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WANTED, I A Clever, active Young Man, who perfect- Jr\ lj understands the Liuen Drapery Busi- ness, and lias a knowledge of the Welch Lan- guage—none need apply whosecharacter will not bear the strictest scrutiny. For particulars ap- ply at the Office of this Paper. CARNARVON POOU HOUSE. i ■ A GOVERNOR WANTED, 11 TO Manage and superintend the Poor in this House, a middle-aged Man, with a vife, without children, would be .preferred. No vue need apply that cannot produce testimonials of his good character from his last employers. For particulars of the situation, (if by letter, post paid) apply to Mr. ROBERT WILLIAMS, Overseer ot the Poor, Carnarvon. NORWICH tJNION FIRE AND LIFE INSTITUTIONS. IN these Establishments all the savings are returned to the insurer. In consequence of this plan, the Members of the Fire Insurance De- partment, whose period of repayment has arrive eti, have received hack fifty per cent, of the pre- miums they depo-sited. The rates of the Life Institutions are nearly ten per cent. lower than those of other Estab- lishments; and its insurers have the additional advantage of being enritled to a periodical bonus. Further particulars may be had gratis, of Mr. o WEN, of Bala; or of any of the Agents who are appointed in the princial towns in this county, (1 ';( J: I GLtlxs ■ ),, FIRE AND LIFE STSSWRATICS CEMITLJ&TT] OF LONDON". .-t ;.G, PERSONS who have assured nl Shis Office J are requested to lake notice, that Policies expiring at Christmas next, should be renewed expiring at Christmas next, should be at that period, or within fifteen days (hereafter, Renewal Receipts are now ready for delivery in the hands of the several AsonSs, who are em- powered to effect new Assurances conformably to the printed proposals of the Company. HEN R if D E S B OIIO U G fI, J nn. Secretary. Cheapsids, London, Dec.. IS, 1813. A OK NTS. j Unngor, Mr. Rnsbrook, HeaÚlIlaris, Mr, Jones. Carnarvon Mr. Roberts. I l'arm neal; hCLeJe),Mr. OldIil"ld. INviiheli, .Mr. Kills. t.iaiinvs;, .Mr. (>ri'iif* Ruthin, -Mr. J;»tes, Edwards. Bala, Mr. Anwl, Ccfnt'acs near Maentwrog Mr. Lloyd.- YVe^hyool, Mr. Binder. The Directors are desirous of establishing Agents for the Company in those Towns where appointments have not already been made. Ap- plications, accompanied with references, addres- sed to the Secretary. HOPE ASSURANCE COMPANY, LUDGATE HILL, &; OLD BOND STREET, LONDON LONDON Exchange, Edinburgh and Westmorelaud Sired, DUBLIN. I FIRE OFFICE.—Capital One Million. ASSURANCE against Loss or Damage by fire effected upon every description of Pro- perty within the United Kingdom, upon Terms ns beneficial to the Assured as those of any other Office". Losses are uniformly paid by this Company vith the utmost spirit of liberality and prompti- tude. Notice is hereby given, that Receipts for the renewal of Policies, which expire at Christmas, are now ready for delivery at the above mention ed Offices, and with the respective Agents of the Company throughout the Uui-ted Kingdom. Policies of Assurance, which expire at the above period, should he renewed within Fifteen Days thereafter, or they become void. LIFE OFFICIF,Capit(il One Million. Assurances effected upon Lives and on Survi- vorship.:—Annuities granted and I)urchase(I.