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•I'W 0 OU t N i') S IIE WAttI). ITlTHEftEAS MICHAEL ROB CRTS, Ma y y finer, was on lie second day of Deecm- ber mstaot, apprehended for feloniously -stealing Due plated Sugar-tongs and one Mould-candle, the property of David Rice, of Pwllheli, Inn- keeper, and was on the saine day coumirtfed by the Rev. Thomas Roberts, Clerk, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peare for the county of Carnarvon, to the Common County Gaol, at Car narvon, to take his 'nalat the next Quarter Ses- sions, for the felony aforesaid j but the said 1\11. chael Roberts made his escape from he Con- it. stables, as they were conveying hmi from Pwll- heli to Carnarvon. A Tuw Notice is her thy Given, That if any persoll or persons wili apprehend the I said Michael Roberts, and lodge him in any of his Majesty's gaols, shall receive a reward of TWO GUINEAS, 011 applying to Mr. John of, Pwllheli, the Cleik and Treasurer of the Llyn and Evionydd Association for the Pro- secution of Felojis.—N. B. The said Michael Roberts is about 5 feet S inches high round lace and florid complexion, and was dressed in a blue jacket and trowsers, and belonged to his Ma- jesty's Revenue Cntlcr, the Success, commanded I by Captain Greet. Pwllheli, 3d Dec. 1814. V I N, I N C i,O S Li i' i,. WE, the undersigned Commissioners, act- ing under an Act passed in ihe 52d year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, j An Act for inclosing lauds in the parish of Nevin,and other parishes and places therró.i! mentioned, in the county of Carnarvon." Do hereby give Notice, That objections having been delivered to us on the behalf of his Majesty, and other proprietors of landsalld estates, to the division and allotment made by us, of the cotrinio'ns and wast £ lands in the parishes of Plstill and Carngiwehs Wi- the sait] have made a new division ot, file same commons, to and amongst, the several persons entitled thereto, in proportion to the vaiue of their several estates all in the said pari sbes; And We do hereby also give Notice, That !»!:OH of the said new division and allot- meatsce left for the inspection of the, propri- etors of in Carnarvon,, and may also be seen by applying to us, the said Commissioners. AmI Pfedo- hereby further give Notice, That. We,he said Commissioneis, will hold a meeting al the Crown and Anchor iiiii, iii the town of Ilwilliell, oil Wednesday the 28tii day of December to receive objections (if any) to slIeh division and allotment. As witness our nands, the third day of December, 1814. I(OBT. WILLL\lS,lc uIC:i A Itu ELLIS, ) OJDlnt5slOners. Cd RNJEVONSIfIR-E.-NORTH WALES. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, r IHH AT capital Inn, called the MOTET., or the I UXBRlnGE AHMS, most conveniently and deiio-htfuU v situated at the entrance of the town of Carnarvon, on the rond leading from the city of Rancor, now in the holding of Mr. Wakeman, who is about to retire from public business. It consists on the tirsl floor, of a large par jour and three others, of suitable and convenient dimensions"; a spacious kitchen, and other offices adjoining; together with a good sized bar, most judiciously placed so as to overlook the kitchen, the entrances to the house, and to the different parlours, as well as the whole of the court-yard, to which a bay-window is introduced. ■- On the first floor is a larKe room, which conve- niently accommodates a dinner party of eighty, and which by means of partitions and folding doors, forms two excellent drawing rooms, each commanding a beautiful view of the Menai snd the Island of Angiesea. There are, hesides, on the floor, as well asin the attic stoTY, a suitahle number of-exceeding good bell i,ooI)s and the ceilars under ground are extensive and comtno- dious. In the rear of the house, and contiguous there to is a spacious-cojjrt yard, comprising a very, lar"-e coach-house, wilh a room of equal size above; several st ables, cow houses, larder, dairy, laundry; servants he:1 rooms, malt house, brew house, and a variety of other oiffces, all arranged with great judgment ? ail(' within a (elv yards of wif-ii I sjiial'o'r ndj->iiiij!