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Anglesey. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, '< r|~ni AT. !1 Committee Meeting of the Agle- 1 sey Auxiliary liible Society, will be held at .t.he Hull's Head Inn, ill Llanl'rch\ medd. on Moo <ay, 1 he second day of August, 1813, at 11 in the morning. ROBERT PRICHARD. Secretary. BANGOR CHARITY. rglHE ANNUAL MEKTING of the Sub- I sf-ribers to this Fund, will be held at the Use Inn, Bangor, on Wednesday the 4th of August next, a! II o'clock in the forenoon. JOHN ROBERTS, Treasurer. Bangor, July 20, 1813. Titl-S,I. 10 GIVE NOTICE, ripd-VT WILLIAM ROBERTS,of the town I of Beaumaris,slater, and Margaret his Wife, having parted by mutual consent, he, the said Wm. Roberts will not beanswerahle for any debt or debts she may contract, dated this 20th day of July, 1813. The Mark of WILLIAM ROBERTS. HIBERNIAN INN, HOLYHEAD, Is now Open for the Reception of Company, by CHARLES ROSSITER, f'flHE general wish for another INN at Ho- fl. Iyhead, has induced CHARLES ROSSI- TKR, la te Butler to Holland Griffith, of Carreg- Iwyd, Esq. to take the House close to the Packet Station, and Custom-House, lately occupied by Mr. Knowles, of fiwyndu. The Honse contains six separate Sitting Rooms, twenty-nine Beds, and every Accommodation ready for such of the Nobility and Gentry as may honor him with their support. The public may depend upon having A good Chaises and Horses, and every attention to promote their comfort. N. B. Excellent new Stabling, containing twenty-four Stalls, for the reception of Gentle- men's Horses; good lock-up Coach-houses. July 19 th, 1813. THE ANNUAL SHEW Of CATTLE and SHEEP, at WYNNSTAY, Will be on Friday, 10th September, 1S18. SIR WATK1N WILLI A MS WYNN, BART. proposes giving the following Prizes for the encouragement of Agriculture, iu North Wales, and the hundreds of Oswestry and Pimhill, in Shropshire. A Piece of Plate to the person who shaH pro- duce a Swing Plough, with two horses abreast, and one man to attend it, which shall plough half an acre of ground in four hours, in the best and IIIOst husbandlike manner. To the Ploughman holding the same, Two Gui- neas to the Ploughman holding the second best, One Guinea due consideration will be paid to the merit of the implement, labour of the horses, and cleanliness of the furrow, &c. should they he eq ual in the ti me of perform ing t he work. Nonce of their intention to claim the premiums to be sent to Mr. Ormiston, Wynnstay, on or before Ihe 1st of September, 1813, that the parcels of land to be determined by lot may he prepared for the candidates. The ploughs to beat James's Farm, Wynnstay, by nine o'clock in the morning, when the men will draw lots for their ground the ploughs to.start at ten o'clock precisely. A Premium of Ten Guineas to any person who shall invent and produce at Wynnstay Shew, 18 i3, the best Acrieuiturai.tmptement, the cost of which shall not exceed 25gs.; simplicity and cheapness of construction being deemed essential parts of its merit. The above premiums are open to any person whatever. A Silver Cup to the person who shall breed and produce at Wynnstay, 1313, the best Pen of 3 one-years old short wool Ewes. A smaller Silver Cup for the second best the same person not to have both premiums. The Candidates to produce certificates that the sheep have been regularly kept with their flock until the time they were sent to be exhibited. A silver cup to the person who shall breed and produce at Wynnstay Shew, 1813, the best three years old Heifer, in milk at the time of shew; due attention will be paid to the quality of flesh and milking. A smaller Silver Cup to the second best the same person not to have both premiums. A Silver Cup to the person who shall breed and produce at Wynnstay Shew, 1813, the best one- year old Sow Pig. The stock intended to be shewn for the pre- miums must have been bred by the claimant him- self, who must be a resident of the above districts, or a member of the Wrexham Agricultural So. ciety, and be at James's Farm, Wynnstay, the preceding evening, or before nine o clock on the day of shew. r fcS" A few Devon and Herefordshire Cattle, and about Two Hundred Ewes, will he SOLD by AUCTION before dinner, and the Tups let in the evening.. No person to be admitted to dinner without a ticket, which will be given to Gentlemen and Agriculturists in the morning. No premium whatever will be awarded unless, in the opinion of the Judges, there appears sufrieient merit,