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At Bucknele, Salop, Mr. Hii<rh Lewis, Knigh- ton, Radnorshire, timber merchant, to Marv, se- cond daughter of Mr. Phillip Morns, of Buck- nele. On the 26th nit. Mr. Richard Kent, of Nant- w'ch, Cheshire, to Anne, second daughter of the rate Richard-Craven, Esq. of Stoke lIall, in the same county. Ou Monday the 2d iust. at. Seahatn, in the coun- ty of Durham, the Itiglit. lioti. ltyroit, to Miss Milbanke, sole daughter aud heiress of Sir Ralph Milbanke, Bart. Di rD. Latft week. Mr. Crewe, of Cefii. near Nortbop. On Sunday last, universally regretted, Mr, Na- thaiiiet Griiffth, ltliydgalett, iiear inloiti, iii the 80th year of his age. Mr. Richard Owen, of Llanywern, near Os- westry. Mrs. Edwards, of Mount Sion, uear Oswestry, relict of the late Rev. Mr. Edwards, Rector of Llanfethau. Lately, Mrs. Morris, wife of Mr. D. Morris, of Hult, Dcnblghshire. Monday, at Carmarthen, Mrs. E. Morris, relict of I tie late John Morgan, Esq. and a near rela- tive of the Rev Sir Henry Bate Dudley, Bail, Lately, at Aberystwith, iu his 65th year, Mr. William Pierce, saddler. At an advanced age, Mrs Lloyd, of Castle Dai- ley-street, Carmarthen. At Brunant, iu the parish of Cayo, Carmar- thenshire, the Rev. John Lloyd, of that place. On Thursday ii-,gtit,tir. John Ja(nes Ashley, Musician, and master of several of the most emi- c nent, vocal performers. A t Mountcourt,in the department of Lotland,Ga- ronne, aged 115, J. Moustie. JIe was in tbe ar- my during the iiiiiiol-ity of Louis XV. but having returned to his trade, (a tile maker) he worked at it without interruption to the age of 109 years, and was never confined to his bed by illness, ex- cept for about 24 hours before his death. At the Eagles Inn, Aberystwith, Edw. Hum- phreys, better known hy the name of Admiral Hawke, from his having evinced much gallantry in several of that renowned Commander's engage- ments, and bein superlatively proud of his lau- rels. He continued some time in the service of his king and country, during the present reign was the oldest inhabitant and burgess of Aber ystwith, being in his 99th year j and notwithstand- ing his age and the misfortune of having lost his, sight, he attended, and voted at, the last election for the borougit of Cardigan.