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A Coiy mhus Podif eps was on Friday shot Dear Pwllheli, by Mr. Thomas th!- Collector ot (hat port, and pr. senifd |,y (o Cw|onej Edwards ol Nanhoran. On referring to <m account ot this bird, we iind the following mention made nfit. -ThiM bird is found in va- rirnis places in the North of Europe, but scarce- -irce- ly ever so far south as England, unless in Winters extremely rigorous. It is rarely seen CH\ Und, boiiig almost perpetually Oil the c),,eaik, waief-c it d,vt.-s wiiti extreme vigour io jiLirstwi of vanoils lishes. and Willi such dexte- i-itv as rarely iatii 4.)1, stit-,Ces,4, ChlisilJlilil Charity—To the benevolence of our nobility the column# of tins paper are al- weekly bearing testimony.—At this sea Son the usual charities have been dispensed f''om the hospitanle niai'sions, Plasnewydd. Uaron Hill, Penrhyn, Ac. &c. We, however, think Ihe following illslallfC of persevering and extensive benevolence in an individual, ruov Jug in a less elevated sphere, deserves to he publicly and more particularly recorded. Bread, beef and cheese were given to upwards oMwo hundred poor persons, on Christinas day, by Mr. W iiliams, tenant of Casiellor, Angiesea, and this he has do-tie every vear inviuiahly siuce he held this Farm, being ten years. On Wednesday night the 21 st inst. the wind blew in tremendous thts-Ihe intervals were inost awful-very frequently for the space of two minutes there was comparatively a com- plete calm; excepting the however, we have not heard of any serious occurrence in this city — Many of the houses were partial- ,I ly unroofed. From the leitey of our corres- pondent at Beaumaris, the siorm appears to have done considerable and been more serious in its effects. OnThursday the 22d Dec. aboultwo o'clock p, m. a most tremendous gale of wind, such as was never recollected by the oldest inhabitant in tilis tt)Wil, & which continued without iuter- inission until live o'clock on Friday morning; several houses in the towp were greatly da- maged, the church which a few-months back Was considerably improved and ornamented by Lord Bulkeley, was also greatly damaged the south-west turret was- entirely blown down about forty valuable timber trees "Were also blown down in the park, adjoining the town, belonging to his Lordship. The 11 following Vessels were driven ashore Aberjonway, Pricbard, master, got off with- out damage; galliot William, of Liverpool, wen, master, coals, full of water, much damag- til, a large hole in her bottom, and obliged to Qischa^ge cargo; sloop Success, Hughes, coals — — and-sundries,.sunk, cargo much damaged: Uuity, Macdonaid, of Galway, from Waterford, to Li- verpool, wheat and oats, much damaged, and obliged to discharge the cargo Medina, May, of Plymouth, 30 bales worsted yarn, dye stuff, and rock salt sunk, obliged to discharge her cargo, much damaged, and on the Friday night went upon her beam ends afraid it will be a total loss. On thesame night the sloop Lamb, of Pwll- liely, R. Owen, master, laying at the Point, two men went upon the bowsprit, to hand the jib, a heavy sea struck them, when melancho- ly to state, they were washed off and perished The accounts from Margate confirm the loss of the British Queen packet, among the disas- ters sustained in the lale gales. The Lord Bishop of St. David's has been pleased to license the Rev. Jonathan Wil-' liams, A. M. Master of the Grammar School at Leominster, to the Lectureship founded in the Church of Rhayader, in the county of I Radnor, M. Leonard Malzel, an able musician and composer, the Maniteut, gays, has invented a new musical instrument, which he calls the Harmony of Orpheus. Its tones resemble those of the human voice. Ghent, or Gaud, the seat of the American Negociations is the birth place of John. Duke of Lancaster, the third son of Edward 111. who was thence called John of Gaunt, A Caution to Labourers. — Edward Nash, of the parish of Kneiston, in Gower, was last, week convicted before the HeY; James Ed- wards, and fined one guinea, for not threshing wheat clean for his employer, Mr. D. iloskin, of I-lelilys., Several forged 2l. notes, which are excel- lent Mniiulions of those of the'Bank .-of Eng- land, are now in circulation, particularly in this country. IVasLc I' flnds.-Bv the report of the Com- mittee of Agriculture, it appears that the total amount of Waste Lands in the United king- dom, is as follows above 6 mil- lion's ot Acres; Wales 2 Scotland, aholll14. The contract for supplying Ihe Victualling Oflice at Portsmouth, with 1,000 quarters of Wheat, was taken on Thursday last, the 15lh insÏ- by two G<Tnl leinen of Sussex, at 62s. 3d. and 62s. to (i. per quarter. Mrs. Williams, and Mrs. Puleslon, of Pen. bedw, Denbigh, on Saturday se'nnight, distri- buted to the poor of the neighbourhood in winch they reside, two fat oxer,-Ibus ena- bling the industrious collator to enjoy at least one of the concomitants of Christmas (are good roast beef. On Monday evening the dwellin-hnllse of Mr. John Cammack, of Haven Bank, near Coningsby, was entered during his absence at Foston mart, and a chest, containing 80 gui- neas io gold, r. as stolvil thereoul; She chest was left near the house.