- I'.tidowiuents for Children, &c. &c. The Proprietors of this omcc have undertaken all responsibility, and have stipulated for a gua- tanfee of One Million sterliug, as an ample se- Curily for all their engagements. The profits arising out of this branch of busi- t¡!'s. after a moderate deductiun for guarantee j qili! expence of management, are divV"d amongst !hc Assured, in' proportion to the sums respect- IVely assured upon which principle numerous ftre the instances of ten, twenty, and thirty per Rerit. in addition to the amount of Life Policies, l)cing paid and cases have occurred (when the "uration of life has been considerably prolong- where the payment has been more than dou- the sum assured. No entrance money, admission fee, or other OtIiciai charge exacted WILLIAM BURY, Secretary, The following Agents are appointed by this Company in Wales, of whom proposals may be r*d gratis and every information obtained. Tremadoc.Mr. R Morris. Cardiff J. Wilkes. Pembroke. G. Williams,, i Tenby J. C-rifriths. Aberystwith R. Jones. Milford Haven T.Jones. Swansea. J. Bural. i • Cockcrmouth. R. Davies. Cowbridge T. Llewyllyu. I Wrexham. J. Dring. 11olywelt J. Jones, jun. Machynlleth J.Jones. Llanrwst T.Owen. ^'a W.Williams. Irtiayader D. Davies. I Llanidloes R.Jones. w WANTED TO RENT, A Comfortable COTTAGE, or moderate sized House, ready furnished it must con- tain at least two sitting rooms, and four bed- rooms, besides servant's apartments.—For fur- ther particulars apply to the Editor. CARNARVONSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, (And immediate Possession given) ALL that modern-built Messuage or Dwel- ling House, with the Appurtenances there- unto belonging, situate in High-street, in the town of Carnarvon, late in the occupation of.Mr. Richard Williams, Solicitor. "These Premises consist of two parlours, two kitchens, a large dining-room, five excellent bed- rooms, with suitable attics two large cellars, a yard, containing a two-stall stable, and a large brewhouse, with convenient rooms over them. Also, that other modern-built Messuage or Dwelling House, adjoining the above premises, with the Appurtenances, late in the tenure of Mr. Toleman, watchmaker. These Premises comprise two parlours, a large dining-room, five compact bed.rooms, with con- venient garrets over them; two kitchens, two cellars, a large brewhouse and pantry, with a good room over them in the yard, belonging to these premises. Both the above Dwelling-houses are well adapt- ed for private families; or for persons in busi- ness, on account of their contiguity to the mar- ket place. For further particulars apply (if by letter, post paid) to Mr. H. R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Car- narvon, who will appoint a person to shew the premises. Turnp-ike Tolls to be Let. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the Tolls arising at the several Toll- A gates, kiirwi! by the names of Gwydir,Con- waj, Trwyu-vr-hwyIt'a, Peiimaenrnavvr, Liande- gai, Bangor, Tafarn y Grissia, Pont-y-Sainf,, (iiangwii. and Llanaclhauarn Gates, in the coun- ty of Carnarvon, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, To the best bidder, at the dwelling-house of Mr. Thomas Williams, known by the name of the Goat 111,1, in the town of Carnarvon, inthecoun- t) of Carnarvon, on Saturday the 14th day of Ja- nuary between the hours of eleven and four o'clock in fhe afternooll; which Tolls produced last year, vj,. s. d. Gv?) siir Gate. 62 0 0 Conway 100 0 0 TRW)N VRHWJUA 7I 0 0 I"(,t)tfioei)iiiawr 70 0 0, LlanJegai J20 0 0 224 0 0 gi-issia.. 55 0 () Pont 'y saint 3CO 0 0 Llanaclhauarn. 25 0 () Glangwtia. 70 0 0 Above the expence of collecting them, and will be put up at those sums respectively. Whoever happens to he the best bidder, must, at the same tin.se give security, with sufficient sureties tu the satisfaction of the Trustees, for the payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times itS they shall direct. ROBERT ROBERTS, Clerk and Treasurer to the Trustees. Carnarvon, 19th Dec. 1814. CA RNA R VON SHIR E ,—NOR TH IVA L ES. TO- BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, f ST^11 AT capital Inn, called the HOTEL, or the JL UXBKIDGE ARMS, most conveniently and delightfully situated at the entranee or the town of Carnarvon, on the roul leading from the city of Bangor, now in the holding