(r. the tenant may be accommodated with ,any quantity ol laud, within a convenient distance, not exceeding too acres. There an excellent market at Carnarvon, the House may receive a constant supply of every 'necessary article, especially fish of the best sorts. Independent, of the regular travelling to Car- narvon, and the several public meetings held there within the course of the year, thevery general re- sort to that town in the summer season, affords a source of cons(derahle eniolumeiir to the Inn keeper. And all circumstances taken into consi- deration, there can hardly he a doubi but that a person well conversant in the business, may, by becoming tenant of the Hotel at Carnarvon, serve himself and the public, with very great advantage to both, especially at this time when there hap- pens to be a good opening. The tenant may be accommodated with all the valuable household furniture, plate, linen, china, horses and carriages, and also with the crops and I produce of the land, at a valuation A,1'l further particulars may be had by apply- in'ff to Thomas Jones, Esq Bryntirion, near B&ngor- Mr John Williams, at Plasnewydd, Anglesea 0'r t0 Messrs. Poole, Attorneys at Carnarvon or at their office at Pencraig, in j Anglesey 1 NEWBOROUGlI COURSING MEETING, WILL commence on Thursday the 15th Instant, on which day it is expected, that several excellent Matches will take place. The dogs will run on that well-known course, Newbo- rough Marsh, and will start at ten o'clock. The Comptroller hopes to be favoured with the com- pany of the Friends of the Meeting, at the Hare and Hounds, in the town of Wewborough. Dinner on the table at 3 o'clock precisely. JAMES JOHNSON, Comptroller. Henblas, Dec. 1, 1S14. NO IITil WJLES GAME DUTY, 1814. LIST NO. I. |T 1ST of Persons who have obtained General M. J Certificates, at Hlic rate of three pounds thirteen shillings and sixpence each, for the year IS 14, in the under-mentioned counties, from the 7rh day of November, 1814, to 5th day of December instant. ANGLESEY. Lloyd Mr. William, Llangefni CIA TINA RVON. Jones Evan, Esq. Gelliwig Parry T. P. Jones, Esq, Madryn DENBIGH. E vans Mr. W i 11 i a m, D e n hi g h Jones Mr. David, Ruthin Thomas Rev. Robert, Pias coch Wynne lL W. Esq. Garlhew-in FLI NT. ..C.¡chranMr Thømas, rvhld ( Dfivies Mr. Richard, Nerqtiis Eyfon Rev, Hope Wynne. Leeswood Howard Rev. Richard, Mold Hughes Edward Jones, Esq. ditto Mr-f),Ivi(l, (litto Hughes Mr. William, Favnol Ilushes Mr ..William, Bodryddan LewisMr. John, Rhanherfedd Lloyd Thomas Pryce, Esq. Pengwera Owen Mr St. Asaph Pag-c Mr. Edward, Honby Roper Cadw. Blaney f. Esq. RJianberfedd R.igby William, Esq. Hawarden H i.);. Mr. John, ditto Swizer Mr. Joseph, Nerquis Williams Mr. William, Mold Wynne'Wi'lliam, Esq. ditto MERIONETH. Wilhams Rev. W Ml etrn, Trawsfynydd 1.isr NO. III List of per "Ions who have obtained Gamefceeper's Certificates, ai the rate of three pounds thir- teen shillings and sixpence paeh, for the vear 1814, in the undermentioned counties, from 7th day of November, 1814, to Bill day of December ÜJStanl. FL INT. William Edwards. Gamekeeper to Bryan Cook, Esq in the Manor or Royalty of Euloe. William M-iddletoii, Gamekeeper to Sir Thos. Mostyn, Ii-fi in the Manor or Royalty of j. Caerwys. Published byoTder of his Majesty's Commis- sioisers for the affairs of Taxes, MATTFIEW WINTER, Secretary. ■YV eh h C h u r c h at Li verp ool. 4T a Mee'ing of a number of Gentlemen, held at Lillyman's Hotel, on Monday the 1st of March, to celebrate the Anniversary of St. David's Day, .It was rcsolved unal1-imous{ll, That, on a moderate computation, one tenth of of tiii,tcNN-ii ire PVelsh. That it is a matter of equal notoriety and con cern that a great, part 'Of t.hein, owing to an in tile competcBI kllowlcogc of the Bndish language," are debarred the of attending Divine Ser- vice at the Established Church of these kingdomsj in the tenets of which they have been regularly brought up, and that ill consequence the eof ma- ny or them attend no