—Mr. C's sister, who is unfortunately very deaf, was in the house at the sune, but did not see Uie villain who com- mitted the robbery. On WedlHJIHJay nihtlast, between ten and eleven o'clock, as ilsiani Da vies, of Foxhole, near Swansea,was returning home from Neath* j he was stoppedneal Drninma Wood, by three fellows, one ,\1' whom held apislol to his breast, aud robbed him of a silver witch, one ten pound and two five pound Bank of Eng land notes, with winch they made off through the wood. A from Cambridge, dafed December O, says-" liast night a lire broke out in Tri. flity Hall, which caused considerable alarm — It was occasioned by a student, whose rooms were over the porter's lodge, having been called before d.sy-light So go into the coun- try, leaving a burning cindie, which set fire to his bed furniture by the timely assistance ofthe fire engines, the tire was providentially got under, without extending beyond those rooms. Christmas Pi-esenl.-Al Guildhall on Friday a respectable tradesman produced a basket of :'d sort of which he had received hy the ilaslings coach, as a Christmas preseni.— It consisted of three old crows, four rats, and a delld rat, which he was requested to accept as a small token, of regard from a particular friend," The object of this application to the Magistrate was, to obtain back the amount of carriage paid for this delectable fare. He was advised to apply to the coach owners, who would, no doubt, not lend their sanction to such-ii hoax. Fool Hardiness.—On Saturday the 17th inst. E. Kelly, a bricklayer's labourer, undertook tor a wager ot two pots of ale and a pint oi gin "ad purl, to carry his own daughter, a ci.ih» of seveu years old, seated on a hod oj mortar, up a ladder four stories high, to the top of a house belonging to a linen-draper, j in Oxford-street, where he was at work,which he performed to the g-reat astonishment ot at. immense concourse of spectators; and before the crowd dispersed, for a wager of a glass of gin, which he ot from the bricklayer whom lie attended, jumped out of a two pair window on a heap of mortar, Olí the pavement, with- out sustaining the least, injury. We lately had the melancholy duty to relate the total destruction by fire, of Messrs. Tur. ner and Co's Manufactory, at Llangollen. i Upon the first view of this event, Ihe loss to the proprietors impressed our minds, but upon consideration of their means of rising from this calamity—in possession of I)rol)erty-tile guardianship of insurance—and exertions to repair this evil—the mindnabraliy in pity; turns, ti,) the men, women, jnd children, whose daily bread depended upon the exislenct: of these concerns—poverty and hard winter in" stantly yecorne their lol-Ihese are the suf- ferers, aDd the objects of purest genuine cha- rit y -at) attribute itever dormant in this coun- try. Few hours elapsed before a subscription was opened, as our correspondent observes, with christian sympathy," and the first names on the list Lady Eleanor Butler and Miss Pon- sonby 5t. 5s. Books are open for this bene- volent purpose at this Office, and at Messrs. Brosters', Chester. s. d. The Right Hon. Lady E. Butler? r n Miss Ponsonby J Mrs. Turner. 5 5 0 Mrs. Coin be r 5 5 0 Messrs. Turner and Comber 21 U 0 Rev. JamesDonne. 2 2 0 Mr. John Hoime 2 2 0 Mr. Richard Evans 1 1 0 Mr. John Broster I 1 0 Mr. Henry Bowers 1 I 0 Blr. Thomas Whittell 110 Gcerge Bidder, of Morelonhampstead, De. von, only three years of age, is arrived in Bath for the purpose of exhibiting his astonishing powers of arithmetical calculation. Any ques* tion, however ahstrusive or complicated, he answers with the utmost promptitude and cor- rectness, though he does not at present know a figure. The following questions which have been recently proposed to him, will afford some idea of his almost supernaturat tatent: "Q. In 100,785,641 how many Farthings? Answered in one minute? 96,754,215,360 Far- tliings.-If my horse stands me in 9d. per day keeping, what will he the charge of II horses for the year ? Ans. 158/. 18s. 6 £ fr.—How many 37's in 4769 ? Answered in less than one minute 128 -Itelliain(fer 38. Early on Monday se'nnight, the person who attends the gasometer at the factory of Messrs. Benyons and Bage, Shrewsbury, imprudently entered it with a lighted candle the gas was immediately ignited, and blew nl) the appa- i ratus, together with the roof of the building in which it was contained but happily the communication thus made with the atmos- phere had the effect of extinguishing the flame without injury to the extensive premises at- tached.