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TFO BE LET, AND ENTEtlED UPON AT ALLSAINTS NEST, A FARM, containing 200 acres aud up» wards. There heing no buildings on if, the tenant will be required to build and immedi- ate possession may be had of a sufficient quantity of ground for the purpose. Further particulars may he had by inquiring at Presaddfed, Anglesea, adjoining to which the above Farm is. ( Thib advertisement will not be contintiedj TAXES. rriHE RECEIVER GENERAL will attend jt at the places and on the days following, (between the hours of ten and two o'clock,) for the purpose of receiving the first Moiety of Pro- perty Tax. 1814, due on the 5th of January, 1815, and all outstanding arrears of Property, Land, and Assessed Taxes. Counties. « C Llanercbymedd, Tuesday, 21st, and Anglesey. Wednesday, 22d Feb. 1815. (Llangefni, Thursday, 23d ditto- (Conway, Thursday, 26th Jan. n jPwliheli, Friday and Saturday,17t!i Carnarvon. < aud lgth Feb> (Carnarvon, Monday, 20th ditto, f Mochdre, Friday, 27th Jan. I Abergele, Saturday, 28th ditto. Denbigh, Tuesday, 31 tt ditto. Ruthin, Wednesday, 1st Feh Denbigh. < Wrexham, Saturday and Monday, 4th and 6th, ditto. 1 Oswestry, Wednesday, 8^-ti Qitto. I Llangollen, Thursday, 9th dittos I Dwyrid, Friday, 10th ditto. TSt. Asaph, Monday, 30th Jan. jMorthop1, Thursday", 2d Feb. •' i, "Siviold, Friday, 3d ditto. (Overtoil, Tuesday, 7th ditto. j f Dwyryd, Friday, 10th ditto. J Bala, Saturday, llth ditto. Me, i,th Dolgelley, Monday, 12sh ditto. I Taly-llyn, Tuesday, 13th ditto. Maentwrog, Wednesday, 14th ditto Tregarnedd, WITt Jan. 1815. r Tea Thousand Pounds, FOR Ti-ir, FIRST TICKET DRAWN A Prize above £25, On Wednesday, 18ih January, NEW YEAR'S LOTTERY BEGINS DRAWING THE 18th OF JANUARY. 1815. SCHEME CONTAINS 2. of. £ 20,000 2 10,000 &c. &c. in all FIFTY CAPITAL PRIZES, Besides 2,372 smaller Prizes of £ 100, £ 50, £5t &c. IN THE LAST LOTTERY, No. 755.a Prize of £ 16,000 857 2,000 2,636 300 3,899 200 Were all Sold in SHARES by Swift § Co. the Contractors, At their Offices, No. 11, Poultry No. 31, Aldgafe High 12,ChariugCross; Street; LONDON: Where Tickets and Shares of the present Lottery are tiow on, Sale also by their Agent, J. DAA lEfj, Carmarthen* AT a Cfcneral'Meetiug of the Inhabitants of the Town of Carnarvon, held at the Guild- hall in the said town, on Monday the 9th day of January, 1815, tn compliance with a Requisition published in the North Wales Gazette, for the purpose of taking into consideration ihe pro- priety of establishing a COMMERCIAL AND MA- MSIE SCHOOL, in the said town. RICHARD GARNONS, ESQ. IN THE CHAIR. It texts Resolved, That it appears to this Meeting, that the el- tablishment of such an Institution would be pro- ductive of the most beneficial effects to the town of Carnarvon. That circular letters be written to the persons interested in, or well affecte.1 towards the pros- perity of the town of Carnarvon, soliciting sub- scriptions towards accomplishing the above ob- ject); that is to say, Donations towards defraying the expence of a School House, &c. and annual sums towards defraying the expence of the Schoolmaster, &c. That w'hen a sufficient sum of money shall have been raised, the same he laid out in purchasing a Piece of Ground, and erecting thereon a School House, upon a plan tb be submitted to a Com- mittee and that advertisements be published, in- viting a proper persou (being a member of the Church of England, and being competent to teach Navigation* Commercial Accounts, Gram- mar, &c. &c.) to take upon himself the office of a Schoolmaster. That books with double columns, one for do- nations, and the other for annual subscriptions, be kept at the Bank. of Messrs. W illiams, and Co. at Carnarvon, who are requested to receive the subscription monies. That a Committee be appointed to carry the above objects into effect, consisting of Richard Garnons, Esq. John Evans, Esq. Thomas Jones, Esq. of Casiellmai, The Rev. Henry Jones, and Mr. Robert Humphreys, and that any three of them be competent to act. That such Committee be requested to take into consideration, and digest a plan for the govern- meut andsainraiigeiiient of the said School, ana that the same be submitted to the next General TiiaMhis general meeting be adjourned, to be held at the Guildhall aforesaid, ou Monday, the suth day, of February next. That these resolutions be signed by the Chair- man in the"ame of the meeting, and published in thfe tv&rth Wales Gazette. (Signed) RD. GARNONS. That the thanks of this meeting be presented to the Chairman, for his readiness in taking the -and his great attention to the object ol tlie meeting., >;■■■■ CARN AR YON SCHOOL. Ittting intended that a School should bees tahlisherUin the town of Carnarvon, for the in struefiori of youth, in navigation, commercial accounts, grammar, &c. under the tuition of a person competent to undertake the duties of that situation, he being a member ot the Church ot ting land. Notice is hereby given, That any respectable person of the above de- scril-tiot), with proper testimonials of character, will meet with proper encouragement, on appli- cation by letter addressed to the Committee appointed to canduct the afTairs of the Marine, Cotn mc^iBlf-snd Grammar School at GwMrYoa.