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"r BY a Decree of the Court of Chancery, of the Great Sessions for the several coun- ties of Carnarvon, Anglesey, and Merioneth, in a Cause,wherein Richard Hughes and another are Complainants, and Robert Roherts, Esquire, and t others are Defendants; the ullsatisfied Credirors of Richard Roberts, late of -in the -County Palatine of Lancaster, merchant, deceas- « ed, are ordered to attend and prove their Debts, before the Register of the said Court. J NOTICE 19 THEREFORE HEREBY GIVEN, ( That the said Creditors are, to attend tor that purpose, at my Ofli je, situate ;n the town of Carnarvon, in the said couury of Carnarvon, Pit ■the 7th day of August next, between the hours of ten in the forenoon, and two in the afternoon and before v fc.v are admitted,thereto .they must contribute t(-'the costs and exfsences of the said Suit, otherwise they will be peremptorily ex- cluded from the benefit of the said Decree. O. A. POOLE, Register. Carnarvon, 5th July, 1813. ■ — ——— | Anglesey. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Rull's HoadXlnTl, in the Town of Llangefni, in the county of Angls(}y, on Friday the 13th day of-. I agitst, 1813; between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in ths afternoon, subject to sucla conditions as shall be then produced, Fl~!tIAT Messuage, Tenement, and Lands, I situate, lying, and being in the parish of Llunallgo, in the county of Anglesey, called Ty- JSewydd, in four lots, viz. LOT I. The Field called Cae Cefn-y-merddyn. LOT 11. The Quillets called Llain-tre-bwrdd, L1ain- falcen-y-tu and y' rardd. LOT III. The Fields cailed called Pen-rhyddallt and LLiiii-pen-rhyddallt. LOT IV. The Buildings, and the remainder of the Land. The Land is in a high state "f cultivation, and adjoins the sea, at that capital port for Herring- Fishery called Moelfra, the several Lots are most conveniently situated to build cottages for fishermen, which are much wanted in the neigh- bourhood of Moelfra. For further particulars apply to Mr. JouN Evans, Solicitor, Carnarvon, = £ 10,000 FOR THE FIRST DRAWN ABOVE X20. LOWEST flitiZE C20. No Classes, and every ticket Drawn Out; First 1,000 blanks £ 20 each. ril BISH returns Ins sincere Thanks to the Ji. • Nobility, Gentry, and Public at, large, for the very distinguished patronage he has re- ceived in the late Lottery, and hegs leave to ill- form thelll the new State Lottery will be drawn in two ways, commencing 17th September. The Scheme consists of 12,0 0 Tickets, and contains a greater propoiton or £ ?0,000 and Prizes than is customary 'in so small a Lottery, and the lowest Prizes are £ 20 each. Ticiceis and "hare; are now selling at BISII's OFUICES, 4, CornhtH, and 9, Charing-Cross, London; "Where the following 21 Capitals were sold and shared in 157 Shares in the last Lottery. 3,237, a Prize of £ 20,000 9,190, 10,050 7,112 s £ 2,000 19,288 .300 13,131 2,000 4,643 200: 496 1,000 7,0-23 200 7-»8S3 1,000 7,0*5. 200 8,931. 1,000 I 7,3'24: 200 J ,000 11,430 200 6,680.. 500 13,235. 200 14.1)115. 500 18,881 200 L5.J8S 500 19,393 200 300 &c. &c. Tickets and Shares are also selling by BISH's Agents as under T. KA YE,-Bookseller, Liverpool. It. PARKER, Bookseller, Whitchurch. 3. SANDFORD, Bookseller. Shrewsbury. R. TAYLOR, Music Warehouse, Bridge-street Chester. b R. PA RKLIZ, Grocer, Ellesmere. Several Shares of the above Capitals were sold by B ISH's Agents. NE%rlN., &r. INCLOSURE. WE, the Undersigned Commissioners, appointed by an Act of Parliament, pas- sell in the 52t1 year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An Act for Inclosing Lands hi the parish of Nevin, and other parishes and U places therein mentioned, in the county of Carnarvon," DO IIRREBV GIVE NOTICE, That in order to raise money to carry the said Act into execution, we shall Sell by Public Auc fioo, subject to conditions, sundry Lot« r the ( opinions and Waste Lands, by the said A°i direct eel io be divided, allotted, and inclosed o the several days, and at the places hereinafter