—The author of this misfortune was very much burnt, and was conveyed to the in- firmary another, man, who was with him at the time of the accident, escaped unhurt, by instantly laying himself at full length, with his face towards the ground. Amidst the calamities which have been oc- casioned by the storm, none hiss occurred in that neighborhood more calculated to excile the deep regret of the public, than that which has befallen the New Sunday School Mouse, at Belfast, Oil Friday, at noon, it fell with a tremendous crash, and in a momcnt became a heap ot ruins. The workmen wljo were en- gaged on the roof, apprehensive of danger from tiie excessive violence of the gale, had fortunately withdrawn from it before it fell. and thus happily no lives were lost. This fabric which was erected by voluntary subscription, in Brown s-square, upon a plot of ground, the of a respectable and bene voten t gent ieman, was of such dimensions us to accommodate, at least, 1,000 children, being 102 feet long, by 34 Seel, broad, and two stories high. The shop of Mr. Arlelt, poulterer, Great Mary-!e-bone stieel, having been repeatedly nibbed, he lately resohed to lie in a parlour adjoining it: yesterday morning, between three and four o'clock, he was awoke by a noise in the shop, and on examination disco- vered that the glass over the shutters h:ul been forced open, and a man was then in the act of taking turkeys out of the window: Mr. Arlett immediately discharged a pislol, with which he was armed, at the villain., wiieuhe suddenly disappeared. The rep irt of the pistol alarmed the neighbourhood. A coachman going home near the spot at. the time, saw two men run- ning away; the watchmen in the neighbour- hood came to the spot, and pursued the two men; and there can lie no doubt but that the fellow who was taking tho turkeys out, had an accomplice,who led him after being.wound- ed, and who, on being pursued closely, ran off, and succeeded in making his escape, leaving his companion-to his fate, whom the watchmen came up wiiii, and finding him very mach wounded in his head, t:icel &C. conveyed him to the Middlesex Hospital, where his wounds were dressed by the Surgeon in atititiiitice,- Last nignt he.was not considered oui of danger. Shop Lifting.—Mgry M'Aiahun, alias John- son. alias iial!&c. was on Saturday .committed to Chester Gaol, for robbing the shop of Mr, Johnson, Imcu-draper, in Northgale-street.— II appears that on her examination, several gold rings, the property of Mr. George Lowe, goldsmith, 'ere found on tier person.—The same evening, two suspicious characters ca!!in» themselves Hugh M'Mahoii, and James Neal, ei L, were takes; uiio custody, and underwent a IUíW examination they were remanded till Mosf- tiay"Lvile!l tiley were again examined before tiie Mayor and Magistrates, in the gaol. They had a caravan witis them, well Iii led wiih linen drapery, silks, &c. what is called the fag ends ol which, were cut oit. They gave no satisfactory account how they became posses- sed oi them, nor what was their business; but itwdspiovcd ihat pari of the property belongs to a respectable dealer, in a market town in Cliesliire.Oii Monday, they were committed io the Gaslle, charged with having stolen goods tn U). r possession. On Monday last, the Royal Maelor cavalry, commanded by Lieut. Colonel Sir Richard Pu- leston, Bart, met on Lightwood Creen, ne;\r Owrton, for the last time this year, when a piece ol Plata of the value of Sixty P-ounds, was presented to the Colonel by Captain Edwards, wno, at the same time, delivered the following speech: Colonel Puleston, l have the honor to address you, in the name of the Commissioned Officers, Non commissioned Ollicers an,1 Pri- vates ol the Royal. Maelor Cavalry. It having been the resolution and practice of several volun- teer corps in this kingdom, to present theircom- manding officer with a tribute of respect, and although perhaps last, I trust not least in our esteem, veneration, and faithful attachment to oar Colonel. We take leave to congratulate you upon the conclusion ot Peace, which we trust will be permanent and lasting. Had Bonaparte effeeied his purpose in lauding one hundred thou- sand men in this kingdom, corruption, in all pro- bability, would have crept into the iniiuts and niaiiiiet-, of the people, and proved the bane and destruction of our country. When forces join in hannony and affection, and one common in- tetCat unites confederating powers, then they share thoir to|}s with alacrity, and eodure dis- tresses without murmuring, and with perseve- rance. But when extravagant ambition apd law- less power, as in: the case of Bonaparte, have aggrandized a single person, the first pretence, the slightest accident overthrows him, and dashes his greatness to the ground, we hope never to rise again. Sir, we beg your acceptance of this Cup,as a token of our respect for yourself, and also of our attachment to the House of Etnral and he assured, we shall at all times be ready and willing to serve our King and Country under your auspices, in any part ofthe kingdom." To which the Colonel made the following elegant reply-" Lieut.