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LOCAL TOKENS OF GOLD & SILVER, Invented, andfit-st ma(le,for.ptifitic convenience in March, I SI I, by MESSRS. MORGAN Sf CO. DIE SINKERS AND MEDALLISTS, At their licensed Token Manufactory, 12, Huthbone Place, Oxford-street, LONDON. HAVING heell honored wtlh Legislative sanction and patronage by THREE sue- cessive Ads of ParLament, continue to be made to air)- for Companieii and Individual's, at a 5h'rr notice, in that superior st) Ie of execu- tion which has obtained for MOHtiAN & CO. during: present and |wo last years, numerous and tensive orders from- Bankers, tire s, ,al)d in eiery City all(i,[,Owli throughout*viie United Kingdom.—Unpaid let- lers will NOT he admitted.—Dies of numerous patterns ready Engraved. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, 1t the U'don, in the Town of Carnaivon, on Sa- turday the tHh, day of July, 1813, between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the oftel noon, unless disposed of in the meati, linte by Private Contract, of which due notice will 91 given: f M""1 HIT well built and fast |/V JL sailing Sloop, called the fa- j^rasli Hunt. of the Port of Carnarvon, W. X^-GRIFFITH-, Master, ahoNnf 80 tons ~^b-—burthen, just eight years old, her timbers are sound, being ail selected with g-reat aHeH! ion when ill building. All her sails 'and rigging are in good order. She is a very pleasant working Vessel alsea. She is now in the Port of Carnarvon, and will remain there until the day of sale. F,'r furlherr:Hti"lIlars apply to Cæp!aia \VM. GRIFFITH, Market-street, Carnarvon. BY a Decree ofthe Court' of Chancery, of the Great Sessions for the several coun- ties of Carnarvon, Anglesey, and Merioneth, in a Cause, wherein Richard Hughes ami anolherare Complainants, and Robert Roberts, Esquire, and others are Defendants; the Creditors of Richard Roberts, lafe of Liverpool, in the -County Palatine of Lancaster, merchant, deceas- ed, are ordered to attend and prove (heir Debts, before the Register of the said Court. NOTICE IS THEREFORE HEREBY GIVEN, Thai the said Creditors are to aftenH for that purpose, at my OfThe, sitnafein the towoof Carnarvon, in the said county of Carnarvon, on the 7th day of August nexr, haf-ween the hours- of ten in the. forenoon, aad two in the afternoon and before they are admitted thereto they must contribute to the costs and expences or the said Suit, otherwise they will he peremptorily ex- cluded from the benefit of the said Decree. O. A. POOLE, Register. Carnarvon, 5th July, 1813, F R E E H O L I) EST AT E, In the Parish of Bangor, County of Carnarvon. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At the Mitre Inn, in the city of Sungo r, on Friday the. 23ri of July next, between the hours of four aad six o'clock in the afternoon, subject to sticli Conditions of sale as Ûwtláe then ana there pro- duced, unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given; — E LANDSof GLASlN FItYN,pleasantly JL situate within two miies of the city of Bangor, eight of Carnarvon, two and a half of Bangor-ferry, and fourteen and a half of Capel- Curig and consisting of MXT Y FI V E ACRES of a rich, deep, loamy soil, suited to the most lucrative rotation of crops. 