mentioned, viz. Several Lots, part of the Commons in the pa- rish of LIanE) fill, and that part of the Cornmon, situate in the parish of Clynriog, called Llwyd- mawr, at the hon-e of Robert Roberts, in the village of Llanllyfni, on Monday, the 6th day of September next. Also, several Lots, part of the Commons, in the parishes of Clynnog and Llanaelhaiarn, at the house of Griffith Roberts, in the village of Clynnog, on Tuesday, the 7th day of September next. And also, several Lots, part of the Commons, in the parishes of Nevin, ilistill, and Carngiwch, at the Crown and Anchor Inn, in the town of jPw-Uheli, on Wednesday, the 8th day of Septem- ber next. The sale to begin between the hours of three and five "o'clock in the afternoon of each day. A Particular, describing the situation, quality and quantity of each Lot, wil! he distributed, and niay be had by applying to Us, the said Commis- sioners, or at Mr. Ellis's Office, in Pwllheli,and rv«n^r" ^van?'s Office, in Carnarvon, at whose ces Maps of the several Lots may be seen. Uated the 5th day of July, 1813. ROBT. WILLIAMS,? RICHARD ELLIS,$Commissioners Angl6SCY, TO BE LET, And entered upon at All-saints next, (Furnished or unfurnished,) NPHE capital MANSION-HOUSE, called JL Llynon, in the comity of Anglesey, con- sis in^ of a good dining; parlour, and a drawing- room a convenient kitchen, servants'-hall, pan- try, and two underground cellars live excellent bed-rooms, with closets above stairs, and suitable garrets, and a hack staircase an airy dairy, brewhouse, coal house, and other requisite offices within (he court adjoining at the -aylc of the house also one three-stall, ami one tour-stall stables, and coach-house, with a granary and store-rooms over them a ham, ca.i h >vel, cow- bouses, and she-ts in two distinct vards ,:HI ex- cellenr walled garden, well stocked with fruit trees, and pleasure grounds tastefully. laid out.- LLYNON lies in a good sporting country, and in all respects well worth the attention of a family who wish for a quiet and comfortable residence. The tenant may, if more agreeable, have pos session of the House, &c. and about 23 acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land before Ail- saints, and about 200 acres more at All-saiots nex LLYNONNHOUSE is situate within 7 miles of the tnarket town of Holyhead 6 miles from LbnerchYlllcdif and 3 miles from the Bodedcrn post office, on the great post road from Holy head to London. For further particulars apply to Mr. Robert Ilri,-tiartt.Atiot-tiey, Llwydiai th Esgob, Anglesey, at whose Office a survey of the premises may be seen. STATE LOTTERY, Begins Drawing 11th September. OWiFT & Co. (the Contractors.) respectfully ij solicit the attention of the Public to the S ■heme of the New Lottery, which they have en- deavoured to form upon the most popular piiu- ciples-tbe lowest Prize being Twenty Pounds, and at the same time there are more Prizes of j?20,000 and XIC,000, than were ever before gi venin a Lottery of ONLY 12,000 TICKETS. 2 of -020,000 are £ 40,000 2 10,5)00 20,000 5 1,000. 5,000 6 500 3,000 7 200 1,400 20 100 2,000 30 1. 50 1,500 100 25 2,500 2,230 20 ..n. 44,600 The first 1,000 Blanks drawn will each be en- titled to X20-1,lie first Ticket drawn a Prize above C,20, on the First Day, will receive an ad- ditional Prize 01 10,000—and the first Ticket drawn a Prize above £20, 01: the Second Day, will also be entitled to an additional Prize of £zO,OOO. Persons in the Country may be supplied with Tickets and Shares, by sending their orders, with Remittances, to the Contractors' Offices, 11, Poultry j Si, Aldgate High 12, Charing Cross { j Street; Or by application to their Agents. THE ANNUAL SHEW Of CA TTL E and S It li EP, at fVYNASTAlr, W ill be on Friday, 10th September, 1813. IR WATKIN WI L LI A Ai S W Y N N, IJA RT. ::J proposes giving the following Prizcs for the encouragement of Agriculture, in North Wales, and the hundreds of Oswestry and Pimhill, in Shropshire. A Piece of Piate to the person who shall pro- duce a Swing Plough, with two horses abreast, and one man to atiend it, which shall plough hah I an acre of ground in (our hours, in the best éllh; most husbandlike manner. 