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Family Notices

- fll^T FOH A {to '<1 \NCE.

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fue aie indehie; for ee following to the of that highly aeeoaiplisiied schabr and ..in ar to the Ps;uicipality, the recital of whose poem, on a recent occasion, in the Theatre of Oxfohl, elicited so much applause and admira- ■ m i J SONG, vV rif teii for the Dinner, The Inhabitants (if Birmingham, on July 8th, to LpRDS HILL AND COMBERMERE. Vour gobleis all raise, and shout to the praise, Of brothers in arms, and in free-hom xeai Who together cross'd the wave, iu the van of the brave, \D¡I rals'd the, fallen standard of proud Castile, lake our Paladins of old, in the goo-tea use bold, With ARTMu,R of Erin, and Üaledotl'!i(R,Ð,:nT; They have laid !I)c crest low, of the in del foe, And won for their line an immortal name Roncesvalles fam'd p11 a, has re-e-bo'd agairi, To the deeds of a ROWLA N o,-Of kindred worth; With him who found a grave, in the land hedieds to save, While our RO WLAND returns to tbe land of hi birth. ■ O joy! for the hour when to CosiBERMfiBE's bower, To the hall of his fa thers', its brave Lord catite His fouil wislie-i blest, with the maul he lov'd betit And cro Wril',(i with the laurels of kttii;iil ly,.aiiie. Once he bade a latig adieu, and thought ne'er again to view, The friends and the joys which endeapd thatbaH But the toils which he shar'd, the deeds vyhich he dar'd, Shed the light of renown on its ancient waff. Then let Severn s broad vale, tell their gtoriotis tale, ,t And long may it sound oil the banks of the Dee While the festal bowl we fill, to brave CoMUKti- MIlRE and fHLL, And ail heroes ROUND THe WRBKIN} WITH THRUM TIMES HUIEE. It is --st4tel-.ih the private. ndvices from Francec that the Duke of Wellington had en- tered inlo an arrangement wi'h the Court of i i r nice, by which the western coast of Africa, north of the line, iV to frotn fhe- miseries of she Slave Trade. Lower Guinea, comprehending the Portuguese SeM lenieuls, we in-e afraid, however, will afford a sufficient range for the prosecution of this iniquitous Ilraifir.


..'Thuvfidaij} J^uvcmntr 21.

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I, ■ ' .MA RKE TS.''


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