter-Pease of both kinds are lower—The quantity of Oats at market far exceeds the de- mand, and this article is 2s. per qr. cheaper than this day se'nnight. GENERAL CURRENCY AS UNDER. Wheat. —. 40s 63s Grey Pease..36s 40s 0 Fine —52s 6Ss Striail Beans .34s Sffs 0 Rye —30s 36s Ticks 32s 35s 0 Hurley ^-24s 34s Oats )5s 25s 0 Malt. —60s 74s Polands 16* 27s 0 White Peas— 46s 55s j Rape-seed.. = £ 36 44 T— AVERAGE PRICE OF CORN, By the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels. Wheat Rye. Barley Outs. d■ s' d. s. d. s. d. Anglesey. 64 0 40 0 20 5 Carnarvonsh. 66 0 40 g oj Q Denbighshire 70 6 — 43 « 9.4 q Flintshire. 70 0 45 0 c>8 6 Merionetbsh. 70 4 — 45 4 29 0 Montgomery, 70 2 47 0 27 0 Chester, 70 0 50 0 30 0 Liverpool, 70 0 50 8 30 0 PRICE OF MEAT AT SMITH FIELD. Per Stone of Slbs. „ Monday, Jan. 9. Beef. 5s. Od. 6a. Od. Veal.. 7s. Od. 8s. 0d,' Mutton. 5s. Od.JGs, 4d. Pork.. Cs. 0d* 7s. 4d« Mutton. 5s. Od.JGs, 4d. Pork.. 6s. Od-75. 4d. fleatt of Cattle at Siiiitlficld. Beast. 2,12 ) f Sheep 19,140 Pigs. 300 Calves 100 -=- LIVERPOOL. Corn Excllange. Jan. 3. SlIch has been the extreme dullness of this day's market, that to attempt any thing like a correct quotation of price* would be vain. It is impos- sible to say at what ratio of value sales might have been forced, so very averse were the dealer* to make an offer on any terms, Wtiear ]Os. Od. a 10s. 6d. per 70 lbs. Bailey. 5s. 6d. a 6s« 0d. per 60 lbs, 10s. 6d. a Its. 6d. 9 gallons., Oats. 3s. 6d. a Hs. 8d. per 45 lbs. Pease White..50s. Od. a 56s. Od. per quarter. Beans.. 42s, Od. a 48s, (Id. per Flour Eng. ifne 5Ss. 0d. a 64s. 0d. per 2801bs. Seconds. 5Gs. Od. a 58s. 0a. ditto PRICE OF LEATHER ATLEADENHALL ii. d. Butts, 50 to 561b. each 20 to 25 Ditto 56 to 661b to 28 Merchants Backs 21 to 29 Dressing Hides 21 to it Fine Coach Hides 2| to Crop Hides, fur cutting, 35'to 40.. 2 £ to 22 Flat Ordinary, 45 to 50 21 to 22 Calf Skins, 30 to 40lb. per do^en.. 36 to 40 Ditto, 50 !o 70ib. per dozen 38 to 42 Ditto, 70 to SOib sg to 44 Small Seals, (Greenland 36 to 38 Large ditto, per dozen j^O to 180 Tanned Horse 11 itte, per 11) 25 to 28