'Forly-onc acres are under superior management, and in a high state or culture the residue is in a progressive' state of improvement, and may lie rendered arable at a light expence. These Lands are divided into fields of from four and a half to six acres each, with waler in every field, and the fences are in good order. A Parish Common which adjoins and hounds part of this Estate, will be found ol great occasional convenience. There is a newly erected MANSION on the pre- m ses, 43 feet in Iront by 30 feet wide, on three floors, and divided into eleven apartments, be- sides cellar and dairv under ground. Three apart- ments are in an unfinished state, hut the whole may he rendered commodious and comfortable for the reception of a genteel family,'at a'very trifling.- expence. '•This House fronts the east, arid is agreeably situate in a well wooded meadow, eO/H- manding a pleasing prospect of the surrounding scenery, whicti is seldom to be equalled for beauty and variety. There are likewise a newly-huilt Stable and Cow-house, at a convenient distance, and an Over-shot Gorse Mill. All these buildings as they were intended for the use of the Proprietor, are of the most'substantial materials and best workmanship, and thetiiriberof superior quality, Inking Dantzic pine. There are also some old Buildings on the property, valuable for the quau. tity,of oak^timber contained in them. •^■he river Cegin forms the eastern boundary, and .ex (ends above half » m.!e, inc,U(iil a wooded and romantic dingle, with a large power of water capable of supplying at all seasons an extensive machinery. The water may be takfn to a level 30 feet above the bed Of' the river.- there i no situatIOn In the parish of Bangor so well adapted to a,considerable undertaking, with au equal power of water. The Timber on this Estate consists chiefly of oak, alder, and ash; a proportion of the oak timber is of grrat age, and suitable to the pur- poses of the ship-builder and wheelwrigh, There are some young plantations of thriving timber from 12 to 15 years old. This property includes in its local situation and quality of soil, advantages that are rarely to be met with, and will form an eligible and desir- able residence for a Gentleman, or Gentleman farmer. A purchaser may have immediate possession, as the Lands and Buildings are exclusively ill the holding of the proprietor. It is requested that none but principals will a.PPly, (if by letter, post-paid) and further par- ticulars may be known on application to the Pro- prietor, MR. WHITE, Glasiii fryn, Bangor, Car- narvonshire or to J. ROBERTS, Esq. Deputy Registrar, Bangor, Carnarvonshire. SL aapii Cuapter, AND WIDOWS AND ORPHANS CHARITY. RILRI N 0 A L iVJ STINGS of the .M EM BERS of <ne CH \PTER, and the 'TRUS- TEES of the CH ARITY, will he held in the Chapter House, within the Cathedral Church, on the last Wednesday in July next. EDWIN vV V AT I', Chapter Clerk and Treasurer. 18th June., J813. St. Asaph Association, FOR THE FRKSERY ATION OF THE GAME. JV'otice is hereby Given, R¥LH \T the Annua! Meeting of the .Mem- JS. hers of this Association, will be FIELD U* the White Lion Ion, St. Asaph, on MONDAY, the 26ril of JULY next, at 12 11 EDWIN WY ATT, Secretary. 18i, b fitne. 