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MURDER. A MOST REMARKABLE CASE. On Saturday the Lords of the Council met in the Council Chamber, Whitehall, to hear a charge of murder committed beyond seas.— There were present on the occasion The Lord Chancellor, the Lord President, the Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench, theXord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, the Lord Chief Baron, the Master of the Uolls, and the Right Hon. B. Bathuvst. The Attorney and Solicitor Gene- rals attended their Lordships, as did Viscount Chetwynd as Clerk. The person charged was brought from Tothill-fields Bridewell: he is a Gentleman in the Commissariat Department, and was in the army under the Duke of Wellington. He is charged with shooting a female with a pistol, while in Portugal; to prove which, three wit- nesses were produced, who all stated, that, after the piisouer had shot the female, he had cut his own throat wi'h a razor, hut had reco- vered from the wound, and that it was only very lately he had recovered so much as to be able to talk. The defence -set up by the prisoner was as foliows.. -He stated that the deceased coha- bited with another gentleman, in the Commis- sariat Department j'that he and the deceased, after becoming acquainted, had become most passionately and violently attached to each other, but the deceased had so much honour that she could not leave the Gentleman she was then cohabiting with to live with him, or even to marry him s and as they could not live together, they agreed to kill each other. They accordingly met for that purpose, when he shot her with a pistol, and this was so ef I fectuaily done, that she could not shoot him he therefore attempted to shoot himself, but the bullet thai he had got, would not go in the pistol, being too large j he then put the bullet at the top of his head, and put the mnz- zle of the pistol on it, Slip posing it might an- swer the purpose, but not succeediog with that, hect11 hislhroat. The prisoner was re- mauded to Tolhill-fieids Bridewell.