of Mr. Wakeman, who is about to retire from public business. It consists on the first iloor, of a large par- lour, and three others, of suitable and convenient dimensions; a spacious kitchen, and other ofliccs adjoining; together with a good sized bar, most judiciously placed so as to overlook the kitcheu, the entrances to the house, and to the different parlours, as well as (he whole of the court-yard, to which a bay-window is introduced. On tile first floor is a large room, which conve- niently accommodates a dinner party of eighty, and which by means of partitions and folding doors, forms two excellent drawing rooms, each commanding a beautiful view of the Menai and the Island of Anglesea. There are, besides, on the floor, as we Ila, in the attic story, a suitable number of exceeding good bed-rooms; and the cellars under ground are extensive and commo- dious. In the rear of the house, and contiguous there- to, is a spacious court yard, comprising a very large coach-house, with a room of equal size above; several stables, cow houses, larder, dairy, laundry servants bed rooms, malt house, brew house, and a variety of other offices, all arranged with great judgment; and within a few yards of the house, is a large walled garden, with a smaller adjoining. The tenant may be accommodated with any quantity of land, within a convenient distance, not exceeding 190 acres. There being an excellent market at Carnarvon, the House may receive a constant supply of every necessary article, especially fish of the best sorts. Independent of the regular travelling to Car- narvon, and the several public meetings held there within the course of the year, the very general re- sort to that town in the summer season, affords a source of considerable emolument to the Inn- keeper. And ail circumstances taken into consi- deration, there can hardly be a doubt but that a person well conversant in the business, may, by becoming tenant of the Hotel at Carnarvon, serve himself and the public, with very greatadvantage to both, especially at this time when there hap- pens to be a good opening. The tenant may be accommodated with all the valuable household furniture, plate, linen, china, horses and carriages, and also with the crops and produce of the land, at a valuation. And further particulars may be had by apply- ing to Thomas Jones, Esq Bryntirion, near Bangor; Mr. John Williams, at Plasnewydd, Anglesea or to Messrs. Poole, Attorneys at Carnarvon; or at their Qglcc at Peacraig, in Anglesea. I CARNARVONSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, l At the New Inn, in Conway, in the county of Carnarvon, on Tuesday the third day of Ja- nuary, 1815. at three o'clock in the afternoou, subject to conditions,— flTIHE under-mentioned FREEHOLD ES- JL TATES, in the following or such other lots as may be then agreed upon In the parish of Llanfairfechan. Lot 1. Bryn y neuodd, in the occupation of Capt. Crawley and Owen Foulkes, containing in statute measure, 137a. Ot-. 131). be the same more or less. 1 Lot 2. Lhvynysgblog, Taihirion, Pen y bryn, and three fourths of Werglodd fawr, in the occu- pation of Thomas Jones arid Ann Jones, contain- I ing in statute measure, 104a. Or. 32p. be the same more or less. Lot 3. Gwyllt, a House and Malt-kiln, in the occupation of Richard Williams, containing ill statute measure, 2r. 2Sp. be the same more or less. Lot 4. Cae haidd, in the occupation of Hugh Roberts, containing in statute measure, ) la. I r. 6p. betht- same more or less. Lot. 5. Rniwia, in the occupation of Richard Williams and Hugh Parry, containing in statute measure, 58a. 2r. 2lp. be the same more or less. Lot (J. Ty bach, in the occupation of Ro- bert Prifchard, containing in statute measure, 3a. 3r. Or. be (be same more or less. Lot 7. Commons, in the occupation of W, Foulkes, containing in statute