form of religious worship whatever. That,-in order in some degree to rersedy all evi! so productive of every species of vice and im- morality, a Subscription be immediately entered into for the purpose of raising: a f,'titi(i for J)ljr- chasing or erecting a suitable Building for the ce- khret/ion of Divine Worship in the Welsh Lan- guage, according to the tenets of the Established Church. That a Committee be formed for the purpose of carryir. Uris des;irable object info effect, and that they be directed to request the assistance of ti'lev t( the opulent inhabitants of this town, and of the principality of Wales, in favour of thi truly pi- ous dud cila ritahle design. That the said Committee do consist of the fol- lowing gentlemen, viz J. B. -Clougli John Jones Jonathan Roose Robert Wynne,Surgeon W Itl. Evans, Surgeon J uhn Harg-raves Hobert Thomas Richard Thomas Griffith Owen Lt. O. Owen John Jones Owen Thomas, Surgeon Henry LewIs Thomas Hughes flev. Jonathan Brool(s WiUiamOvveu Rev. Edward Roberts John Owen H. Humphreys George Jones Lewis Jones l honias Humphreys Athelsfaii Maurice ^wesi W. Owen Thos. W Eyion • W. Harries W'iliam Evans George Roose Edward *Nicholls Richard Griffiths John Hughes >Villiam Edensor John-Simon That if the Subscription shall answer the ex- pectations of this Meeting (and they are encou- ragedto believe it wd! be-liberal,) and a building should in consequence he purchased or erected, the whole of the /4 reft shall be appropriated to the free us;' and accommodation of t.he common peo- ple, and that the Galleries shall be let out in seats O! sittings to tradesmen and persons Of a respect- riiik- in life; (tie money arising therefrom to assist in defraying the expenccs of the service aud repairs. That the above Resolutions he submitted to the R verrnd Jhe Rectors of this parish, and to the Common CDuncil of this Uorough, for their sanc- tion and approbation. The following sums were then subscribed. s. d. J. B. Clougb 21 0 0 Jonathan Roose. 21 0 0 William Evans 10 10 0 Robert Thomas 10 0 0 Griffith Owen 1C 0 0 John Jones -•••JO 10 0 Henry Lewis .4. to 0 0 Athelstan Maurice. 10 10 0 Thomas W.Eyton. 10 10 0 William Evans 5 5 0 Lewis Jones 5 0 0 job,, 5 0 0 John Jones r) 5 0 Robert Wynne 1) 5 0 Owen Thomas £ 5 0 Thomas Hughes £ <> 0 William Owen !? 9 John Owen. 0 George Jpnes '= £ • j Ritl)ara 220 Richard Griffiths. 20 Thomas Humphreys. 5 5 0 1 Owen W. Owen 5 5 w. W. Harries 5 5 0 Rev. J. Brooks. 3 3 0 Rev. E. flot)el-ts 3 3-0 Edward Nicholls 3 3 0 John Simon 3 3 0 John Hargreaves. 220 George Roose. 1 1 0 j H. Humphreys I10 A Friend. I 0 0 Lt. Owen 1 0 0 j W. Edensor I 0 Q j At a Meeting of the Committee for conducting the concerns of fhe intended W ELSl-1 CBURCIIi held at the Office of J. B. Clough, Esq, in Brunswick street, on Friday the 5th of March, the under-mentioned Gentlemen were elected to the several Offices attached to their names, viz. :— J. B. CLOUGH, Esq. President. Mr. JONATHAN ROOSE & Mr. ROBRT THOMAS, Vice-Presidents. Mr. AiHEt. MAURICE & Mr. THOS. W. E y t 0 Joint Treasurers. Mr. WILLIAM 1 VANS, Secretary, And it was resolved, That the Reverend the Rectors of the parish, and Llewellyn Lloyd, Esq. be added to the list of the Committee. Ehai the thanks of this Meeting are due to the for the handsome manner in which he has offered to recommend (he measure in question to the approbation of tils Common Council. And that the Chairman, and the Rev. J, Brooks, be requested to present a copy of the foregoing Resolutions to the Mayor, for the pur- pose of being laid befo,-e the Common Council at their next meeting- SIR. Liverpool, 12tli April, 18T3. T take the liberty of sending you the annexed Resolutions at the request of the Committee ap- pointed for carrying them into execution. The Rectors and Common Council have already ex- pressell their approbation of the object which 'hey are intended to efleer, and it seems almost uiiii(,ces,ary, iii times like the present, to urge the expediency of holding out inducements to the lower orders of society to attend regularly to the Established Church,and to