1813. N. B. Subscribers in arrear are*requested to send their arrears,'and fresh subscriptions in case of non-attendance. TUTS DAY IS PUBLISHED. In 6 vols, 8vo. handsomely printed, price SI. 3s. Boards, a new and complete Edition of f II T<; WO It KS of the late Hev, WILLIAM A. ROM A IN E, A. M Rector of St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, ari(I St. Ann, Blackfriars, and Lecturer of S Dunstan's in the West, London to which is now added the whole of his Letters, and Essay on I'satinoriy or Singing Psalms. Loiiilon Printed for B. anil R. Crosby SF Co. J. Walker; Sherwood, Neely and Jones J. Black; T. Hainil ON Longman, Hurst. Rees, Orme and Brown L. B. Seeley Lackington, Allen and Co; Cradock and Joy and Gale, Curtis and Fenner. GENERAL. ORDINATION, BANGOR CATHEDRAL. rH IT. Lord Hishop of Bangor intends to JT hold a Ordination, in the Cathe- dral Church of Bangor, on Sunday the I9th day OF 8 E P I' E AT B E ft tie x t. Candidates for lioty Orders are desired to send their necessary papers\viz. Title, Siquis, Certi- ficate of Age, College Testimonials for 3 years, or Letters Testimonial for 3 years, signed by three Beneficed Clergymen, and .Certificate- of having attended Divinity Lectllresj direetedto his Lord. shill at Bangor, one month previons to that day, and to be themselves at Bangor on the morning of the Wednesday preceding. I JOHN ROBERTS, Dep. Reg. July 14th, 1813. I DAY & MARTIN, EEG feav,«"lo acquaint tne Public, that by ATTENDING T.o the following particulars they will avoid being taken in by the vile Composi- tions tha.t are otfered as tlw.ge¡.wÙ¡C BLA.CKING prepare:; by Lon- don. After the word BLACKING in the first line of the Labels the Counterfeits have a small (as) some have THC.satne before the word- MADE in the tiext line, and others put a small (nr) im- mediately before the Number 97. Purchasers should observe that the whole Address is clear hnddistinct.. S O L T) DV J. R ASBROOK, Bangor. H. STb D DART, St. Asaph. E. THOMAS. Llanerchymedd. WILLIAMS, and ) C.IRNARVO[. ROnr. THOM A s S A VO Price IS. 6d. a Bottle. Price IS. 6d. a Bottle. POPULAR AND USEFUL GRAMMARS ON THE VARIOUS OF EDUCATION AND B US IN ES3. Published by B, and R. Crosby and Co, 4, Stati- oners'-Court, Ludgate Street, London j and sold by all Booksellers. 4 N EA>Y GH.AMMAROF SACHED HIS- TORY, or the principal Events recorded in the Old and New Testament- By M. A. RUN- OALL, of Percy House, Bath,«3S. 61. bound. BAKER'S GRAMMAR OF MORAS. PHI- LQSO P Yand Natural Theology, with a sum- lIIary or the EvideoeesloJf Chrtstiantty, abstracted from Pidey and others also Questions, and Fables, &c. for ihe. use of those studying the Sacred Scriptures, 5s. bound. A GRAMMAR OF CH EM 1STR Y, or a prac- tical and easy Introduction! to that useful Sci- ence; for the Use of Students and Schools, with familiar Experiments, Questions, and plates. By the Rev. D BLAIR, 4s. bound- MORTtMETS GRAMMAR OF TRADE, MANUFACTURES, AND COMMERCE, or popular Accounts of all the different Branches of Trade and MarHlfacturcsPersons employed- Origin and Uses of ColltmoJitiés-Term IJsed- Maxims of experience, &c. subdivided to be com- mitted to Memory, wirh some hundred Questions on the Theory and Practice of Commerce,3S 61. bound. It is presumed such a Work should be put into the hands of every boy intended for Bu- siness A GRAMMAR OF BOTANY, or a complete and familiar introduction to the Science of BO- TAN Y, for Botanical and Medical Students,and of Schools, by Dr. THORNTON, Author of the Family Herbal, with many Plates, 7s. Coloured, 12s. bound. DICKSON'S GRAMMAR of the first princi- ples of AGRICULTURE, intended for the use of Young persons, as a branch of liberal Educa- tion, illustrated by eleven Engravings, 5s. GOLDSMITH'S GRAMMAR of the Lawsand CONSTITUTION of ENGLAND, intended for general use and joung students, 4s. bound. GOLDSMITH'S GRAMMAR OF GEOGRA- PHY, rendered into easy Verse, describing the Situations, Manners, and Produce of all Nations, 4s. half-bound. FISHER'S GRAMMAR