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TO THE CLERGY, &c. The Lon1 Bishop of this Diocese having received the foliosving; Letters and Documents from the Lords Commissioners, appointed under the Great. Sea!, for the Redemption of the Land Tax, with a request that they should he made public, has hereby caused the same to be pub- lished and circulated. R. BANGOR, Palace, at Bangor, Aug. 25, 1813. (CIRCULAR.) Church and Corporation Tex Office, 28, Parliament street, July 24,1813. MY Lord, Act passed on the 12th instant, having JL given new facilities for accelerating and ex- tending the further Redemption and Sale of the Land Tax, we enclose io your Lordship the heads of the clauses iinme iiaiely referring to Ec- clesiastical Bodies Corporate, both nggTegate and sole. We requcst your Lordship to circulate the knowledge of these provisions within your Dio- cese, and to concur with us ill promoting the ob- jects of Parliament, so highly important to pub- lic el-eciit, ititi at the same time so beneficial to corporations and numerous individuals, more es- pecially to charitable institutions, and to incum- bents of livings. We have the honor to be, MY LORD. Your Lordship's very obedient servants, AUCKLAND. GLENBERV IE. To the Lord Jiishop of Bangor. By the Lords Commissioners for the Redemption of Church and Corporation Land-Tax, and the iCxoneration of Small Livings and Charitable Institutions. Church and Corporation Lam]-Tax- OTir-P 28, Parliament-street^ July §4., ig'ig THE Underwrixen, Lords Commissioners'ap- pointed under the Great heal, bearing date 25th March, 1199, for the purposes of regnlating, directing, approving, and confirm! all sales of Estates for the of Land-Tax, by all bodies politic and corporate, and companies, and feoffees, and trustees for charitable and other public purposes, bavins been authorised by the acts of the 46th Geo 111. cap: 133, the 49th Geo. III. cap. 67, and 50th Geo. III, Cal). 58, the provisions of which act have been renewed by the act of the 53d Geo. II Leap. 123, to exone- rate small livings and charitable institutions from the Land-Tax, in cases where the clear annual income shall not exceed X150. Do hereby give Notice, That, by the said last mentioned act, all me- morials and certificates of persons claiming to be exonerated from the Laud-Tax, under the said act, must be transmitted to us, (at our Of- fice) within twelve calendar months from the 12th day of July, 1813, being the day of the passing the said last mentioned act of the 53d Geo. Ii I. cap. 123. And we do further hereby give Notice, That the forms of the Memorials and Queries required to he answered by ihose who claim the benefit of the said acts ot 46th Geo. It I. cap. 133, 49th Geo. Ill. cap. 67, 50ih Geo. Ill, cap. 58 and 53, Geo. III. cap. 123. will be deliver- ed gratis, by applying, personally, at our said Office, No. 28, Parliament-street, Westminster, or by Letter to our Secretary, under cover to Lord Auckland or Lord Glenbervie, at the said office. AUCKLAND. GLENBERVIE. By Order of the Board, W. YOUNG, Secretary. By the Lords Commissioners appointed under the Great Seal, for regulating, directing, approving, and confirming, all Sales made by Ecelcsiastical Bodies, and Illl Bullies Politic or Corporate, or Companies, and Trustees for Charitable or other public purposes. WHEREAS, by the Act of Parliament of 53 Geo. I It. cap. 123, it is enacted, that every in- cumbent of every living, or other ecclesiastical benefice, and all feoffees or trustees of every charitable institution, of which living, benefice, or charitable institution, the whole clear annual amount shall not exceed the sum of 1501, who shall be desirous that the messuages, lands, te- nements, or other hereditaments, belonging to such living, or ecclesiastical benefice, or charita- ble institution, should be exonerated from the land tax, under the provisions of the said Act, shall, within twelve months from the 12th of July instant, transmit-to us a memorial, verified in such manner as we shall require, stating the na- ture and description of the property, or other funds or sources, from whence the income of such living, ecclesiastical benefice, or charitable institution, is derived We, the said Commissioners do hereby give notice, that we think it our duty to require, that every memorial of every person so claiming the benefit of the said Act, shall contain answers to such of the queries hereunder set forth, as shall be applicable to the particular ease and that such answers shall be subscribed by the memo- rialist, and verified by his oath, or deposition such oath to be administered and attested by some neighbouring magistrate :—And we are de- sirous that the same should be accompanied with the certificate or certificates ol' the ordinary and patron (in cases to which certificates are appli- cable ) according to the forms hereafter set forth. The Memorial of the To the Lords Commissioners appointed under the Great "Seal,for regulating, directing, approving, and confirming, all Saks and Conttactsfor Sale, made by all Ecclesiastical Bodies, and by all Bo- dies Politic or Corporate, or Companies, and Trustees for Charitable or other public purposes. • SI-IE WETH, That your memorialist being desirous to obtain the benefit of the Act of 53 Geo. fit. cap. 123, submits the following answers to th queries, reo quired by.your Lordships to be answered by those j who-claim such benefit. {