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LADIES' FASHIONS FOR JANUARY. MORNING W A LRU Q DRESS. ,Black velvet slip, finished at the bottom with a double row of perfectly novel trimming. Over this dress is a black satin pelisse, lined with rose colour sarsnet, made in a style the most novel, tasteful, and becoming, that we ever remember to have seen. The form of this dress is perfect- ly original, and has never before been introduced. The triroming, which is at once superb and taste- ful, is composed of stampcd velvet it is infi- nitely superior to embroidery, for which it is in- tended as a substitute. A piece of rich worked muslin, or pointed lace, stands up round the bo- lom, nald partly shades au Clasout ioiall tippet of the newly invented Britannia pearl fur.—These tippets, which are now much worn, are particu- larly adapted to dark silk, or velvet pelisses, as they considerably heighten their effect. Head- dress, the Britannia pearl fur hat it may he termed the most tasteful and appropriate head- dress of the season it is lined with white satin, and ornamented in a most tasteful style, with a beautiful plume of white feathers. The Britan- nia hat is exquisitely adapted to the first style of promenade dress, and. is unquestionably an ele- gant improvement on the French bonnets, and possessing infinitely more taste. The materials of this hat are extremely appropriate for head- dresses; it is so much richer, and considerably lighter, than either velvet or seal skin, and more adapted to the season than satin or any sort of silk. Large sized muff, composed also of Bri- tanuia pearl fur. WALKING DRESS. French cambric walking dress, very short in the waist, and the body a-la^chevtise, superbly appli- qued with letting-in lace" Long sleeve ornament- ed in a similar manncrall the way down. The mantle which is worn with the dress, is compos- ed of the finest Morone, or plum-colour cloth, lined with white sarsnet. The fullness at top is composed of satin, to correspond with the cloak, laid on in folds. The trimming is a mixture of floss silk and chenille. This mantle will be found particularly desirable for delicate women in the present severe weather, from its. being wadded round the shoulders and bosom, a circumstance, however, which by no means prevents its display ill; the shape to the utmost advantage in that re- spect Improved French bonnets of black Bri- tannia pearl fur, ornamented with a light elegant plume of feathers to correspond. Peach-blos- som gloves and half boots. In jewellery we have only to observe, that small French watches are now esteemed the most fashionable lockets. Un- dress shoes and boots continue the same as last month. White satin slippers for full dress, are now ornamented with small tufts, as rosettes, composed of narrow silver fringe, spotted with spangles, which has a very tasteful and novel ef- fect. Fans continue the same as last month, as do also the fashionable colours for the aionth.



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