of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE Improved. By the Rev J. WIL- SON in which Fisher's Plan is preserved and the Work made more perfect by various Amend- ments from Walker, Sheridan, Lowth, and others, 2s. 6,1. bound. JONES'S GRAMMAR of CHRONOLOGY including. artificial Memory, aod iti application to the great events of History, 3s. 6d, bound. TO BE S )L1) BY AUCTION, I BY MR EDWARDS, At the Harp inn. in Conway, on IVednesday the 4 th day of Augu. helween the hours of three and six o'clock in the afternoon, subject, to condi. tions then to be prodltced-in three Lots. LOT 1. ALL those TWO vl ESSUAGES or TENE- MENTS, called Carreg y dinas, and Ty'n Ion, situate in the parish of Liangy ly nyn, in the county of Carnarvon, containing by admeasure- ment 45a. Or. 23p. little more or less, in the oc- cupation of William and Mary Williams, and Widow Owen, or tiiei> under-tenants. LOT 2. All that MESSUAGr, or I'ENEM ENT, called Ty'n yjfrith, situate in the parish of Gyffyn, in the county aforesaid, and adjoinillglol one,con- taining by admeasurement 60a. 2r I2p little in Me or less, in the occupation of H. said Wil- liam and Mary Williams, or their under- tenant; tiie Buildings are in good repair, an extensive and unlimited right of ShecpW alk belongs to th.-sa tenements,with seats in the parish churches, distant three miles from the market town of Conway. Lot one is subject to a fee farm rent of 18s a year. LOT 3. Also, a large HOUSE, situate in the High- street, in the town and borough of Conway, knowrt by the sign of the Red Lion, measuring in front 53 f«et by 74 feet in depth, and contaiu- irig H perches, now in several dwellings in the occupation of William Hughes, and others.— Mr. Roui will (lirect a person to shew the Pre- mises in Conway; and Mr. Da vid Jones, of Carrey y will shew the Tenements in Llan gylynyn and Gyffyn. F(ir partictila,i-,4 il)ply to Mr. Sidcbotham, at Ty I -s i, near St. Asaph, Agriculture, Gardening, Angling, &c. I Lately Published by 11 and R. Crosby Co. 4, Stationers Coutt. London; and sold by all Book. sellers, the Twelfth Edition, price 2s. served, or 2s. 8ii bound. 7 ¥1H E GIIIDC,.NER,IS POCKET JOUH. IL NAI; or DAILY ASSISTANT in the MODERN PRACTICE of ENGLISH GAR- DENING, in a concise monthly Display of all the General Works throughout the Year, with a Description of the various Implements. By JOHN-ABERCKOMBIB, Author of Every o%rii Gardener. ELK[NTON'S SYSTEM of DRAINING LANDS, (for the Uhcooery of which 10001. was bestowed by Parliament) with many plates, 8vo. boards, 12. 1 A CONCISE TREATISE on the ART of ANGLING, interspersed with several new Dis- coveries, and forming a complete Museum for the lovers of that pleasing recreation, by THOM AS BEST. Eighth Editiora iinpi-oved, with it Frontispiece, i-epi-esentitig the various Flies used in Angling, 2s. %d, sewed. H XYNES on the improved Culture of the STRAWBERRY, RASPBEBRY, & GOCSE. BER IY, designed to introduce a rational Me- thod of Cultivation, by which abundant Crops of superior Fruit may be uniformly obtained in all Seasons. 8vo. 7s. boards, roya! 10s. Gd. Seasons. 8vo. 7s. boards, royal Los. c)( A BERCROMBIE'S TREATISE on the GA R DEN MUSHROOM, price,3s. DICKSON'S GRAMMAR of the PRINCI- PLES of AG lueu LTUR btillustrarcd by eleven curious and interesting Plates, 5s. bound. A TREATISE on ihe CULTURE of the PINE APPLE, Second Edition. By WM. GRIFFIN, Gardener to I. M. Sutton, Esq. Kelharn, Notts, 10s. 6d. POTT's BRITISH FA11Mlid's COiVl PLETE AGR ICULTURAL D ICTION AR Y,with many Plates, 4to. 31. 