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Jnglescy. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT a Committee Meeting of the Agle- I sey Auxiliary Bible Socielv, will be lielu at the Bull's Head Inn, iu Llanerchyn'e-'d. on Monday, the second day of August, 1813, at 11 iu the morning. ROBERT PRICHARD, Secretary. BANGOR CHARITY. THE ANNUAL MEETING of the Sub- scribers to this Fund, will be heid at the JVIitre fn, Bangor, on Wednesday the 4th of .August a! II o'clock iu the forenoon. JOHN ROBERTS, Treasurer. Bangor, July 20, 1813. BRITISH WINES, OF VERY SUPERIOR QUALITY. SUN RAISIN MALAGA SM SF RN A FRONTINIAC ORANGE RASPBERRY COWSLIP ELDER TENT SHERRY CALCAVELLA RED CURRANT WHITE CURRANT GOOSEBERRY London Bottled Porter, IN GREAT PERFECTION, For SALE, apply at EDWARDS'S VAULTS CHESTER. HIBERNIAN INN, HOLYHEAD, Is now Opel, foi, the Reception of (company, by CHARLES ROSSITER, THE o-eaeral wish for another INN at Ho- M. lyhead, has induced CHARLES ROSSI- TER, late Butler to Holland Griffith, of Carreg- lwyd, Esq. to take the House close to ihe tacket Station, and Custom-Honse, lately occupied hy Mr. Knowles, of Gwynclu. The House contains six separate Sitting Rooms, twenty-nine Beds,and every Accommodation ready for such of the No- bility and Gentry as may honor him with their support. The public may depend upon having good Chaises and Horses, and every attention to promote their comfort. N. B. Excellent new Stabling, containing twen- ty-four Stalls, for the reception of Gentlemen's Horses; good lock-up Coach-houses. July 19th, IS 13. Valuable Coal Mnesin Anglesey TO BE LET ON LEASE, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY. flOHESE Mines are most advantageously si- JL tuafed for exporting Coals to many parts ;iiid or North and S,)tlt,ll Wales, an many parts of 1 tie coast of Ireland, as well as for supplying an extensive inland dis- trict, now furnished with coals imported from distant places. Three seams of the ecoals have already been opened, and an Act of Parliament has been ob- tained for making a rail way for the conveyance of the coals to an adjoining sea-port. 11 3 For further information apply to Messrs J. and W. LOWE, of the Temple, London; Messrs. looLE, at Carnarvon, or tneir Office at Pen- crai?, Anglesey; T.Jos RS, Esq. Bryutirioi>,near Bangor; VIr. C. J. IIOOSON, of Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire; or Mr. W. W. BAILEV, Engineer, of Polos worth, near Tamworth, War- wickshire. BY a Decree of the Court ol Chancery, ot •the 'Great Sessions, for the several coun- ties of Carnarvon, Anglesey, and Merioneth, in aCausc,therein Richard Hughes andaiiotberare Complainants,and Robert Roberts, Esquire,and others are Defendants the unsatisfied Creditors of Richard Roberts, late of Liverpool, in the County P.ilafine of Lanaastfer, merchant, deceas- ed, are, ordered to attend and prove their Debts, before of tie said Court. N 0 TIL'S IS TH K R E FO !L E HERESY G S V 3 N That the said Creditors are to attend for that purpose, at my Office, situate in the town nf Carnarvon, in the said county of Carnarvon, on the 7'h day of August next, between the houifs of ten in he forenoon, and two in the afternoon and before they are admitted thereto they contribute to 'he costs and expences of the said Suit, otherwise they will he peremptorily ex. cluded from the benefit, of the said Decree. O. A. POOLE, Register. Carnarvon, bth July, 1313. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. EDWARDS, 4t the Harp Inn. in Conway, on Wednesday the 4th day of August, between the hours of three and six o'clock in the afternoon, subject to condi- tions then to be pro laced—in three Lots. LOT 1. Ie A TWO MESSUAGES or TENE- f A LL t hose TWO MESSUAGES or TENR- J-4. M.VNTS, called Carreg y, and Tfn ton, situate m the parish of Lla»Kyl>.„ isl the edunty of Carnarvon, containing t)y a,i' merit 45a. Or. 23p, little more or less, in the"oc- cupation of William and Mary Wiluaais antl Widow Owen, or their under-teuants. LOT 2. A11 thatMESSU AGE or TENEM ENT, called Tfnyffrith, situate in the parish of Gyffyn, in til(i ad g '() the county aforesaid, and adjoining !0t one, con- taining by admeasurement 60a. 2r. I2p little more or less, In the occupation of the said Wil- iiam and or their under-fenantj; the Buildings are in good repair, an extensive and unlimited right of Sheep Walk belongs to these tenements,with seats in the parish churches, distant three miles front the market town of Conway. Lot onei is suhject to a fee farm rent of 18s. a year. LOTS. Also, a large HOUSE, situate in the High- street, in the town and borough of Conway, known br rhe sign of Ihe Red Lion, measuring in front 53 feet hy 71 feet in depth, andcontain- 14 perches, now in several dwellings in the occupation of William Hughes, and others.