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TIIE B KTTLE OF VITTORIA. BV WILLIAM THOMAS FITZGERALD, ESQ. STI K E, British Bards, the patriot lyre In notes sublime. and lines of fire, To Wellington's renown Bring all the laurels that he wore, 111 twenty battles won before, To form the Victor's crown i When Wisdom had matur'd his plan, lie gave the word—the march began, An animating si-lit The Foe rptir'd—then firmly stood, Kesolv'd beyond the Ebro's flood, To try the dreadful fight; Vittoria witness'd near her wall, The Briton's conflict with t'he Gaul, The tyrant of her plain lvhile Justice holds the awful scale, Wellesley and England must prevail, To right the cause of Spain Great was the carnage of that hour 'Twixt British strength, and Gallic power- There many a Spaniard nobly bled, And mingled with the valiant dead Brave Portuguese were found Near Puebla's heights disputed well, Cadogan* with his warriors fell, On memorable ground The gallant Chieftain, ere he died, Thus to his men, with ardour cried H Oh bear me up the hill, I pray, That. I may share this glorious day "■ Ere I resign my breath "They bore him to the thickest fire, Where he beheld the Foe retire- Then met a soldier's death! The Corsican has seen his day ] His squadrons By in wild dismay, His best battalions yield His pluuder lost-the British won His ivilole artillery-every g-un- Are trophies of the field! For all who, in their country dear, I The debt of honour paid, The British Isle shall shed the tear, And glory guard their shade But on their graves no Cypress shall be seen- For living Laurels of eternal green, Shall wave perennial to the breath of heaven, Where Victory twice to English arms was giv,n The High Pliim'd Edward, mighty in renown 1 Near Ebro fought to guard the Spanish crown + There Wellesley triumphs, Rival of his Fame, The Cause superior, but the spot the same J This is a well attested fact, to the honour of the brave Cadogan. + On the same ground where Marquis Wel- lington triumphed, Edward, the B!ack Prince, gamed a great Victory in 13ô7. which secured the Crown of Castile to its rishtful Monarch, Don Pedro, connnonly nM-d Peter the

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