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Captain Blanckley, of the 23rd, or Royal Welsh Fusileers, arrived at two o'clock on Tuesday, in Downing street, with the sword of Joseph Bonaparte, abandoned in his flight from the battle of Victoria, to be presented to the Prince Regent. Mary Anne Citit,ke,-TI) is celebrated Lady, our readers are aware, lately published a pam phiet, detailing a history of her acquaint Mice with the Right Hon. Wm. Fitzgerald, Chan- cellor of the Exchequer of Ireland, and reflect ing most heavily on iiis character. Some time has elapsed since it was stated that a bill of indictment had been preferred against tier, f'(-ir a libel, grounded upon this publication. A Judge's warrant has been since issued against her, on which sue was arrested on Wednesday, and in the evening lodged a! the house of Mr Wilson, Sheriff's Officer for the county of Middlesex, in Warwick street, Ilolborn. "ihe day of the French Conscription,—The day fixed for the drawing of Sots f >r the con- scription, is one of pub!ic mourning, and of anguish for every private family. Parents, both mothers and fathers, accompany their children to this horrid lottery, and display in their countenances, and by their accents, the most violent emotions of grief and despair A gloomy silence prevails until the drawing commences, when Ihe decisions of chance, lead to demonstrations other of joy or of sorrow, which equally shock and overpower the feelings of a spectator. The Prefect, the Subprefect and the Mayors preside on the occasion, and together with the Municipal Council who are about them, frequently see their own chilJrclJ among the number of the. conscripts. Many persons have remarked a Mayor, when his child approached to seek his destiny in the fatal tirii the faullering ¡ voice of ine father, and the tears that rushed to his eye, showed how nature worked, in spite of ihe sense of imperious necessity which j accompanies his transaction. Many have j noted the swellings of his heart, and the in- vincible oppression of his spirits, when he I undertook, as is enjoined upon him by law, to pronounce a discourse of encouragement, and exhortation to the new soldiers when he expatiated upon the heneiicence of the Em- peror, and gata the signal of rirc Buonaparte, at the end of his speech. After the conscript sets out, there is but liille hope of his return. The term of service is limiled oniy by the duration of hostilities. When the parent, therefore, takes into consideration the cha- racter of his government, the evils both moralaud physical to.which bis child is ex- posed in the armies, and the havoc of lives made in them, be most regard a summons for the conscription, as a visitation upon Ihe made in them, be most regard a summons for the conscription, as a visitation upon the latter, worse for all parties, than that of death.