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To the Editor of the Aort'; ff a t Gazette. Sm. I hope ihaf yon will insert the following extract in your Gazette, and you will oblige Moral. Cyrln IC us. I The llesurreftion of the two (f itnesses, ex liihsted in the formation, and grea; sncctss ol tiii* British and foreign Bible Societies, &c. by Major-General Btirti, price Is. -1 So extremely various and discordant have ■jjeen the sentiments ol commentators on llie meaning of I lit prophetical book of the Ke "Velai ion, t ha I many pious persons have been deterred from paying a dne attention to it while others, not so pious, have declared that the study ot this honk either found a person ins uif, or left hi in so It is howeer declared In the divine author oFthis part ot scripture, ifili! blessed is he that readetu. and they that heir the wt,r(isof (Iiisl)r(,plie(-y,"&c. The wort' y and pious author of this small tract •thmk* that many former mterpreers had "been mistaken in their hypotheses, and that the Old and New Testament are intended hy the two w itnesses that they have continued in asiite. t'(,r lite last twelve (-eiitti ries, or iouger, the scriptures having been ill a great measure suppressed in popish countries, and that the are IIOW put ling off their sat k- r loth and ashes, and rising into glorious splen dour wtnle the great men ol the earth, now espouse their cause, support and encourage f lie in iu go forth and deliver1 their heavenly message to every nation under heaven; that t'ry began o thiow off their sackcloth about the time ot the Reformat ion and in the pre- sent dav, we have well attested facts in the rep- rts of.the Bible Society, to assure us that these witnesses are not only risen alld sl alldlng on their feel, but marching boldly through the earth, proclaiming as they advance, their heavenly message of tree and full,salvation to every perishing silwer of the human race- carrying on (he grand design tor which the Almighty has sent .hem, the complete estab- lishmellt of (lie dear kingdom \iII(tn IIleil,;alid Ihlfl, he ;.¡dds,'oug,hl 10 ell •courage the Missionaiy Societies, the British ai d Foreign Bibie Societies, and all other So- cieties, to double their diligence, and unite -cordially m powerful exertions to promote the ONE GREAT Causf." T


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