measure la. 3. Op. be the same more or less. Lot 8. Pen y Commons, in the occupation of Robert Williams, containing in statute measure, 2r. Op. be the same more or less. Lot 9. Tower, in the occupation of William Rowland, containing-in statute measure, I-, i). be the same more or less. Lot 10. Gwydir, in the occupation of Eliza- beth Roberts, containing in statute measure, 7p* he the same more or less. Lot II. Tanrallt, one fourth of Werglodd fawr, and one half of Frith fawr, in (he occupa- tion of Hugh Owen and John Hughes, contain- ing in statute measure, 11a. lr. 20p. be the same mre or less. Lot 12. Tanrallt, and one half of Frith fawr, in the occupation of John Hughes. containing in statute measure, Ja. 2r. 9p. be the same more or less. Lot JS. Ty Pitch, in the occupation of Wil- liam Owen, containing in statute measure, 15a. Ir.22p. he the same more or less. Lot 14. Blaene, in the occupation of Thomas Evans, containing in statute measure, 39a. Or. 24p. be the same more or Jess. III tlte parish of Caerh" ,I. Lot 15. Farchwell, in the occupation of Mr. Moses Thomas, containing in statute measure, be ttic same more or less. Lot 16. Cefn Gwrach, in the occupation of Su- sannah Edwards, containing ill statute measure, 21a. lr. 38p. he the same more or less. Lot 17. Cae Sych, in the occupation of Owen Davies, containing in statute rncasllrc,¡::ía.lr.17p. I)e (I)c same more or less. Lot IS. Pant, in the occupationof David Jones and Owen Jones, containing in statute measure, 21a. 3r. lip. be the same more or less. Lot 19. Twntir Wern, othprwise Brynerach, in the occupation of Robert. Williams, containing in statute measure, 10a. Jr. 19p. be the same more or less. Lot 20. Werglodd ddu, in the occupation of Robert Thomas, containing in statute measure Sa. Or. 3Sp. be the same more or less. Lot 21. Quillet, in Mr. Parry of Tal y bont's Land, containing in statute measure, 22p. be the same more or less. Lot 22. Biacl) y Wern, in the occupation of Griffith Williams, containing in statute measure, 14a. Sr. 3-2p. lie, tie same more or less. Lot 23. Tyddyn du, in the occupation of Grif- fith Williams, containing in statute measure, 10a. Or. 28p. be the same more or less. Lot24. Bryn y gwenith, in the occupation of Robert Hughes, containing in statute measure. 43a. lr. 30p. he the same more or less. Lot 25. Frith yn Rhos, in the occupation of Evan Jones, containing in statute measure. 24a. I r. 22p. be the same more or less. Lot 2(1. Mount, iu (he occupation of William Roberts, containing in statute measure, 5a. lr. lp. be thesame more or less. i,oi A illill and Lands, called Felin y Cas- tell, in the occupation of Mr. Jones, containing it) statute measure, 3a. Or. 2Ip. be the same more or less. Lot 2S. Buches Adda, in the occupation of the Overseers of Llanbedr, containing in statute measure, la Or. 12[1. be the same more or less. In the Parish of Uanbedr. Lot 29. Ty ucha'n Lbn, in the occupation of Richard Roberts, containing in statute measure, 20a'. 3r. 2p. be the same more or less. Lot 30. Tan llan, in (he occupation of Hugh Williams, containing in statute measure, 5p. be the same more or Jess. Lot 31. Pen y garth, in the occupation of Ro- bert Roberts, containing in statute measure, 16a. 2r. 39p. be the same more or less. Lot 32. Pylle gleision and Pladiriau Crocsion, ir the occupation of Robert Peter, containing in statute measure, 14a. Or. 19p. be the same more or less.' Lot 33. Soglog, part in Caerhun, in the occu- pation of Owen Williams, containing in statute measure, 86a. Or, 39p. be the same more or less. I Lot 34. Bryniau Melynion, in the occupation of Isaac Jones and Robert Jones, containing in statute measure, 53a. Or. 22p. be the same more I or less. ¡ In the Parish of Llanglynyn. Lot 35. ccrn y Frithodd, alias Rhianws, in the occupation of Elizabeth Williams, containing