13s &d. SURGERY, MEDICINE, CHEMISTRY," AND li(il's Y. Lately published by Crosby s,. Co. 4, Stationer's Court, Ludgate-screet. AN EPITOME-of MODERN SURGERY, intended'for Students and Practitioners, by SAMUEL COOPER, author of rhe Diction- ary of SURGERY, Svo. 9s. Gd. boards. The Student will here find a short, but I correct statement of. the -Symptoms, Causes, and treatment ofa large number of the most important Surgical Diseases; and the Practitioner will meet -with an interesting series of plain anil ra- tional rules, which will guide him in the anxious sceiteotactuat practice. A MEDICAL GUIDE for Invalids to the Principal Watering Places ill Great Britain, giv- ill, a View of the Effects of each Water, by W. ) DR. CHURCHILL'S GENUINE GUIDE to HEALTH, intended as an Antidote to the pei,- nicious Efiects of Quackery, or the most rational means of preserving Health, preventing and cur- ing Diseases. r<» which are added, Remarks on Exercise, Air, Cleaulmess, ftc. cursory Obser- | vatious ou Excesses, and thedreadful effects they produce on the Animal (Economy, as wetl as the immediate use of Debilitating Medicines, 4s. U Dr. Churchill has judiciously divided his subjects into distinct Essays, each of which con- tains a fund of useful as well as improving matter, the solidity of his reasoning and arguments, lead on the reader to the conclusion, with increasing delight and satisfaction; if his maiiins are adopted, they will evidently prove of universal advantage." Gent. JVlag. April, 1810. A DOMESTIC PHARM AGO PCESA, or com- plete MEDICAL GULDE for Families, describ- ing the Symptoms, and the Modes of Treatment, fro in the best Authorities, 5s. boards. MEDICAL BOTANY, or a COMPLETE FAMILY HERBAL, consisting of a full and accurate description of English and Foreign Plants, with their Medicinal Properties and Compositions adapted to Family and other Uses illustrated with nearly three hundred En- gravings on Wood, by T. Bewick, of Newcastle, from Drawings by Henderson. By J. THORN- TON, M. D. author of the Grammar of Botany, Lecturer on Medical Botany at Guy's Hospital, &c. &c. In one large and etegant volume, royat 8vo. 21. 2s.—Demy It. lis. 6d. boards. R of CHEMISTRY, being an easy and practical introduction to that usetul Science intended for the Use of stui?5nt!- „ Schools, with familiar Experiments, and Plates. By the Rev. D. BLAIR, 4s-bound. A GENERAL OCl'ION ARY of CHR.LulS. TRY', consistingof the Principles of the > j-Facts, Experiments, and a Nomeucda Students,,BY W. N LIS BIT, H.P> 8S. 6D. COPPER ORE Sold at TRURO, on Thursday, June 24. Mines. Tons. Purchasers. At per Ton. Wheal Alfred 131 ROSE CO. £ 0 6 ditto 118 FREEMAN CO. 4 17 6 ditto 106 DITTO AND ENGLISH, 9 3 6 ditto 99, Mines ROYAL 9 12 6 DITTO 93 BRAS^ WIRE CO. 8 1 0 DITTO 02 FREEMAN CO. 7 13 0 ditto 90 CLIEADLE W. and G, 2 18 0 ditto 81 flirniingliaiii Co. 7 18 6 DITTO 79 S^7'&G. ? 3 4 Q ( AND R REEMAU J W. WH. ALFRED 30 ENGLISH Co. 9 4 6 Who NEPTUNE 9I Danlell Co 11 II 0 ditto 83 CHEADLE W. & G. 8 1 6 diito 75 ditto 5 7 6 WHEAT MAID > LF>, „ „ (ST HILARY) DITTO AND CROWN 6 6 6 Who Virgin DO. 62 DANIELL Co. 7 8 0 WH. FRIENDSHIP 62 R ISE.AND Crown 7 10 0 ,II..„ S4 SCHEAD. W. &G:. ? „ ,V N DIITO 1 < O I > O LO 0 I AND BRITISH J WHEAL ANN 72 MINES ROYAL 9 9 0 TRESAVEAU 30 UNION CO. 4 15 0 Total 1648 TONS. — STANDARD about 119. COPPER ORE SOLD AT SWANSEA, JULY 14, 1813 LLANDIDNO 48 O. iV. & P. G. £ 15 3 0 DRUSEOED 2.1 C: 10 18 0