unite with the rest of their fellow subjects i-n the constant observance of rhe Sahhath, and of Religious orship This can only be done by furnishing free sit- tings for their accommodation, and the Commit- tee hope that they shall he favoured with your support, and that both your influence and sub- scription-will he g-iven in furtherance of a which is calculafed to extenn to the poor, livi:1 .in a chrisrian country, the common benefits of that religion which its Divine Author addressed principally to them 1 am, respectfully, Sir, Your obedient Servant, J. B: CLOUGH, President. SKIJSCI iptioHS will he received by the Gen- of the Committee, ,i- at the lanks of Messrs. Williams, Jones, Hughes, and Co. at Chester and Carnarvon and of Messrs C10no.6 Mason,, and Co. at. Denbigh and Llanrwst. Statenffeirt of the Subscriptions towards the Welsh Church proposed to he estahlished at Liver- pool, to certain i-esoltitioiis on the 1st and 5 h of March, ISJ3, and publish- ed witte a e-ircuJar letter from J. B. Clough, Esq. President of (he Committee, on the 12th April following, for which See Amount alread)-advertised £ 205 6 0 ADDITIONAL SUBSCRIBERS. It,v. Loi-(.1 00 The Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Cliesier.21 0 0 The Right Rev. Lord Bishop of St.? Asaph j 50 0 0 The Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Bangor 50 0 0 The Hight H on Lord Kenyon 100 0 0 Edward Williams, Esq. Chi,wick. 5 5 0 Rev. John Williams. 5 5 0 Itogei- Clough, Bathafcru Park.. 10 0 0 Mrs. Clough, Pias Clough 2 2 0 Richard B. Cilough, Esq. Glany weru .550 Rev. R. B. Clough, Kyarili 550 George Cumtning, Esq. M.D. Denbigh 2 2 0 Davi.d Lloyd, Esq. Denbigh 20 0 0 Rev. John Mason, Bod fari. 1 0 0 Rev. Robert Jones, Llandyrnog; I 0 O Rev. Evan Ellis, Llandrillo 1 0 0 Rev. Mr, Jones, School, Ruthin 5 0 0 Mr. Robert N icholls, Ruthin 3 1 0 Mr. John Roberts, Ruthin, 2 0 0 Mr..Williams, Lion Inn, Ruthin. 0 10 6 Mr. Jones, Druggist, Ruthin 0 10 6 Mr. J.Jones,Clerk of the Peace,Ruthin 200 Mr. R. H. Jones, Ruthin 1 1 0 Mr. Simon Griiffth, Ruthin 1 0 0 Mr. David Jones, Ruthin 010 6 Mr. Peter Lloyd, Ruthin. 2 0 0 Rev. Richard Newcouie, Ruthin 550 Mr. John Phillips, Ruthin 10 0 Edward Lloyd, Esq.-Rhaggatt 5 5 0 Mr. John Williams, Pool Park 220 Mr. Williams, Pias y Ward 1 0 0 nev. 1\1 r. Parn, Cural e, C locaen¡¡ g" 0 10 G Thomas Davies, Esq. Pias Draw 100 Rev. James Junes. Llanfair 2 2 0 Mr. Penson.Wrexhant. 1 0 0 Rev. J. Hughes, Curate, Llysfaen 0 10 6 Rev. Mr. Davies, Llanelidan 0106 Bevis Thelwall, F,sq Brynyfynnon. 1 0 0 Rev. Thomas Jones, Berth. I 1 0 Mr. Henry Robinson, Wern. 110 Rev. Mr. Hughes, Llangynhafal 2 0 0 Rev. Mr. Chambers, Llinrhydd 5 0 0 Rev. Dr. Hughes, Canon of St. Paul's 10 10 0 Rev. Ellis Wynne, Llanferras. I I () Mr. T. C. Porter, Liverpool., 500 John Eden, Esq. Liverpool. 5 0 0 William Stewiirt, Esq. Liverpool 1 0 0 Robert Barber, Esq. Liverpool 2 2 0 Mr. J.K.nowles,Slater-street,Liverpool 2 2 0 Mr. Kirkham, Liverpool 5 0 0 Mrs. Carlisle, Liverpool 1 1 0 Mr. J.P. Piatt, Liverpool 100 Mr. W. Piitcbard, Liverpool 5 5 0 Rev. Thomas Kidd, Liverpuol. 1 1 0 Mr. Robert Joues, Liverpoot. 330 Edward Morrall, Esq. Liverpool I 0 0 J. W. Thies, Esq. Liverpool l () 0 P. Lindsay, Esq. Liverpool 5 5 0 Rev. Mr. Trevor, Easlham., I i) to ( Rd. Wilding Esq. Llanrhaiader Hall.. 50 0 ( The Right Hon. the Earl of Oxbridge 50 0 I Lord Viscount Warren Bulkt ley 50 0 ) Sir ].:dwurd P. Lloyd, Barr. [vl, P. 0 I) Thomas Jones, Esq. Ashley House. 5 5 0 Mr. Thomas Kaye, Liverpool. IIo 767 170 N. B. It may he necessary to observe that in the estimate of the Committee, about Two Thou- sand Pounds would 'enable it to accomplish the object if view, as a very liberal disposition exists in the Corporation of this town to aid (lie under- taking, not only ii^tbe procuring a suitable Place iakilig, lot only of Worship, but in the respectable maintenance also of the establishment, by a continuance of the yearly stipend allowed to the late officiating W ,Isti Minister at,, St- Paul's. Liverpool, 14f/t Sept/ 1814* >

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