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li'l ES. Oxford, Nov, 12 —His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, having been graciously pleasc" b signify his desire, that the indulgence crone lerm, to be reckoned as .vtatuably kept, should he granted in.the next degree ro betaken by all per sons of whatever rank, who. were actual Mell- bers of the University on the 15th June. 1814, tne day on which hiS Royal Highness and his august allies were gracious' pi, ased 10 he pre sent in Convocation -A Convocation washoitien on Monday, the 31st of Octohtef, when his Royal Highiiess's graciou- intention was confirmed by •t Decree,—On Tuesday, Rev. Gibson of QueenYCbllege, in this University, was chosen Fellow of that oil the old foundation.— On Wednesday the 2<i instant the Rev. J. Priii h.m,H.A.ofSt.Kdi:is<!)d\Ha!wasadinit!e<i M. A. Messrs. G. F. Grey, of University Col- lege, and R. Poteuger, of Pembroke College, wei-e admitted B. A.—On Wednesday last the following gendemen were admitted to degrees,— Masters of AHs;' The Rev G. May of Oriel Col- lege; '\{r, J. Bull, of Christ Church; the Rev. r. Sheriffe, of Jeri College Mr J. Poole, of'tirasenose College; the Rev. D. Ruell, of St. liiltili, I II.ill.— Bachelors of Arts; Mr J. f,, i /uch, of Christ Church; Mr. J W. Walters, -)< Pembroke Coll(-ge.-Oll Sunday.se'nnight, the ij<);d Bishop of Gloucester held an ordination in tne Chapel of Winchester College, when he fol- lowing uenilemen were admitted to the Order of Deacons: Mr. W. Angus Musgrave, B. A. of Chris I Colleg-e, Oxford; Mr. J. E. De Visme, .rne, B. A of Caius College, Caint)ride The Rev J. Butler Harrison, M. A. Magdalen College, Oxford; the Rev. H. Schawen Plump- ter, li A. Merton College, Oxford: the Rev. Eusebius Cornwall, B. A, St. John's College, Oxford. Cambridge, Nov. I],-Tlie following gentle- men were on Wednesday last admitted to the undermentioned' I)egrees:-Doctoi- in Divinity; The Rev. R. Yerburgh, of PernhrokeHalI.- Doclor in Civil Law: The Rev. JJ. Hulton, of Cains College, Rectorof Gaywood and Mundsley, and Vicar of Stradsett, in the county of Norfolk. — Bachelors of Arst: J. Taylor, of Caius Col- T. Canning- of Christ College; l-I. W. Whinfield'and C. Jenkin, of St Peter's College. PREFERRED.—The Rev. Robert Stephens, of London,son of Mr. R. Stephens, of Botesdaie, Lincolnshire, has been presented by the Bishop or to living of the value of 3001. a year; and the Bishop of Lincoln has appointed him to a Prebendal Stall in his Cathedral The Rev. T K. Bonney, M. A, Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge, to the Rectory of Normanton, both vacant by the death of the Rev. Dr. Tait; pa- fi-on, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Bart. The Rev. Wjlson Banks, M. A.unanimously elected by the feofces and trustees. Master of the Free School at ButteijWick, Lincolnshire, in-tiie roolia of the, late Rev. Mr. Towers. The Rev. Andrew Ir- vine Clerk M, A. to the Vicarage of Northmol. tOil, in Devon, void by the cession of the Rev. Charles Francis Banifyjde; patron, Lord Bo- ringdon. The Rev. Walker Gay, to the valuable Vicarage of Colluunpton, otherwise Upton Weave, Devon, patron, Mr. Alderman Daniel, of Bristol. —


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