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SAL Si isi AUCTION", On the 1st of April next, unless previoilsil.v disposed of by private contract, will be Sold by Auction, all the valuable and splendid STOCK I N TR DK.of Mrs JOHANNA SOUTHCOTT, declining business aud retiring. Anions ihe rare Assem ,lage wilt be found the following choice articles: I, A sujierb Manger, fil ted up as a Child's Crib, decorated i;lfiiiite taste, and made of tlie most, costly matt f;als, by Seduons, and Co. with ifs draperies, nansings, &.c. &c, as originally intended tor a ^omig SHILOH. 2. A respien.icnt Apollo" Vv ig, for ditto, of a I biiehf flaxen colour, and glorious to behold, made by all eminent Artisr al jJockbead. 3. Many dozens of damask and diaper Nap- kins, f uriously worked some (tf rhern designed for solemn occasions,, marked in the centre-with an S, in.gold characters, and otherwise figured with ftolden hues; all water proof. 4. A costly Mohair iViantle, »• purple Robe, divers rich Frocks, Bibs, Caps, &c. 5. 4 magnificent gold Caudle Cup, ditto Pap- boat, and Spoons, with a complete set of match- less China Caudle Cups, &c.&c.- 6 Several', thousand iiiisks, and divers Pound and Plum Cake- designed for the gratification of the etect-on b »h days. 7. Many dozens of rich Wines, for dido; sam- ples of which may tie tasted on being paid for. 8. A a1 eh less Child s Coral, with goicien bells, of- it heavenly sound. zil, Witi'1 goi(', !). Fourteen nrilliant. Diamond and other Rings, lately presente-l to, and worn by Mrs. Southcott; some with curious devices and pious mottos from Seripfnre. 10. Many thousand Seals, and also many thou- of itisi)iretl writings; consisting chiefly of Visions, Prophecies, and Holy Rhapsodies—all equal, in the opinion of :V|r.Shai p, Dr.Towzer, aud ottici1 eminent judges, t(> any tilings of the kiud to be found in the Re- velations of St. John the Divine. il A docile, handsome, vigorous Ass (Jack) for the flight mto Devonshire. 12. 'Sis' comely ditto, (Jennies) kept for the crjusoiaiton of said Jack, as well as to supply isilic for believers. And many other most valuable and curious av- ticles, to" numerous" 10 inention in an advertise- ment, but well worth the attention of the serious publie. Further particulars. with Catalogues and Con- ditions of Sale, will be shortly issued; and may be then bar1 on the premises of Mrs. Joanna Soutbcoff, where all the curious and valuable a "iclcsniay be viewed, by permission of the owner.


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