10 the Ploughman holding the same, Two Gui- neas to tne P loughman hold ing the second best, One Guinea due consideration will he paid to the merit of the implement, labour of the horses, and cleanliness of the furrow, &c. should-they be equal in the time of performing the work. Notice of their intention to claim the premiums to be sent, to Mr. Ormiston, Wynnstay, on or before the 1st of September, IS 13, that the parcels of land to be determined by lot may be prepared for the candidates. The ploughs to beat James's Farm, Wynnstay, by nine o'clock in the morning, when the men will draw lots for their ground the ploughs to start at fen o'clock precisely. A Premium of Ten Guineas to any person who shail invent and produce at Wynnstay Shew, 1813, the best Agricultural Implement, the cost of which shall not exceed 25gs.; simplicity and cheapness of construction being deemed essential Part li of its iiieri t. The above premiums are open to any person whatever. A Silver Cup to the person who shall breed and produce at Wynnstay, 1813, the best Pen of 3 one-years old short wool Ewes. A smaller Silver Cup for the second best the same person not to have both premiums. The Candidates to produce certificates that the sheep have been regularly kept with their flock until the time they were sent to be exhibited. A silver cup to the person who shall breed and produce at Wynnstay Shew, 1813, the best three-years old Heifer, in milk at the time of shew; due attention will be paid to the quality of flesh and milking. A smaller Silver Cup to the second best the same person not to have both premiums. A Silver Cup to the person who shaitbreed and produce at Wynnstay Shew, 1813, the best one- year old Sow Pig. The stock intended to be shewn for the pre- miums must have been bred by the claimant him- self, who must be a resident of the above districts, or a member of the Wrexham Agricultural So. ciety, and be at James's Farm, Wynnstay, the preceding evening, or before nine o'clock Oil the day of shew. ftC3" A few Devon and Herefordshire Cattle, and about Two Hundred Ewes, will be SOLD by AUCTION before dinner, and the Tups let in the evening. No person to be admitted to dinner without a I ticket, which will be given to Gentlemen and Agriculturists in the morning. No premium I whatever will be awarded unless, in the opinion of the Judges, there appears sufficient merit. CUES HI,IE FREEHOLD &; LEASEHOLD t ESTATES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, n y ilIL PEN SON, At the Bull's Head, in Tarvin, in the county of Chester, on Thursday the 26lh day of August,. HH3, at three o'clock in'theafternoon, subject to conditions of sale, as will be produced at the time of sale; AM08T desirable EST AT E,in anil adjoining to Tarviu aforesaid, in the following lots,viz, Lot I. A substantial Farm-house and Out- buildings, in the town of Torvin, in ;he occupation of TJJtlllIas Davies, toget!ler wíth severn¡ pieces or parcels of arabie, meadow and pasHin; Land, adjoining thereto, in the occupation of the said Thomas Davies, Thomas Dod, and .lames Davies, containing together 101a 2r. 34p. of statute I measure.. Lot. 2. A good Farm-house and OiU-biuIdings, in Tarvin, in the occupation of Thomas ¥)od, :o- gether with the seveial pieces or parcels of Free j hold Laud, in the holding of the said Thomi-> 1 Dod and James Davies, containing together95a. Sr. 12p. of statute measure. The House -out Out- buildings are leasehold, and held for a term of years, of which yejirs are now unexpired. Lot. 3. Several Closes of Land in Tarvin, now held by the said Thomas Dod, containing W- gether 2ia. Ir. 13p. of statute measure.. I Lot 4. Several Closes of Land, in Tarvin, now ¡ held by the said Thomas Dod, containing to- gether 23a. lr. 14p. of statute measure. Lot 5. Several Closes of Land, in Tarvin, now held by the said Thomas Dod, containing to- gether 29a. Or. lOp. of statute measure. ,And it i.iie