in statute measure, 27a. lr. 2p. be the same more or less. Lot 36. Croesynyd, in the occupation of John Pierce, containing in statute measure, la. I r. I p. be the same more or less. Lot 37. Gwiwen and Tyddyn Issa, in the oc- cupation of Robert Thomas, containing in sta- I tute measure 59a. I r. 21 p. be the same more or I less, Lot 38. Cae Cwtta and Tyddyn bach, the lat- ter in the parish of Gyffin, in the occupation-of Mr. Jones, of Conway, containing in statute mea- sure, 60a. 3r, 7p. be the same more or less. These Estates are entitled to an unlimited Right of Common on the adjacent Wastes. The Mansion House of Bryn y neuodd, is calculated for the residence of a genteel family it is plea- santly situated near the sea, on the Irish road, between Conway and Bangor, and commands a view of, and is contiguous to the other Farmv of I J Llanfairfechan, which Farms may be improved 1 to much advantage,'atan easy expence. j larchwell is an ancient Mansion, and may be I converted into a desirable residence; it Ls situ- ated in (he fertile Vale, between Conway and Llanrwst, which is much admired for its roman- tic scenery The Farms in Caerliun, Llanbedr, and Uan- glynin, are within the same Vale, and at a short distance from Tal y Cafn Ferry, and other parts of the Navigable River Conway, For a view of the premises, apply to the re- spective tenants and for furthei information, to Messrs. O LDFIELDS, Solicitors, Farm,ncar AI)er. gele, Denbighshire, at whose office a plan of the Estates may be seen. MASA RD, BURNE, and Co. respectfully Ul inform the Public, that Tickets and Shares for the enuiing Lottery arc now on Sale at their Office, No. 93, liOVAL EXCHANGE. This Lottery, consisting of only 12,000 .Tickets, contains 2 Prizes of £ 20,000 2 Prizes of £ 9,000 • 10,000 4 1,000 &c. &c. &c. The Drawing commences on the IBlh January, when the first Prize above £ 25 will be itHirlcd (o 10,000, and on the Second Day, (January 27), the first Prize above £ 25 to -520,000. Letters (post paid) duly answered, and Orders from the Country, accompanied with Re- mittance, punctually attended to. Government and all other Public Securities Bought and Sold by Commission. Capital Prizes Sold in Shares. SWIFT & Co. have the pleasure of announc- ing to the Public, that they sold in Shares the following Capital Prizes in the Last Lottery: No. 755 £ 10,006 857 2,000 2,636 800 3.899. soo THE NEW YEAR:s GRAM) LOTTERY WILL KL-GIN DRAWING On the 18th January, 1815. Thercare 12,000 Tickets, and the Scheme contains FIFTY CAPITAL PRIZES, INCLUDING 2 of = £ 20,000 2 10,000 2 of £ 2,000 I 8 £ 400 300 6. SOil 1 16. 200 &c. &c. &c. Tickets and Shares are selling (at the same prices as in the last Lottery) at SWIFT & Co.'s LONDON OFFICES, No. 11*, Poultry; No. 31, Aldgafe High 12,CharingCross; Street And by their Agent, J. DAN IR [/, Carmarthen, Who sold Part of the above Capital Prizes. £ 120,000. The JSth of A,'cxt Month. T. BISH, EESPECTFULLYinforms the Nobility and Gentry, the Lottery will commence drawing LSth Next Month.—The Scheme contains (wo Prizes of = £ 20,000, two of £ 10,000, and other Prizes, making a grand Total of = £ 120,000. Tickets and Shares are selling at Bish's Offices, 4, Cornhii;, and 9, Charing Cross, N, And by the following Agenls, It Taylor, HIlic Warehouse, Chester, T, Kitye, Bookseller, Liverpool. R. Parker, IJnokseHer, Whitchnrvh. • J. Dawson, Bookseller, Stockport. J Sand ford, B ooksclle r, Shrewsbury. Airs. Onkey, Library, Swansea. W. Cox, bookseller, Aberystwilh, HISH sold, in the last Slate Lotteries, more Capitals than- other Office-keeper, par- ticularly the 2 last. Prizes of = £ 30,000,2 last of the last = £ 10,000, an(I list ,c-,3"000 ever drawn, parts df which, most of the aove Agents disposed of. (PS" SCHEMES C. R A S.

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