- Mr. Hous will direct a person to shew the Pre- mises in Con ray and Mr. David Jones, of Carreg y dinas, will shew the Tenements in Llan gy'ynyrs and G> ffvri. For part iculars apply to Mr. Sidebotham, at Ty Issa, near St, Asaph. Capital Freehold and Copyhold Farm" with ex- 1 eel lent Family House and- Offices, and one hundred and sixty-eight Acres of choice Land, at Harrow, ten miles from London, and early possession. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY M HSSRS. ROBINS, At their spacious ttooms, Piazza, Coverit-Gat-deii, on Friday, August 20, at twelve in one Lot, A Valuable and highly improved FREE- HOLD and COPYHOLD ESTATE con- sist II:g of à su nerior modern huilt H. ES IDE N C E; calculated for the occupation of a re,31)ectaf,le Family, with all requisite attached and detached offices, pleasure and kitchen gardens, orchard, &c. and a pew in Harrow Church, together with ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY"EIGHT ACRES of uncommonly rich Meadow, Pasture, and Ara- bie Land eligibly situate, contiguous to the London and Pinner roads, with large harns, range of buildings, &c. the whole of the presumed value of SIX HUNDRED POUNDS PER ANNUM. May be viewed, with permission, twenty-one days prior to the Sale; and Particulars had on the Premises; King's Head, Harrow; John Ellis, Esq. Gray's-Ian-square.; and in Covent Garden Anglesey, TO BE LET, And entered upon at All-saints next, (Furnished or unfurnished,) fTlHE capita! MANSION-HOUSE, called _fi_ Llynon, in the county of Anglesey, con- sisting of a good dining parlour, and a drawing- room a convenient kitchen, servauts'-hal!, pan- try, and two underground cellars five excellent bed-rooms, with closets above stairs, and suitable garrets, and a hack staircase an airy dairy, brewhousc, coalhouse, and other requisite offices within the court adjoining at the back of the house also one three-stall, and one four-stall stables, and-coach-house, with a granary and store-rooms over them a barn, cart hovel, cow- houses, and sheds in two distinct yards an ex- cellent walled garden, weil stocked with fruit trees, and pleasure grounds tastefully laid out.— LLYNON lies in agoud sporting country, and in all respects welt worth the attention of a family who wish for a quiet and comfortable residence. The tenant may, if more agreeable, have pos- session of the House, &e. and about 23 acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land before Alt- saints, and about 200 acres more at All-saints next. LLYNON HOUSE is situate within 7 miles of the market town of Holyhead 6 miles from Llanerchymedd and 3 miles from the Bottederu post-office, on the great post road from Holyhead to London. For further particulars apply to Mr. Robert Prichard,Attorney, Llwydiaith Esgoh, Anglesey, at whose Office a survey of the premises may be seen. Doigelley ■$Celynin Inclosure, I the Undersigned, the Commissioner ap- pointed by an Act of Parliament lately pas- sed, intituled, An Act for Inclosing Lauds ia the parishes or Doigelley and Liangelynin, com- monly calledCclyuin,iti (liecoillliy Merioneth." DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, That for the purpose of further satisfying the charges and expences of the said Act, and carry- ing the same into execution, L will cause to be put up to Sale by Public Aoclipn, at (he Golden Lion Inn, in Doigelley, on Saturday, the ttth day of September nest, subject to conditions, in Lots, several Parts and Parcels of the Commons I and Waste Lands, by the said Act directed to be divided, allotted, aHil inclosed. Particulars, describing the said Lofe, rr.:¡y be had at the Office of Messrs. Jones and Williams, Solicitors, Doigelley. AND I DO HEREUY GIVE FURTHER NOTICE, That I have set out and appointed the under- mentioned roads and highways, through and over the laId" and grounds intended to be inclosed, by virtue of the ,aid Act, and have ascertained the allle by marks and bounds, anddeposited a Map, wherein such roads are described, at the (Hike of Messrs. Jones and Williams, for the inspection of all persons concerned, and that I wilt hold a Meeting, at the Golden Lion Inn aforesaid, on the said 11th day of September, when and where all persons who consider themselves aggrieved by the setting out of such roads, are desired to attend to state their objections. One hridle road, of the breadth of 18 feet, com- mencing near Rhosnant cwrddail, and leading out of I he Towyn road to Doigelley, in an easterly direction, over the common in the township of Ceturowen, in the said parish of- Dolgelley, to- wards Tyn y Ilidiard; and other farms in the same parish. Another bridle road of the same breadth, branching- out of the above-mentioned road, at the east end of Llyn Crogennau, and running along; the east thereof over the common towards Gefnhir-fawr, and Gefnhir-fach Farms, in the township of DolgJedr, in the said-parish of Doi- gelley. JOSIAH BOYDELL. Kilhendre-, 22d July, 1813, 'IV )o,.J




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