Re(i Lion, in Christieton, on Friday the 27th day of August, !S13, at three o'clock in the afternoon, a very valuable Freehold Estate, in Christieton, Littleton, and Guilden Estate, in Christieton, Littleton, and Guilden Sutton, near the city of Chester, in the follow- ing Iors, viz. Lot. I. A Close of excellent old Pasture Land, in Christieton, called the IVhitchet Field, in the holding of Mr. Joseph Faulkner, containing 4a. 2r.6p. of statute measure. Lot 2. A Close of Land, in Christieton, cailed the Liltleheath Croft.. in the holding of the said Joseph Faulkner, containing 2a. Or. 26p. of sta- tute measure. tute rneistire. I Lot 3. A Close of L, iid, in Littleton, adjoin- ing the last lot, and iu, the holding of Mr. Thos. Gorst, containing 2a. lr. i7p. of statute measure. Lot 4. A Leasehold Close of Land, in Guilden Sutton, in the holding of Mr. John Liglitfoot, containing 7a. Or. Oil, of statute measure.—This lot is held for the life or a person now aged 60 years, or thereabouts. Lot 5. A Close of Land, in Littleton, caHed the Founder's Hay, in the holding of the said Thomas Gorst, containing Ha. Ir. Op. of statute measnre. Lor 6. A Close of .Laud, in Clii istleton, called the Upper IVell Field, in the holding of the said Joseph Faulkuer, containing 3a Sr. Op. of sta- tute measure. Lot A Close of in Cliris'lefoii., the Well Field, in the holdingof the said Joseph measure. Lot 8. Two Closes of Land in Chrislleton. call-I ed the Little Common Field, and the Old Common I' Fidd, in the holdingof the said Joseph Faulkner, containing Ha. 3r. 4p. of statute measure. Lot 9. A Close of Land, in Christletem, called the Badgerett, in the holding of the said Joseph Faulkner, containing i2a. lr. Op. of statute measure. Lot 10. A spacious Mansion House, with ex- terisive liuiltilligl,, with a large and profitable Garden, pleasantly situated in the beautiful village of Christieton, within < wo miles of Chester, and. late in the holding of the Lord Bishop of Chester, with live) Close,, of Laud, called the Mill Hill, in the holding of Mr. Rob. Roberts, and the croft iu the occupation of Townshend lnee, Esq cCiJtaining ill the whole 17a. 1 r. 9p. of statute measure. Lot II. A. neat Cottage and Garden, in Chris-" tleton, in the holding of Thomas Wilkinson, containing 0a. Or. 35p. of statute measure. Lot 12. A Piece of Land, in Christieton, call- ed the SirNs,ín the occupati(Jt1 of the said n,ol1l Roberts, containing5a.2r.23p.of statute measure. Lot 13. A Close of I.and, in Christieton, ('ail- ed the Oak Free Field, in the occupation of the said Robert Roberts, containing 7a. 2r. 13p. of statute measure. Lot 14 A Close of LaId, in Christieton, call- ed the Weil Field, also held by the said Robert Roberts, containg 7a. Or. 15p. of statute measure. Lot 15. Three Closes of Land, in Christieton, called the Little Pearl Field, the Big Pearl Field and the Little. Perul, in the holding of Artinstalf, containing in the whole 12a. 2r. 2ip. of statute measure. And at the Royal Hotel, in the city of Chester, on Saturday Hie 281h day of August, 1813, a! three o'clock in the afternoon :— Lot I. A capital modern built Dwelling-house, with the Out-ofliees, Coach-house, walled Gar- den, containing 0a. ir. 3;>p. and a Green house, thereunto belonging, situate in Foregate-street, in the city of Chester, now in the occupation of Mrs. Bold, together with a Field adjoiuing to the Garden, containing la. 2r. 3p. of statute measure.-The Honse consists of a handsome hall or entrance, a breakfast room and study, and a dining-room, 27 feet by 24 feet, kitchen, butler's pantry, and housekeeper's-room, on the first floor an elegant drawing-room, 27 feet by 24 feet, 7 excellent bed-rooms, with dressing rooms to each, on the second floor, and convenient apartments for servants Oil the attic story.