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LONDON. FlilDAY, JULY 16. Paris Journals to the 9111 iiist. were last re- ceived. No mention is made of tlie expected Congress, nor anv notice taken of any prepa- rations for negoriatiou, except thai Count Mi'tternilcli, I lie head of the Austrian Cabinet, lias frequent conferences with the French Se- cretar) of Stale, Maret. The Emperor Alex- ander and the Krg of Prussia had returned to Silesia, and the Fmperor of Austria to Gils- chen It does not appear that any interview had lakell place between the allied Sovereigns and the (■ mperor Francis. Stroitz reinforce- ments are represented as marching to join the French Army, Eugene beauiiarnois had set out from Milan for the army oti the Adile- and AlIereall was actively employed in com. pleting the Bavarian Army of Reserv-e. Bo- naparte is si raining every nerve to brin rein- forcements into the field, and to renew the campaign, it the Armistice be not prolonged The following is a statement of the forces of the combined army, under the orders of Lord British Infantry 41,000 Cavalry 6,000 Poi Mi^uese Cavalry and Infantry 32'000 The whole of the Spaniards in co-operation ■with the above force is computed at 80,000 they are well armed and equipped, but indif- ferenll y otliiered. Castanos is with Lord Wel- lington. Excellent field and battering trains accompany the army. Four thousand infantry, and twelve hnn. •dred cavaliy, are ordered to join Lord Wel- ill Ili(. Peiii(t,tila, to rei)l-tcetlic killed and wounded in the battle of Viltoria. 'They vviii be landed at Sant iiuler Among .the regiments destined for this service is the 7i li Hussars, and detachments of the 131 h and 14th dragoons: the latter are now on board ■of transports at Portsmouth. A few days ago, a serious accident happen- ..ed 10 Mr. TRrkle. of Rainham, in .seqnence of an attack from a dog winch belonged to him. The animal h id always been accustom- ed to follow his master, bill was of so savage a nature, that he frequently snarled and flew at maiiy pel sons without provocation. To I)i-evt-iwi lilq iiiis(,Iilef', Mr. raciiie caused liim to be fastened in bis stable, where fit- ni;>de so much noise, that Mr. Tackle went .ollt 10 heal him. whèll the dtl s"riln UPUII Inm, and in a moment tore him to the ground, -seized him by the throat, and shook him with •extreme violence; flie cries of Mr. Tackle brought several persons to his assistance, but the savage animal would not relinquish his hold, nor could Mr. T. be extricated till the <lo^ was killed. Mr. T. was nearly ten mi- nutes IInder the power of the dog, had one of his fingers hit off, and would undoubtedly li:t-vi- been killed before any person could have assi.git-(f Iiiiii, iiiid if not been for histieckcloth. Fitloria Fele III Vaitxhall. -Several meet- ings have ilready been held ot the Committee, which has been appointed to prepare and con- duct the Grand Festival which is to be given at Vauxhall Gardens, in celebration of the late glorious victory achieved ny the Marquis of Wellington. The different propositions which ■wereofferedatthe.se meetings, for raising a fund to defray the expeuces of the Festival, were not so eagerly enbraced as to he assent- ed to villi universal approbation on the con- trary, the first suggestion, that every Steward -olloiliti lake 50 dinner tickets, each two gui- neas and a half, wiis very generally discoun- tenanced, and abandoned ol course. The next proposal, that Ihe Stewards shon'd subscribe 50 guineas each, and have in return as many tickets to the Ball though far more moderate, <did no! i* iss without some objections; which however, were *«»n got over. The most se- rious difficulty, thai threatened to defeat the undertaking, was a demand made by Mr. Bar- rell, .he proprietor of the Gardens, for an :advance of 25001 or security for a slim lulhal amount, to enable him to commence the pre •para!ions of everv soil which so splendid an exhibit ion would require. The subscription did not then amount to that sum; but. a Noble Eari who iiq i,iiiiativiit to remove every (ili- 8t acitvinstantly illitiselt to itiIKV up every deiiciiilr.il mighl occur, even were il to run as high as 10.000/. This very generous offer put the Committee at their ease and all the artists to he employed on the occasion vei-e immediately itisirticiedtoliroceed iii (heir respective departments. Mr. Wyatt, the ar- chitect, has made a survey of the place, and given a sketch of the temporary buildings -will(.I) will I)c rt!(Ititred for the dining rooms. They are to be added to the rotunda, and of a similar form and dimensions and they are calculated to afford room for 800 persons to sit down at table Ihe dinner is c iefiy to consist of turtle and venison, and these only are to be hot. The remainder of the repast is 10 be cold The turtle and venison are to be furnished hy the Loudon averu, and the less substantial delicacies hy Mr. Waltier, ol Piccadilly. Some discussion took place re- specting the nature and arrangement of the toasts but it was soon unanimously agreed that IIIC Drst hould hc lite health of lhe Marquis of Wellington, and that the moment it was given, a royal salute should be fired, followed by a feu de jnie. All the Prince Re- gent's Ministers have sent each their subscrip lion of titty guineas4 but etiquette, it seems, ,does not allow them to olbcia e as Stewards It was tiere shrewdly remarked by a Niohle Earl, that this, perhaps, was the only measure in the adoption of which the Cabinet was kiiowii to bt-iiiiilillitoiis. The Prince Kegenl is not expected lo come till the evening, and his box is to be fitted up in a grand style.