-Colonel Sir Richard Puleston, accepts with pride, with pleasure, and with gra- titude, the very flattering mark of approbation this day presented to him, by his loyal friends and coutitrynicii and trusts that he may flatter himself, that he has done his duty with impartial justice among them. He begs them to accept in return, his warmest acknowledgment; and to assure them, that if ever necessity calls them forth as a corps against any enemy, either foreign or domestic, to their Kingand Constitution, he will ever be ready and willing to lead them for- ward in so good a cause, in which he doubts not their continued zeal." It is said the widow of the unfortunate Prime Minister, Mrs. Perceval, will shortly be led to the Hymeneal altar by Colonel Carr Ordination.—Sunday last, the Lord Bishop of Chester held an Ordination in the Cathedral.— Previous to the solemn ceremony, the Rev. Ed- ward Law, one of his Lordship's chaplains, and his nephew, preached a most excellent and suit- able sermon, from Matthew, 10th chap. v. 15.— l{ Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves; he ye therefore wise as serpents, and in- nocent as doves.Thc following gentlemen were ordained PitIP,STS.-The Rev. Thomas Law, Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge. The Rev. John Houiguer, of Christ's Church Oxford. The Rev. C. Hughes Perrot, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. The Rev. Edward Law, of Christ Church, Oxford. The Rev. George Haworth, and Edward Whiston Yorke, Literates. DEACONS.—Alexander Kent Buchanan, of Brazenose College. Oxford. Christopher Bate- son, Pembroke College, Cambridge. James Mayne, Joseph Hobson, Peter Felix, and Eben- ezer Williams, Literates. Extract of a lella from MUford, Dec. 21.- The Admiral Cockbotirne, Dyer, arrived at this port, sailed from Halifax on rhe 22d Novem- her, under convoy of the Loire frigate, Captain Nash, with nine other vessels, principally trans- ports, from whom she parted on the 9th inst. in lat. 49. SO. long. t3.; she brings no news. She has lost her cables and anchors, and the whole of J-ber sails. 1< has blown a violent gale of wind, » with little intermission, since Thursday last. On Friday morning the brig Active, of Cardigan, Davies, master, was driven on the rocks ill this 'I harbour, and remained there until the next morn- ing; when through the exertions of the officers i .and crews of the Diligence and Fox Customs cut- I ters she was got off without sustaining any very I serious injury. We hope the parties who exerted themselves will be handsomely rewarded on this occasion, as had not the means been used which they alf.irded, the vessel would, there is little doubt, have gone to pieces. The Government vessel Cook, master, from Bristol hound t to Cork, was this day driven on shore in the | lower part of the harbour, and it is supposed she I must become a total wreck. The passengers I arc safely- arrived at this place without having | received auy_ injury. As it now Mows a perfect I gale, 1 fear my next will convey much more un- | favourable information to the shipping interest favourable information to the shipping interest than the present; hut his Majesty's ships and J the other vessels, which arc now very numerous, ;iti(I many of large burthen, appear to ride in per < feet safety." Post'Horse Duties.—-The following are the sums for which the different districts were taken, 5 at the letting last week worth Britain £ 13,510 Northumberland, Cumberland, West- morlaucl, and i)tll-liaui 9.040 Yorkshire 16,420 Lancashire. Cheshire, Derbyshire, and Staffordshire 17,760 Northamptollshire, Rullalldsh. War- wickshire, and Oxfordshire 15,640 Wiltshire, Worcestershire, and Glou- cestershire 17,520 Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Cam- bridgeshire 15,700 Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.. 6,540 Hertfordshire and Huntingdonshire. 10,1)00 Surrey. 12,720 i Middlesex, London, and Westminster 24,! 60 I Kent.and Sussex 22.020 Hampshire and Berkshire 10,01)0 Dorsetshire, Devonshire, Cornwall, 'j and Somersetshire 21,220 North Wales 6,740 South Wales 5,340 I They let at about 10,000[, per annum less than the last three years.