- There are excellent cellars, laundries, and lard- ers in the basement story of the house. Lot 2. A,Field, near the Bowling Green, con- taining 3a. Ir. Op. of statute measure, in the oc- cupation of Charles Hamilton, Esq. Lot 3. A Leasehold Field, called Hankey's Hay, adjoining the last lot,.containing 5a. Or. 30p of statute measure, in the occupation of Mr. Griffith Rowlands. This lot is held for two lives, aged 62 and 60. The Land comprised in the foregoing lots, is of the first quality, abound with marl, and well worthy the atlcntionof the public. Mr. Joseph Faulkner, of Christieton, will shew the Mansion House, &c. in Citristletoi) and the respective tenants of the other premises will shew the same; and further particulars may be had from Messrs. Leeke and Potts's, in Chester or from Mr. Jones, Common Wood, near Wrexham. Printed particulars may be had at the Auction Mart, London Royal Hotel, Chester Red Lion, Christieton Bull's Head, Tarvin the Kind's Arms, in Liverpool the Bridgewater Arm, in Manchester the George Inn, in Knuts- ford the Crown, Nantwich the Eagles In", Wrexham of Messrs. Leeke and Potts's, Ches- ter of Mr. Jones, Land Surveyor, near Wrex- ham and of Mr. Pensop, Auctioneer, Wrexham. HIBERNIAN INN, HOLYHEAD, Is now Open for the Reception of Company, by CHARLES ROSSITER, rillilE general wish for another INN at Ilo- jt_ lyhead, has induced CHA RLES ROSSI- TER, late Butler to Holland Griffith, of Carreg- hvyd, Esq. to take the liouseclose to the Packet Station, and Custom-House, lately occupied by Mr, Knowles, of Gwyndu. The House contains six separate.Sitting Rooms, twenty-nine Beds, and evc-y ,Iclo,llaloflitioll ready for such of the No- bility and Gentry as may honor him with their i support. The public may depend upon having good Chaises and- Horses, and every attention to promote their comfort, N. B, Excellent new Stabling, containing twen- ty-four Stalls, for the reception of Gentlemen's Murses; good lock-up Coach-houses. <fuly \9lh, 1813. BY OrlDER OF THE PROVISIONAL ASSIGNEE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. THOMAS. JOJJ ES, OF Cl-I ESTER, On the premises, at the Bull Inn, Denbigh, on Tuesday the tenth day of August next. and fol- lowing days, precisely at 10 o'clock each morn- ing, flHK entire HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, A STOCK, and GROWING CROPS, of EDWARD EVANS, a Bankrupt: The House has been lately fitted liP, and with the furniture of eight bed-rooms, three pariours, and a lare dining-room, is replete with every useful article for oil the business in a. most, respectable manner; the cellar contains a quantity of spirits, porter, and home-brewed ale; in the brew-house are a number of substantial store casks and brew- in,2; utensils, a copper quiie new, which will con- tain about 200 gallons and some malt and hops. In the out-door stock is comprised six very ex- cellent chaise and saddle horses, in high condi tion, two cows, a sow and pigs, a variety of farm- ing utensils, and the very promising growing crops of wheat, barley, oats, and hay, of about thirty-five acres of land. Capital Free Hold and Copy hold Farm, with ex- cellent Family House and Offices, and one hundred and sixiy-eight Acres of choice Land, at Harrow, ten miles from London, and early possession. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. ROBINS, At their spacious Rooms, Pictz.Ja, Covenl-Garden, on Friday, August 20, ,at ticelve in one Lot, A Valuable aiK' highiy improved FREE- HOLD and COPYHOLD ESTATE con- sistingofa sul)erior,t.,toderi) I)uilt RESII)FNCE, calculated for the occupation of a respectable Family* with all requisite attached and detached offices, pleasure and kitchen gardens, orchard, &c. and a pew in Harrow Church, together with ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-EIGHT ACRES of uncommonly rich Meadow, Pasture, and Ara- ble Land, eligibly situate, contiguous to the London and Pinner roads, with large barns,range of buildings, &c. the whole of the presumed value of SIX HUNDRED POUNDS PER ANNUM. May be viewed, with permission, twenty-one days prior to the Sale; and Particulars had on the Premises; King's Head, Harrow; John Ellis, Esq. Gray's-luu-square and in Co vent Garden. -w-


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