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Bourdeaux, Dec. I i .-Oil the 30th of April rst, six Spaniards or Portuguese went to a public house, kept by one Deyeart, in the Commune of Bar. Afier eating their supper, ifiev started up all at once, about hail-past I nine o'clock, murdered the landlady and a tra. veller, stabbed with their knives the two daughters of Deyeart, aud a man named Af- fans, leaving them for dead. After this horri- ble massacre they plundered ihe house of a great quantity of linen, and a considerable SUIU of money. Several Spaniards and Portuguese were apprehended and one of them Antoine Cauyssere, was tried in the Court of Assize.— He acknowledged that he was one of the six who supped at Deyeart's, but pretended, that having heard his companions propose to as- sassinate the people of the house, and rob it afterwards, he got up and ran away. The Jury found him guilty, and the Court oil the fourth instant, sentenced him to death. Several per- sons of the town of Langon having assembled Oil the 15ih of August last, at a public-house, went out in the evening upon the quaJ, and there set up shouts o/ Long live *ap~oleon. The Isle of Elba for ever Daw n wilh tlw King and the Hot/alisls the blood-thirsty for et .°r These exclamations were repealed the fol- lowing night, aud it appears that the seditious paraded the streets or Langon with a fiddler at their head. For this misdemeanor eleven persons were apprehended, and nine of them tried in the Court of Assize. Dulnb, fencing- master, and Planty, carpenter, were found guilty, but as their misconduct had not beeil productive of any consequences, the Court sentenced themboth to be banished five years, .,Id to pay the costs of the proceedings. The* seH-n others were annulled and released/